Harmless Flirting

Hearing Melissa's request Conner gave a smile "Anything you ask." he said flirting. JD just shook his head "that was a bit much don't you think Conner?" JD commented under his breath. As they grab the straps on both sides of the mat and started to move it. Conner chuckles some "you know me I am at the mercy of a cute girl." He glanced over at Melissa to see how she was reacting. "Really?" said JD.

At Conner's words, Melissa flashed him a smile. She could be as much of a flirt as the boys when she wanted to be. She watched as they moved the mat to the other side. By this point, some of the other girls were venturing out of the locker room and getting warmed up.

Once Conner and JD were done moving the mat. Melissa spoke up again to Conner. "So, anything? Really?" She was flirting back with him. It was what she did. It was one of the things that tended to get her into trouble. Still, he seemed harmless, enough.

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