Conversation Between Siblings

Dawn had texted Zander to meet her for dinner. Neither had seen Doug had gone on date with Melissa or their conversation might have gone differently.

The two found a table in the corner away from everyone so they could talk.

"Doug's in my business class. We are in the same group to do a project together with Kyle and JD." Dawn sighed. "I think it's worse. I mean he was even rude to me."

Zander took a sip of his drink before he responded. "He's in my Spanish class and I noticed." Their brother had always been a jerk to both of them but he seemed to be kicking it up more.

"What do we do? " Dawn's voice was obvious concern which made her glad no one else could over hear them.

"We wait and find out if something else is going on. Like maybe some reason, beyond he doesn't like us, that he doesn't want us here." Zander paused "I'm sorry you didn't get to go that school in England."

"Thanks but I'm glad I'm here to help you with this." Dawn took a bite of her food and finished it before continuing. "How often are you reporting back?" To their Mom's she didn't need to add as Zander knew.

"I said I'd talk to them about once a week. You should be on that call. We know Doug won't call them."

Dawn sighed. "I know." She then smiled a little and grabbed a fry off her brother's plate. "I also know stolen fries still taste better." Before eating it.

Zander smiled at her. "Somethings don't change."

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