Arrival at the beach party

(Day 4 - Friday night - Beach party)

Blossom widened her big brown eyes as she looked at Conner. She was not ready for a guy to suddenly ask her to dance. She looked at Ashley who smiled at her and nodded that it was okay. Then Ashley looked at Conner as she replied to Blossom.

Ashley: It's okay Blossom. Go have some fun......but if he is not a proper gentleman....

Ashley smiled at Conner with a raised eyebrow.

Ashley: Just let me know.

Ashley then encouraged Blossom to dance with Conner. Blossom was a bit unsure as she got up and dusted off her bottom. He hesitantly took Conner's hand and left with him to the others who were dancing. She was nervous for several reasons. She was new to the school, new to the boys, new to dating, and only knew how to dance to country music. If it was the Two-Step, Waltz, Schottische, or Cotton Eye Joe she would be fine, but this was a very new scene for her. She managed to speak up to Connor with a timid voice.

Blossom: I can only dance to country music.

Conner smiled "It's ok Blossom just follow me." he said reassuringly. He looked at Ashley "I promise that she will come back as she left. but hopefully happier". he said with a smile.

Conner led her to the area that the dancing was going on. He spoke gently as he started to move "just move to the music. as you would in Cheer. Besides I could not two-step in the sand either. Just copy that people around you do things you feel comfortable with." said Conner" he watcher her for a moment "Just relax and in joy it. ya now you got it." he said trying to reinsure Blossom. He thought she looked cuter when up close she was Petite but great things come in small packages and that was part of her charm. "So do you have party's like this back where you come from?" he asked.

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