Dinner Date

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Melissa met Doug outside the dorms. He had a car; a nice car. A red sporty car Expensive or Melissa guessed it was. Doug opened the door for her.

"Are you ready?" He smiled at her.

"Yes." She said as she got in. Melissa wasn't necessarily impressed by money alone. She actually wasn't that superficial and her family had money but it was hard not to notice Doug must have money. He was trying to impress her; it seemed at it was nice as she didn't usually get this.


Doug knew he was impressing her, of course he was. At least, that was how his mind worked. She was a Freshman and the easy target mark seemed to come off her in waves. He didn't know much about her but he could guess she probably had money there was something else about her; something he couldn't exactly narrow down.

They drove to the restaurant, he was a complete gentleman, anything else would come later. Took their seats and ordered food. The waiter gave them their drinks and they talked.

He found out about her from Seattle, her mom was an executive at a large coffee importer, her Dad was a Corporate lawyer. She had an older sister and brother. There might have been more; Doug a little distracted thinking about her body.

Doug told her about his parents; he had two moms, something he rarely told people but he told her. That he had two younger siblings, twins. He left out that they all went to the same school. He left out he was adopted; so did she but he didn't know that. He left out the reputation he had in the school. Maybe, he would luck out and by the time that got back to Melissa she wouldn't believe it

Dinner went well; they took a walk in the park and kissed. A nice gentle kiss. Doug knew he was going to date her;he was working on convincing her. He knew girls like Melissa; ripe for the picking. This was going to be too easy but he did actually like her, at the same time.

He dropped her back at the school about 8:00; they kissed good night and then he went and parked the car before returning to the dorms himself. This was going to work; he would date her.


Melissa had a good time at dinner and, having a single room, no one to be asking or telling it to. She put her headphones on, turned on some music and lay on her bed. It had been a good day; maybe tomorrow would be better.

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