Well, That Came Out of Nowhere

"In your arms, I would just melt like ice cream because you are hot," replied Conner playfully. JD almost laughs "wow it is getting hot in here or is it just me?" JD said dropping his side of the mat. Conner dropped his side of the mat as well. " There is only one hot thing here and she heats this place up" Conner replies.

A grin crossed Melissa's face when Conner replied. "Hmmm. anything with ice cream sounds really good but it needs whipped cream." Her smile widened a little at JD's comment. This was fun. Conner was fun. Melissa, kind of, liked that.

Before Melissa could respond to Conner's last remark, Melissa heard a scream and managed to shift herself back slightly to not be run over by Elena. Melissa didn't really know any of the three of them. It was the first day and she had barely been introduced to the cheerleaders. Melissa looked shocked but then she laughed at JD having been ambushed.

"Well, I never thought about ambushing someone. I'll have to keep that in mind." She wanted to wait and see if he asked her her name. It was a bit of a game but one she felt like playing at the moment.

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