Mom and texting

Jd had just got done dealing with conner's text now. The hard one talking to mom she would not easy. He had texted him asking about what was going on.

= Mom, I am fine, nothing is wrong with me. =
JD wondered if that would be enough for her.

= Jonny, that won't do. You called the office and needed a ride to the hospital. Do you think they would not tell me or your father? he almost left a meeting when he was told. =

JD knew that his mom was upset and would have to answer to his dad for this. maybe he should have just asked his mother to help. She was a nurse and off for the day or she would have been there when he arrived.

= Mom Sorry, a friend Rose was having some issues and needed to see her doctor. =
After he sent the text he had realized he had put Rose's name. Deep down he knows it would no matter she would find out anyway.

= Jonny, Rose?, who? =
JD knew his mom would start to dig now and he really did not want to do this right now.
= A FRIEND from school. =
His mother did not send anything for a few minutes. then the familiar sound from his phone he rolled his eyes.

= Jonny are you with Rose Newhall? =
JDs eyes widened then he almost got angry. Cant, she just stay out of it? he asked himself. He had to end this and fast.

= Mom I am here with her and her best friend Sam. For personal reasons keep this a secret Please. She has enough rumors to deal with. =
he could only imagine what his mom was thinking and going to react to this.

= Jonny, is she cute? =
JD groaned at the question and sighed.

= MOM, we just met. but I would like to go out to dinner can we use the SUV and with the driver? =
JD Hoping to change the subject.

= I will clear it with your dad. but I guess it is ok, I will let them know. =
JD could see it now his mother standing there all excited about him going out with two girls to dinner. He knew he would not live this down from his parents.

= Mom, I will tell you and dad everything later if that is ok with you. =
he could only hope that would be enough and she would live him alone.

= Jonny you will be a gentleman and mind your manners when you are out with them. I will text you later. you never know you could get a real date with one of them in the future. =

JD was relieved that she was going to let it go for now. maybe it was better she was not there. That's all he needed what her trying to get him a date with one of them.

= Yes, mom I will talk to you later. =

he was glad it was over and he took a few deep breaths to relax then smile at Sam. Sam asks if everything's OK? He looked at her and answered It's all good. We have the SUV for the evening so dinner is on. he told her.

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