The sounds that could be heard as evening drew on were the water, people laughing and talking from this side of the beach, and the sounds of the music and partying that was happening with the rich kids on the other side of the beach.
It seemed as if the rich kids decided to do their own thing and Kyle found it pretty amusing that the rich kids thought those on the other side of the beach would be jealous. Maybe, some were but he wasn't. One of the kids on the scholarship side hooked up some speakers and started playing tunes on it through a tablet. The sound rivaled that of the rich kids DJ.
Some of the kids started dancing as others went about eating dinner or talking. It was casual and laid back on the side of the beach that Kyle was on and he had to wonder how much of the rich kids were having to put on acts in front of their friends just to belong. Though he really didn't have to wonder; he knew that was part of it. He knew because he had money and while this was his first boarding school, it wasn't his first private school, to belong meant being something you weren't. Kyle never wanted that. He hated the idea of living a lie.

After dropping their bags in their room Jack rubbed his temples hoping to relief some stress. Justin chuckled a bit before he spoke up.

Justin: I find it ironic the same girl who gives you so much stress is highly sought after by a lot of guys.

Jack: Yeah.

Jack was not surprised Justin could see the tension between Ashley and himself since he was not hiding it. However he was still hiding the real nature of his relationship with Ashley since it was too embarrassing for him.

Justin: So do plan to hide here all night or take the plunge?

Jack: It doesn’t matter. She will come get me if stay.

Justin: I can see that happening.

Jack: I don’t get her.

Justin: And that my friend is why I don’t date them.

Jack: Sometimes I think it would be easier if I was gay.

Justin: I doubt it since we have our own issues.

Jack: Yeah I guess.

After that they made their way outside to meet the others.

Meanwhile Ashley and Blossom had dropped off their bags and were socializing while waiting for Jack and Justin.

Blossom: They seem to be taking a while.

Ashley: I’m sure they will be along soon.

Blossom: You are amazing you know that?

Ashley: How so?

Blossom: You don’t ever worry about anything.

Ashley: Well my mom told me that it’s pointless to worry since you just suffer twice.

Blossom giggled a bit.

Blossom: My mom is a worry wart. She didn’t want me to come here.

Ashley: It’s normal for our moms to care.

Blossom: Yeah. Does she know about Jack?

Ashley: Of course. He looked so nervous when he met my dad. He was so cute as he stuttered when he was answering their questions.

Blossom: How did you both meet?

Ashley: We were childhood friends in elementary school till I had to move in 5th grade. It was a sad when we left. Poor Jack was in tears. It broke my heart to see him like that. So I nagged my dad to find a way to come back.

Blossom: You missed him that much?

Ashley: Of course. The look on his face was priceless when we met at the park. I wore an older cheer uniform hoping to snare his heart again.

Blossom: Did it work?

Ashley: Of course it did. Before I knew it he was in my arms crying and agreed to be mine.

Blossom: How romantic. But how come he acts grouchy all the time?

Ashley: Aww he is a bit shy. He may look upset all the time but deep down he is a sweetheart.

Blossom: You are so lucky. I doubt any guys here would be interested in me.

Ashley: Oh girl don’t sell yourself short. You can get any guy with easy.

Blossom: Maybe if I had a body like yours.

Ashley: You have all you need already Blossom. All you need is a bit more confidence.

Blossom: You think so?

Ashley: Stick with me and the guys will come to you.

Blossom felt better after Ashley gave her a pep talk. Back home she was not seen as attractive since she was thin like a twig. However that same thin body also made her popular in cheerleading.

Shortly afterwards Jack and Justin came outside and met up with the others. Ashley welcomed Jack with a big hug and kiss on the cheek as she pressed her chest onto his. Then just to tease him she gave a small suckle on his earlobe. Poor Jack felt his knees shake a bit as Ashley teased him. The the happy Ashley took Jack by the hand and led the group to dinner.

Dinner came and went; nothing fancy. The school had brought in pizza for everyone but then announced a bonfire and smores. Kyle made his way to the bonfire where he saw Dawn, Zander, and April. Courtney. and others but he was looking for one person in particular and wondering if he was there at the bonfire with the others.

Jack practically ate a whole pizza to himself since he was stressed out by Ashley. Ashley, Blossom and Justin of course limited their pizza intake since they were watching their diet.

Dawn, Zander, and April had had some pizza and after pizza heard the smores announcements. April looked over at Dawn. "Smores?"

While Dawn and her group were enjoying their s’mores, Blossom was showing Ashley, Jack and Justin how to make s’mores as well. It made Blossom feel good to be the one showing the others something she was good at. Even though Ashley knew how to make s’mores already she let Blossom take the spotlight to help her with her confidence. Jack quietly ate to avoid talking and Justin was looking around for Kyle. He was hoping that they could talk a bit more.


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