What Happens at Bonfires (open)

While Dawn and her group were enjoying their s’mores, Blossom was showing Ashley, Jack, and Justin how to make s’mores as well. It made Blossom feel good to be the one showing the others something she was good at. Even though Ashley knew how to make s’mores already she let Blossom take the spotlight to help her with her confidence. Jack quietly ate to avoid talking and Justin was looking around for Kyle. He was hoping that they could talk a bit more.

Kyle wandered around, said hi to a few people, saw a number of people catch marshmallows on fire. He then spotted Justin. Going over to the other boy. "Hey," Kyle said. Just then the music came back on and people started to get loud with laughing and talking. "Do you want to go for a walk?"

He hoped he wasn't being too forward but someplace quieter might be nice.

Dawn and April enjoyed their Smores and Dawn spotted Zander talking to some of the nerds; he seemed to be occupied and she was glad he had made friends so quickly here. Dawn then said to April. "Do you want to go for a walk?" They walked on the beach talking about nothing that important, more just enjoying each other's company.

Matt and Courtney finished their smores and Courtney grabbed a glow-in-the-dark volleyball that obviously belonged to the school. "You up for it?" She smiled at him.

Matt smiled back. "You want to play glow-in-dark volleyball?"

"Sure. We can play without the nets. If that's easier." She grinned.

"Ok, but we should make a pari." Matt responded.

"A pari?"

Matt then said. "Sorry, I forgot you speak Spanish not French. A bet."

"Oh, well, what kind of bet?" Courtney asked intrigued.

"Hmm....I win and you let me take you out to lunch tomorrow."

"And what if I win?" Courtney asked.

"What do you want?"

Courtney lips pursed and raised a brow. "I think you already know the answer to that."

Matt raised a brow. "You mean......oh.....I ....Ok, you win you get to drive my motorcycle for 5 minutes. In the parking lot on the East side. In the morning when there won't be anyone there."

Courtney so shocked he agreed to let her drive his bike that she just said. "Ok, then it's a deal or pari."

They went off to play volleyball.


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