Texting and bad food.

She saw the girl sitting by herself and felt a little bad for her but wasn't sure if the girl wanted company or not. "Should we get food first or grab a table?"

Conner looked around "wait I need to do something." then at the food line "I have had better food too. Sometimes I think I could do better and I burn water" Conner comets. Conner sees someone walking "be right back" he says he pulls out his phone and starts to text "I am going to text JD and figure out where he is." says Conner. he walked up to a football player "Lance! Seen JD?" Lance gave him a F**k off look then paused "ya he left in some white SUV with two girls and two people that looked like cops. I heard something like a check-up or see a doctor or somthing like that." Lance said. Conner turned and walked back to the girls I have to text JD what the F**k" he says. He starts to type "Dinner? with who?" he mumbles. Looking up he is having dinner with someone off campus. He is helping someone and they are going afterward." he says typing. Then his eyes get wide "he is out with two girls won't be back until sevenish." he sounded disappointed some. "That greedy bas...." he trails off mumbling. "I guess we are on our own" Conner said looking at the food.

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