Uncharted Waters

Once Justin said Ok to talking a walk, Kyle started walking more towards the water and then up the beach to an area that was quieter, not too far as to seem strange for just having met but at least they could talk there without having to shout or being interrupted every minute by something. As they were walking Kyle heard Justin mention the music and the cool kids. He smiled. "I think you're right." About the rich kids overcompensating. "My music tastes are pretty eclectic but I mostly like older rock and pop like pre-2000 but there is some newer stuff that's good as well that I like." He grew up exposed to all kinds of music and it showed. "How about you what kind of music do you like?" He meant besides what they had discussed at the track, Kyle remembered that talk the first day they met.

Justin was pleasantly surprised by Kyle's music preference. He too had a fondness for different musical genres. He definitely liked the direction of this conversation.

Justin: Well my tastes vary depending on my mood. Sometime I like Techno since it has a good dance beat, but I am also keen to Rock, Jazz, Pop Rock, Funk, Country, Rhythm and Blues. I try not to limit myself since there is so much out there to enjoy. What can I say....I love music, fashion, food and art. There are so many beautiful things in the world to enjoy so its hard to settle on one thing. I feel if I do I will loose my creative edge. How about you Kyle? What your cup of tea?


Latter after Jocelyn had gone back to her friends he made his rounds to the girls who had not been dancing for whatever reason, as he made his way around he, saw Blossom sitting watching Ashly and Jack dance intently when they got back by the bonfire Blossom began to gossip and giggle. Conner walked "Hello Ashly, Jack, and Blossom." With a charming smile He held out his hand "you know Blossom that dancing is not a spectator sport it's more fun out there. It would make my night if you danced with me" said Conner.

Blossom widened her big brown eyes as she looked at Conner. She was not ready for a guy to suddenly ask her to dance. She looked at Ashley who smiled at her and nodded that it was okay. Then Ashley looked at Conner as she replied to Blossom.

Ashley: Its okay Blossom. Go have some fun......but if he is not a proper gentleman....

Ashley smiled at Conner with a raise eyebrow.

Ashley: Just let me know.

Ashley then encouraged Blossom to dance with Conner. Blossom was a bit unsure as she got up and dusted off her bottom. He hesitantly took Conner's hand and left with him to the others who were dancing. She was nervous for several reasons. She was new to the school, new to the boys, new to dating and only knew how to dance to country music. If it was the Two Step, Waltz, Schottische, or Cotton Eye Joe she would be fine, but this was a very new scene for her. She managed to speak up to Connor with a timid voice.

Blossom: I can only dance to country music.


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