Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, Chocolatey Goodness

The sounds that could be heard as evening drew on were the water, people laughing and talking from this side of the beach, and the sounds of the music and partying that was happening with the rich kids on the other side of the beach.

It seemed as if the rich kids decided to do their own thing and Kyle found it pretty amusing that the rich kids thought those on the other side of the beach would be jealous. Maybe, some were but he wasn't. One of the kids on the scholarship side hooked up some speakers and started playing tunes on it through a tablet. The sound rivaled that of the rich kids DJ.

Some of the kids started dancing as others went about eating dinner or talking. It was casual and laid back on the side of the beach that Kyle was on and he had to wonder how much of the rich kids were having to put on acts in front of their friends just to belong. Though he really didn't have to wonder; he knew that was part of it. He knew because he had money and while this was his first boarding school, it wasn't his first private school. To belong meant being something you weren't. Kyle never wanted that. He hated the idea of living a lie.

Dinner came and went; nothing fancy. The school had brought in pizza for everyone but then announced a bonfire and smores. Kyle made his way to the bonfire where he saw Dawn, Zander, and April. Courtney. and others but he was looking for one person in particular and wondering if he was there at the bonfire with the others.

Dawn, Zander, and April had had some pizza and after pizza heard the smores announcements. April looked over at Dawn. "Smores?"

"You know graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolatey goodness." Dawn smiled at her.

"Umm...I mean I've heard of them but .....that's like a camping thing." April said.

"You've never made a Smore?" Dawn had never met anyone who had never made a Smore. They even sold Smore's kits in the stores but then she thought that April came from Chicago and no money for camps or camping and likely she had never been a Girl Scout. Putting it all together it began to make more sense. "Well, leave it to this former Girl Scout to show you how to make one."

"You were a Girl Scout?"

"Yup, I stopped when I figured I needed to spend more time in music, voice, and dance lessons if I was serious about being on stage but I was a Girl Scout for a few years," Dawn said, then pulled out her phone, scrolled through a few pictures, and showed April a picture of herself in her Girl Scout uniform, sash, badges, and everything. "Don't laugh but here I am in all my Girl Scout glory."

April looked at the pic and smiled biting her lip. "Sorry, I just I guess never saw you as a Girl Scout."

"Top cookie seller in my region, I'll have you know." Dawn laughed.

"That, however, I can completely believe." April giggled with a nod.

The two girls went to the campfire and Dawn showed April the easy art of making a Smore.

Zander watched his sister with April and he was happy for her but had to wonder what would happen when everything with Doug came out. This wasn't the first girl Dawn had been interested in and that was fine but he didn't know much about April. There was always a risk when you put yourself out there. Zander had never found a girl who would date him for very long; he tended to date other nerds only because anyone else he would bore, after a while, or so he'd discovered He just pretty much figured he'd go through high school single which was OK, he supposed.

Courtney stood there making her Smore when she felt someone walk up behind her and tap her on the shoulder. "Hey," She smiled at Matt.

"Hey," He said. "So, our culinary delight of the evening is Smores, huh?"

"Absolutely, do ya reckon it gets better than Smores on the fire?" Courtney smiled at him.

This was part of what had made Matt not only become friends with her but also fall for her; she was so well just Courtney, She was never pretense. She was just herself and she loved Smores maybe more than eating at a five-star restaurant. "Let me guess, you were a Girl Scout."

"Nah. I was too busy with sports, doing stuff with my brothers and learning 'bout engines to be a Girl Scout. The troop in my town was full of the girls who all wanted to get married straight out of high school. I had my mind set on other goals, even then." Surprising as it might seem to some the small town where Courtney had been raised was actually full of girls who wanted to get married young. Then again, Courtney wasn't like a lot of girls in her town. "I will however give them Girl Scouts two things; they gave the world their cookies and Smores." She smiled at him.

Matt smiled back at her and the two sat down on the beach and ate their Smores.


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