Double Date (Part 2)

(Day 4 - Friday evening during the beach trip)

(Joint post with Reds Sword 7)

Joe's surf and sports shop was a large store with everything you would need for surfing or water sports. JD opened the door for Rose as they entered followed by Sam and Heath. They were greeted by a hot-looking Polynesian girl of Hawaiian descent. She looked to be in her older teens. "JD, Brah what? moor Bennys?" asked Monyca. JD's eyes widen Rose could feel him tense up as he holds Rose's hand. "Rose here needs a wet suit. Think you can help Monyca?" said JD. "Hmm..." as she looked at Rose. "I see now. she is cute so this is the one," Monyca said looking. "Rose is it? You know I tried all summer to get a date with this guy and you did it in three days. I must be losing my touch. But Conner was right " She turned. "Fallow me please." She said politely, walking to a log rack of wet suits Monyca turned to Rose and JD. "So what's your price range and what do you need it for?" she asked.

Rose bit her lip and took a glance at Heath who was shaking his head upon being called Bennys. They were both from New York and were well aware of what that term meant.
Rose felt JD tense up but Rose being her ever-gracious self gently squeezed his hand. And answered Monyca's question. "Yes," confirming her name. Rose couldn't help but let a smile cross her lips when Monyca mentioned that she had tried all summer to get a date with JD and failed and Rose had managed it in just a few days. "I suppose that's not bad for a tourist," Rose said in a way that made it sound like it was the most polite thing in the world. Not a hint of sarcasm or being upset in her voice, just letting Monyca know she knew what she had been called. Though Rose was curious about what Conner had said she wasn't going to ask Monyca. "I need it so JD can teach me to surf. My price range? Well, just show me what you have. I'd prefer something top of the line that'll hold up. " Which was sales talk for she could probably buy anything she was shown. Once again, Rose had a way of saying it that didn't make seem like she was trying to show up anyone. Just what she was looking for. It was a fine art that Rose had perfected over the years because she didn't like making people feel bad.

Heath and Sam watched the interaction between Rose and Monyca with curiosity. Sam then asked Heath. "Do you want to get some air?" She took his hand and led him outside.

As they got to the top end wet suits JD smiled trying to not sound like a jerk. "Monyca, most people I will be bringing in are not Benny's they go to my School ya they might be new, Rose is not one of them and the season is over anyway." said JD as Monyca got some wet suits off the rack " JD I apologize Rose I was just playing around. This one is one of our new one's it skin tight but all the guys will be watching you. But any of these are good," she said. JD started to think how Rose would look in them his heart started to beat faster and the thought of her in a skin-tight wet suit Rose was going to look hot as the images flashed through his mind.

Rose looked at the suits and saw one with pink trim that she liked. "That one," she said. Of course, she'd have to try it on first before buying it. Rose glanced around and realized that Sam and Heath were still outside. "Let me go try it on." She said. While Sam would have come back to help her, Rose didn't want to disturb them.

Monyca looked at JD then pointed at a chair, "You can go sit there JD<" she said. JD shrugged some "sure, thanks" he answered as he walked away pulling out his phone and sitting. Monyca turned back to Rose this way she said turning and waking they get to a back room with some stalls with doors side by side. you can use any of them "sorry I have to be here but with merchandise more than 100 an employee must be present." she turned to look back out into the sales area. "Rose you can keep your undergarments on it would be like a swim suit underneath," she said politely, and like it’s something she has said a thousand times.

Rose was, kind of used, to high-end shopping. When Monyca said she needed to stay with her; Rose wasn't surprised. She went into the changing room and no surprise the first one she tried on fit perfectly. Rose had a feeling she was picking well. She had Monyca zip her up just to be sure but it was perfect. She went back into the changing room and got back into her clothes, stepped outside of the changing room. Saying., "I'll take it.” To Monyca.
Rose went then and found JD and then asked him. "Do you think there's anything else I need?" Meaning for when he taught her surfing.

Seeing Rose back he smiled as he put his phone away. "Well, I got a board you can use see if you even like surfing so I think you are good unless you want a surfboard," said JD Looking over the wet suit.

"I think I'll hold off on the surfboard, for now." She went to the cash register, paid for the suit, and before she could say anything, JD took the suit to carry it. She wasn't going to argue.
Texting Sam; it took a moment for a return text. Rose looked at JD. "They are walking on the beach." Thinking for a moment. "Do you want to walk some more on the boardwalk? We can meet them back at the truck." When JD agreed she texted Sam back, then took JD's hand and the two of them headed for the boardwalk.

JD smiled at Rose, "I don't mind the beach but don't have the right shoes on for it don't want to mess may good Nike's up." He commented. He looked around "So have you been down here before?" he asked looking around at the different shops.

"I came here once, last year." She answered. "The school had a beach trip last October that I went on. I got to walk around here then." That seemed like forever ago, now. Rose had missed doing more became of the time she was away from the school. "I do remember there is a really good coffee shop down this way and an art gallery the other way." Meaning the way they were walking. "Have you been here a lot?"

"Summer and the coffee and food shops mostly I was around here and the beach from sunrise to about 10 at night almost every day if I was not here with my dad at the gun range or CQC Close-quarters combat training or some other thing he wanted to do. My dad thinks s I cant take care of myself or help others unless I can take him on. Honestly, I am growing tired of it. It was fun as a kid running around with the SEAL teams. But now I don't see a use for it." He says sounding a little down. "Sure I know how to kill someone a hundred different ways but how is that going to help me in College?" he said almost joking. "Sorry did not mean to dump on you like that," he said apologizing. JD's Phone went off he pulled it out. "Conner is going to die when I see him." He says scrolling through a message. "He told my sister about you and now my parents are wanting to know who you are. I wanted to wait until I got to know you better. Tomorrow my parents are dropping off my two surfboards and some other beach stuff and wondering if you will be there," he gave a sigh. "It’s up to you if you want to meet them," JD asked.

Rose gently squeezed his hand. "I don't mind." Really, she didn't. She liked hearing more about his life and didn't mind if it wasn't all great. Rose never expected it to be. JD's phone went off and Rose rolled her eyes slightly at the idea that Conner had told JD's sister about her. She had to wonder if Sam would have told her brother about JD; if that was possible any longer. Rose smiled softly at him. "I can handle other people's parents. I'd, actually, like to meet them." Which was true. Adults tended to find Rose polite and pleasant, with the exception being her own parents.

JD relaxed some, "OK, just know it can feel like an interrogation at times. My mother and sister will ask most of the questions. You answer or don't answer it’s up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with," he said with a smile punting his phone away. "I am sure they will like you probably more than me," he said joking. JD did not see this coming and felt a bit out of place. He wanted to take this slow. He did not want to burn out Rose and their relationship. He knew everything felt right but deep inside he was scared of what he was feeling. The swirl of emotions was almost overbearing. JD cleared his throat and shook his head some. "Rose all this is ok with you? Do you think we are moving too fast?" he asked softly.

Rose suddenly realized she had never had to "meet the parents" before but she was settled by JD's words. Were they moving too fast: she didn't know but then again. She glanced out over the boardwalk to where the beach met the water. How do put this into words? "Things feel like they are moving at the right pace, for us. I don't know how to explain it. I lived for years with doing what I was expected to do. Or things to make other people happy; I suppose I still do that to a point but it used to be much more. " She looked back to him. "I don't feel like I have to do that with you. Since the accident, I feel much more strongly about going with my feelings. The pace we're moving at feels right, to me." She wasn't sure if she explained any of that well enough. She wasn't sure if he could possibly understand what she was trying to say but it was how she felt.

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