Dinner Table 3 Middle Asle

Conner looked around "wait I need to do something." then at the food line "I have had better food too. Sometimes I think I could do better and I burn water" Conner comets. Conner sees someone walking "be right back" he says he pulls out his phone and starts to text "I am going to text JD and figure out where he is." says Conner. he walked up to a football player "Lance! Seen JD?" Lance gave him a F**k off look then paused "ya he left in some white SUV with two girls and two people that looked like cops. I heard something like a check-up or see a doctor or something like that." Lance said. Conner turned and walked back to the girls I have to text JD what the F**k" he says. He starts to type "Dinner? with who?" he mumbles. Looking up he is having dinner with someone off campus. He is helping someone and they are going afterward." he says typing. Then his eyes get wide "he is out with two girls won't be back until sevenish." he sounded disappointed some. "That greedy bas...." he trails off mumbling. "I guess we are on our own" Conner said looking at the food.

Just then Ashley, Jack, Justin and Blossom entered the cafeteria and got in line. Since they were late they were hoping the others saved them a spot to sit at. After they got their food they looked for the others to see if they had a place to sit at.

Courtney heard Conner and then saw Heath come in and waved him over. Heath arrived to hear Conner say something about a someone being greedy and that they were on their own their own for food. So apparently someone wasn't going to join them but Heath didn't realize it was JD that Conner was talking about.

He got his food and Courtney got hers and the two made it to the table. Courtney sat beside Heath and turned to him. "So, how was your summer?"

"Good. I went home, to NY for a while. How was yours?"


He then turned to Jocelyn: "I didn't get to introduce myself earlier. I'm Heath."

Heath said "There are a few other people for dinner" and he proceeded to wave over Jack, Ashley, Justin and Blossom. He then spotted Kyle and waved him over as well. Courtney looked at him and Heath said. "Don't worry. Their cool."

Courtney responded. "You've been busy meeting new people it seems."

Heath then turned to Conner. "So, who was supposed to be here that isn't?"


Kyle had heard rumors that Sam, Rose and JD had left campus but wasn't really sure what was going on. He didn't know any of them well enough that he felt like it was his business; even if he was starting to think of them as friends.

He had heard the whispers, in line, from some of the girls about Rose's gymnastics practice. He did hope she was all right but didn't believe the rumors. He felt bad for her having to deal with this.

He noticed the girl sitting alone and couldn't figure out if she wanted to be invited over or not but he knew she might be targeted sitting alone like that. He'd just keep an eye out for the moment and see what happens.

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