the ambush

Once Conner and JD were done moving the mat. Melissa spoke up again to Conner. "So, anything? Really?" She was flirting back with him. It was what she did. It was one of the things that tended to get her into trouble. Still, he seemed harmless, enough.

JD raises an eyebrow at her question and looked at Conner. "In your arms, I would just melt like ice cream because you are hot," replied Conner playfully. JD almost laughs "wow it is getting hot in here or is it just me?" JD said dropping his side of the mat. Conner dropped his side of the mat as well. " There is only one hot thing here and she heats this place up" Conner replies.

There is a scream as one of the cheer girls cuts between Conner and Melissa running. she jumps on JD he was caught by surprise. The two crash on to the mat in a graceful way with JD on his back. Melissa recognizes Elena laying on top of JD with her Nose to his. "JD! I see you are still falling for me?" he says excitingly. JD looks confused for a moment. "Elena Ah... what are you doing here? I heard you moved to DC?" he asked as his face turns red.

She gets on her hand and knees. "No, my dad got a job here for some company" she said with a big smile. Conner looking shocked then laughed. "You get all the luck JD. You have girls falling all over you." JD rolls to the side and gets up and stands next to Elena. "More like being ambushed by them or her." He said looking around to see the couches saw what happened. some how they missed it. He still felt embarrassed as all the cheer and wrestling team looking at him.

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