Small Talk

Watching Doug thinking what an ass hole. Somehow, he was not surprised at Doug’s attitude. He had seen how he treats people on the field and knew he was going to be trouble. if it came down to a standoff, he would put him down fast if he could. the expression on JDs face said what he was thinking. When JD heard Dawns question, he changed to a smile.

Speaking up JD answered “from what I have heard yes. Still waiting on Intel… I mean information from my dad or other students on what exactly they have. I am sure it will be a lot of fun even with or without Doug. It should be a lot fun” said JD with some disdain in his voice at the mention of Doug’s name.

Dawn didn't miss the expression on JD"s face; neither did Kyle and he didn't really blame the other boy at all.

Kyle was also thinking that Doug was a jerk. He didn't like people like that; popular kids tended to care about their status more than others. in his experience. Kyle wasn't one to be like that.

Kyle spoke up. "Yeah, I had heard that too." He paused and asked Dawn. "So, are you from Cali?"

"No. I'm from Las Vegas." Dawn shook her head. "You?"

Kyle mentioned he was from Los Angeles then waited for JD to respond.

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