Arrival at the beach party

(Day 4 - Friday night - Beach party)
JP post between Red Sword and LaserSexPanther

Conner parked by the curb his mustang all cleaned up and shinny. he leaned against his car door. waiting he saw Jocelyn he gave a smile with Brook and Heather not too far behind her. Conner pops the trunk to his car "Hay guys, are you ready to get the party started?" he asked.

Heather walked to Conner her arms cross down low on her body. "Thank you for agreeing to drive us so Brook and I could get some time together. Just please don't tell anyone it's anything more than a lift," she said, not making full eye contact and biting her lower lip nervously. "Don't worry." Brook said putting a hand on her shoulder "Jocelyn said we can trust him." Jocelyn nodded, "Thanks again." she said, as the two got in the back Jocelyn leaned in to whisper in Conner's ear. "If it gets back to Brook's dad it could be bad, at the very least she'll be pulled from school. So we need to be careful." she pulled back. "So where are we going? Are we going to go eat or are we gonna eat beach food?"

Conner closed the trunk to the car. He thought as he walks to the diver's side of the car looking at Jocelyn "it's your guy's call, I am free for the evening. But we could stop by and sign in and drop our bags off. Get the instructions from the chaperones." He suggested with a cute smile. He started his car when everyone was in. "Then food on the beach or restaurant. I am good either way," he said driving off

Jocelyn thought a moment. "I think we need to at least check-in," she said. "It would be bad for four of us to all just vanish," Jocelyn added. The group arriving at the beach, check-in but were told they were best to say and just eat what was provided. "Well, it's a big beach I guess we can find our own spot to sit," Brook said to Heather. "Yeah..." Heather replied.

Conner looked around as he opened the trunk to his car. "I would say find a place by the fire pit. Do you Girls have beach blankets?" he asked as he pulled their bags out of his car.

Heather nodded. "I have a blanket," she said. Jocelyn shrugged. "I don't but I figured I'd just find someone to sit with or something to sit on."

"That's why I brought extra of course" Conner handed her one with a smile. also have a sports umbrella I brought for you Jocelyn shade you from the sun some if you want it tomorrow." he asked. Conner looked around "I think we sign in over there."

Jocelyn took the blank and umbrella "Thank you." she told him. "Guess I'll see you later at the beach, need to sign in and get settled in."

"I would like to see you guys later I got to see if JD made it back as well. I can meet back up with you ladies at the Food truck or beach if you want I will be there" said Conner. He watches as they walked away He too made his way the to Boys' beach house got him and JD a spot and sign in then started to look and see what was happening on the beach.

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