Double Date (Part one)

(Day 4 - Friday evening during the beach trip)

(Joint post with Reds Sword 7)

Rose was excited but nervous at the same time. Yeah, she had spent time with JD but this was their first actual date.

Sam looked over at her friend and asked "Are you ready?"

"Yes "

"Great, let's go."

The two girls walked out of the beach guest house to meet their dates at the truck. It was a double date and Heath had to borrow Matt's truck for it. Both girls figured it would be fun. A casual fun night with the four of them. They arrived at the truck. After greetings were exchanged they headed off to the restaurant.

McCallahan's was a great little seafood place right on the restaurant. The four of them were given a table by the wall of windows which overlooked the ocean. Heath and Sam sat on one side of the table with JD and Rose on the other. A waiter came gave them menus and took their drink orders then gave them each a menu.

Rose looked at JD. "Have you eaten here before?"

Looking over the menu then turned to look at Rose. JD replied, "No not yet. But this place is nice. If the food is good I will let my parents know of this place. my dad can be rather picky when it comes to seafood," he smiled. "How many times have you been here?" asked JD.

"Actually, I've never been here." She smiled at him. "I didn't get a chance to come here last year but I've heard people mention how good it is."

Sam said. "Heath and I came here last year. It is really good. " She then added. "Heath, do you think we should get some clam strips as appetizers? So, they can try some?"

"Sure," Heath said then focused his attention back to JD and Rose. "Any other appetizers either of you want?"

JD looking back at the menu "what about some shrimp jalapenos that sounds good." He suggested "it's shrimp that bite back," JD said jokingly.

Everyone at the table found JD's joke funny. "Sounds good," Rose said.
The waiter came over, took their drink and appetizer order before saying he'd return to get their orders. Rose went back to looking at the menu, noticing the prices were about midrange, which was good.

Sam and Heath both decided on the shrimp scampi, and voiced that at the same time, which made Rose breathed a laugh. "And here I thought only you and I did that." Rose joked to Sam.
Sam smiled, "First time for everything." Then turned back to Heath. "If we do that then we can't try each other's food."

"True," Heath said. "Why don't you get the Shrimp Scampi and I'll get the..." looking over the menu for another quick moment. "Lobster Salad.” Sam agreed to that.

Rose knew that Sam and Heath made a good couple that just cemented it more in her mind. She then turned to JD. "So, what are you thinking about ordering?"

JD looked at her, "Well let’s see how fresh their stuff is here Alaskan salmon and Lobster tail, with broccoli and clam chowder. Believe it or not it is hard to find a good clam chowder made right." he says.

Rose nodded. "I can believe it." She glanced at the menu again. The waiter came over bringing their drinks and appetizers and took their orders. Rose ordered the coconut shrimp with rice and yellow squash. She got the New England Clam Chowder that went with the meal but the idea of dessert made her refrain from ordering more.

JD ordered what he had decided earlier. The whole thing of being on a date was starting to settle in his mind. Most of what was happening on his first date with Rose. But he forgot the flowers and this was going to bug him. He had never been on a date only knowing the girl three days, it normally took a week or two before he would ask someone out. Now he was sitting next to a beautiful girl. He kept looking into her eyes, he felt like he was going to melt, his heart raced every so often. He thought that was how the girl was supposed to feel not the guy. His self-confidence seemed to waver around her. He knew he could take on anything. He could feel his cheeks get warm thinking about her. he quickly picked up his coke and took a big drink of it. He only wanted to hide the shy side that was coming out. "Rose, so is seafood your favorite?" He asked her trying to get his mind on something else.

Sam and Heath placed their orders but didn't say much as they each took a Clam strip and a sip of their sodas. They hadn't been, officially, dating for long but had been unofficially dating for months now and it kind of seemed like the more established couple with the newer, not exactly a couple, yet, pair on the other side of the table. Sam winked at Heath who smiled back at her. Just between the two of them because the other side of the table was far more interested in each other.

Rose, maybe, surprised people when she told them she hadn't been on a lot of dates. Really, until now, she had only been on ones arranged by her parents and what happened at her last school. Which was, pretty much, also because of her parents. This was so different. She had decided she liked, really liked, JD. She was here with him because she wanted to be. She took a sip of her drink as he spoke as she watched him. "I love seafood. It’s one of my favorites." She then said. "I really like a variety of food. It's hard to narrow down a favorite." Some days she loved seafood, other days she was just as happy with a well-made cheeseburger. It all depended on the day. "So, what's your favorite food?" Rose asked JD.

JD thought for a moment he had to be honest. Most of his time in the past he did not lie to the girls he was interested in. But would say what they wanted to hear he felt like a chameleon just changing little things to fit him. JD did not even realize it until Conner said something about it. "Hmm.. most food. my favorite thing to eat is Ice cream strawberry is my favorite flavor. But I guess Ice cream is not a food. Food from Spain and Italy," he answered.

Rose smiled at him. "Well, I think of ice cream as a food. And the food in Italy is amazing. I imagine the food in Spain is, as well." She thought for a moment. "La vita è troppo breve per non godere del buon cibo." Glancing over to Sam and Heath. "That means life is too short to not enjoy good food."

Heath nodded. "Well, I can agree with that."

JD smiled, "Ha man you beat me to it." Then started to talk in Italian, "Sono così felice che tu sia venuto con me stasera. Sei così bella e simpatica. Renderai questo cibo molto migliore stando con te. " He said looking into her eyes. his heart raced he wanting to say more but he knew this was not the time. Looking back at Heath and Sam. I just said, "She will make this food so much better being with her." He said charmingly. (Translation: I am so glad that you came with me tonight. You are so beautiful and nice. You will make this food so much better being with you.)

Rose felt her cheeks glow and she took a sip of her drink to cover.

Sam knew exactly what Rose was doing but didn't say anything and figured the guys wouldn't notice.

"Graci" Rose thanked JD for the compliment.

Sam decided to distract the attention away from Rose for a few minutes to give her best friend a little more time. "So, JD what languages do you speak?" Sam asked JD.

He glanced over to Sam "well halfway decent English, Spanish, Italian. but can ask for a bathroom and water in Japanese, French, German, Russian, and a few others," he replied as the appetizers arrived.

Sam nodded, then joked. "And here I am suffering through Spanish 1."

After everyone got some appetizers Rose tried a little of each one and said. "These were good ideas." As both were really good. She hadn't had Clam strips as good since she had been in Long Island. While she had never had shrimp Jalapenos they were also really good.

JD popped a shrimp into his mouth and chews slowly. after taking a drink he smiled "Yes, they are good. and the Clam strips too." He was about to make a joke but decided not to. "Sam if you need help let me know I can help with Spanish 1. Just remember that the Spanish subjunctive conjugations are what’s going to be hard just pay attention in class and if you need help with that let me know. That goes for anyone at this table." he said looking back at Rose again. you could tell he was watching how she was eating what table manners she was using. JD used a fork and knife holding them in a European style. he seems to balance between very proper and lade back some not touching his food with his fingers. "So Rose, I would think you were brought up in a proper British family. Am I right?" asked JD.

"Well, thanks," Sam said. "I'll keep that in mind."

Eating out really showed all the years of etiquette lessons that Rose had been through.
She was a little surprised JD got it so almost correct. "Yes, well, close. I was raised by a British nanny until I was 8. She gave me etiquette lessons. The last boarding school had more etiquette lessons and they were all based on the British traditions." While to some people that sounded like torture to Rose it was just a part of her life. "You seem to be more in the European tradition?" Which was asked to be sure.

Heath had never been subjected to etiquette lessons despite his biological family having money. To Sam, it sounded like a lot of boring hours but she knew enough about Rose's upbringing to understand why Rose had those lessons.

"Yes, but it was my mother that drilled me on it. I am starting to think her family is much like yours. but her mother and my great grandmother run their land like a monarchy from what my Father says. I was told that they don't like him much and that’s why we are not part of that Family business. It is in the way you hold your fork and knife my mother taught me that. She said that etiquette can be different from country to country. It’s all confusing to me most of the time," he replied.

"It’s not that uncommon with some families that they are like that." Rose nodded. "Well, it’s true it varies a lot from country to country. We didn't much with other countries but learned a little. I think the school just thought that if we knew British etiquette it would give us a good basis."

JD thought then answered. "Normally you can’t go wrong with British etiquette except in Japan I don't know how many times I did things wrong there," said JD with a grin.

The four friends continued with small talk through dinner and dessert, which were both really good. Nothing heavy was discussed.

After dinner, Heath mentioned they were within walking distance to the surf shop so, once the bill was paid, they headed out of the restaurant to the surf shop. It was a nice night out, calm, with just a slight ocean breeze. They arrived a few minutes later at the surf shop and went inside.

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