Not In The Same Place

(Day 5 - Saturday Morning - Beach trip.)

The chess games, the nerds had, ended up, once again, with the final match being against Zander and Leonard. The two boys were so evenly matched and good at the game the nerds were now talking about starting a Chess Team. Really, there were a lot of talented Chess players in the group. Once again, they ended up, with two games tied but, this time, the final game was won by Zander.

Dawn and April had taken a walk in the night air. They talked. While Dawn had liked and even dated a girl before she told April she wasn't a lesbian, It was closer to the idea, that Dawn liked who she liked regardless of gender or gender identity. April, though from Chicago, had to admit she had never met anyone like that but she had heard of the concept. It was the first time she had ever personally known a pansexual.

April, on the other hand, was a little unsure of herself. She had never dated anyone. The boys and, for that matter, the girls in her old school seemed to be put off by her. She mostly hung with boys though because there had been more of them, it seemed, that were into things like Rping, computer games, computers, sci-fi, chess, and so on. She just wasn't into the stuff most of the girls in her old school had been into, like clothes, fashion, makeup, or who the latest celebrity crush was.

Dawn had made a comment that there were plenty of girls into that stuff but, unfortunately, those areas still, even now, seemed to be pushed more towards boys in many places.

April already knew Dawn was smart but she got to hear it even more last night. She had a feeling that Dawn's intelligence had always been, somewhat, overshadowed by Zander's. Dawn shrugged and said she was happy and fine with that, it wasn't a competition between them. Then Dawn mentioned that she loved and didn't want to do anything but be on stage, and that wasn't a Zander thing, so it was all good with her.

In the end, though, April had to admit she was unsure of where she wanted things to go with Dawn. Dawn seemed to be understanding about it, being it was all new to April, but the air between them seemed to change a little at the same time.


It was before breakfast and Zander and Dawn had both woken up early and arrived at the beach at about the same time; without calling each other. Call it twin intuition.

"Where's April?" Zander asked.

Dawn shrugged. "I'm not sure."

"What's wrong?" Zander asked his sister.

"She's not ready," Dawn said. "I mean we had a great time and we talked but, in the end, she's not ready."

Zander thought for a moment. "Well, you've been down this road before. "

"I know but I wish, sometimes, this was just easier. That it didn't take some massive revelation for people to figure stuff out. Sexuality, no matter what it is, should just be considered a part of the norm." Dawn sighed.

"Give her time. She'll figure it out." Zander paused. "Is it her or a family issue?"

"It's her. She said she was, pretty sure, her Mom would be fine with it." Dawn replied. "And I know, time. I wasn't expecting to start a serious relationship or anything but being able to take her on a date would be nice."

"You know not everyone has this stuff figured out at 14," Zander said.

"You know that doesn't help, anything," Dawn said.

"Breakfast," Zander then commented. "Maybe, breakfast will help."

"Doubt it." Dawn shook her head, slightly, "But breakfast does sound good."

"Come on," Zander said. The twins walked to the breakfast area.

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