"That's not nice," she said, a frown twisting her lips down. "I guess some things are the same no matter what school you're from," she added but then forced herself to smile and be positive. No one liked a Gloomy Gus! "Back home, I'm from Montana? Back home I'd know his mom and his dad and his cousins and we probably went to church together so I'd know who to tell if he got too mean about it."

"It's so weird not knowing everyone," she said after pausing to take a bite of her crispy chicken sandwich, the patty something frozen and mass produced but really good as far as Blossom was concerned. Of course it was just covered in mayo, you didn't even have to look to assume that. "There were six of us in my eight grade class. Five now in freshman I guess unless someone moved in and trust me," she laughed, "no one ever moves in."

"Where are you all from? Someplace exciting I bet."

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