Late For Dinner

After a quick shower Jack dried off and changed before going to his locker. He saw he had a few messages on his phone and sighed as he knew one of them was from Ashley. With a heavy heart he picked up his phone and saw several messages from Ashley telling him she missed him and she was looking forward to having dinner with him at the cafeteria and it would make her sad if he didn't show up. This was an idle threat she often used to remind him of who wore the pants in the relationship. Jack cringed as he emasculated by her. He wanted to run away, but sadly he nowhere to go and sadly Ashley was not someone he could defeat with his fists or his brain. It was enough to bring him to tears if he dwelled on it to long.

Then he checked his other phone and saw that Olivia sent him a picture of her Spanish homework and asked him to give her the answers since she was bad at it and it cut into her anime time. Jack sighed as he would have to do her bidding since she paid him already. Luckily he had the same homework so he would just take a picture of it and send it to her when he finished it. Of course that would need to wait till after dinner since he was hungry.

Jack grabbed a cup of coffee at the coffee stand in the courtyard. Then he sat at one of the tables nearby and opened his backpack. He ruffled through his folders and pulled out his Spanish homework and looked at it before pulling out a pencil. He sighed as he began filling in his answers. Since he already knew Spanish it made this class much easier for him and would help his GPA. Jack took his grades pretty serious since he had no desire to live with his parents after college. Ironically it did not take long for him to answer all the questions on the assignment. Then he double checked it and pulled out Olivia's phone to take a few photos of the paper before he checked them and sent them to Olivia. He hopped this would keep her quiet for now since she had the warmth of a snow pea, much like Ashley in his eyes. Then he put his name on his paper and put it back in his backpack. He looked at the time and realized he needed to drop off his backpack before dinner.

After dropping his stuff off at his dorm room he met up with Justin who was working on some fashion project. After a short meet and greet they headed down towards the cafeteria and along the way they ran into Ashley and Blossom. Jack winced as he saw Ashley approaching and was tempted to make a run for it till he saw her smiling at him and waving. That was a warning to play nice or get punished later on for him and he was really hating life at that moment. Ashley quickly grabbed Jack's hand and kissed him on the cheek as a reward for being obedient. Jack just sighed as he quietly walked by her side as she and Justin were talking about their hobbies.

Meanwhile at the cafeteria........
She saw the girl sitting by herself and felt a little bad for her but wasn't sure if the girl wanted company or not. "Should we get food first or grab a table?"

Conner looked around "wait I need to do something." then at the food line "I have had better food too. Sometimes I think I could do better and I burn water" Conner comets. Conner sees someone walking "be right back" he says he pulls out his phone and starts to text "I am going to text JD and figure out where he is." says Conner. he walked up to a football player "Lance! Seen JD?" Lance gave him a F**k off look then paused "ya he left in some white SUV with two girls and two people that looked like cops. I heard something like a check-up or see a doctor or something like that." Lance said. Conner turned and walked back to the girls I have to text JD what the F**k" he says. He starts to type "Dinner? with who?" he mumbles. Looking up he is having dinner with someone off campus. He is helping someone and they are going afterward." he says typing. Then his eyes get wide "he is out with two girls won't be back until sevenish." he sounded disappointed some. "That greedy bas...." he trails off mumbling. "I guess we are on our own" Conner said looking at the food.

Just then Ashley, Jack, Justin and Blossom entered the cafeteria and got in line. Since they were late they were hoping the others saved them a spot to sit at. After they got their food they looked for the others to see if they had a place to sit at.


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