Dinner with friends

Jocelyn filled her tray with food. About 50/50 health wise, and a bottle of sparkling water.

A boy turned to her and introduced himself as Heath. "I'm Jocelyn." she said. Before going to work taking the paper off a double chocolate cupcake. As the others walked over. "I've not met many people other than in passing. So I've got no one to invite." she said as she tore it across the middle and stacked the frosting inside making a cupcake sandwich.

"My summer sucked...not that anyone asked. Just saying. Kanas is a bummer. Flat. Real Flat."


Watching from her empty table February watch the table one over filling up with students who aesthetics didn't match. She knew what popular, jock, and what not looked like but they looked like...trail mix. Sort of bits of everything. She watched them all blankly. With unseen wireless earbuds slowly eating her sandwich.

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