Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

OOC (JP with Redsword and Jaxx)

Jack and Ashely watched the game from the ocean as they kneeled on the sand and let the waves roll over their shoulders. Jack was hoping to get a break from Ashley's constant teasing and even watching guys play volleyball was a pleasant distraction. Ashley: Are you really into this game? Jack: Not really. ……………. Ashley: Oh Jack all is fair in love and war. Besides as mush you complain you don't seem to be in a hurry to push me away. Jack just moaned as he knew Ashley was going to twist his words around again. Ashley then got behind Jack and kneeled down on the wet sand as she hugged Jack from behind affectionately. She teased him as her chest rubbed against his bare back. Jack winced as he endured her constant flirting. During all this the ocean water continued to move back and forth as the waves covered up to their stomachs one moment and their legs the next moment. Poor Jack tried to watch the volleyball game to take him mind off his libido and Ashley’s charms. He was hoping he could calm down before having to leave the water since he was feeling a bit exposed now.

Elena saw Jack and Ash sitting. She likes the way that Ashley messed with Jack. She could tell there was love but in a strange way. Maybe a happy annoyance of some sort. But she had to talk to Ashley. Jack looked like he could use a break she walked up to them. "I love you guys interact." Ashley Can I speak with you alone for a moment?" she asked nicely.

Ashley looked at Elena and paused for a spell as she contemplated what she was up to. Then she looked at Jack and spoke up.

Ashley: Jack be a dear and get us some drinks.

Jack looked at Ashley then Elena and sighed as he stood up to leave.

Jack: Yeah sure.

Jack then left the girls and made his way down the beach. He watched a bit of the volleyball match along the way before he turned his attention to the crowd he had to walk through. Apparently the volleyball match was gaining more attention from the students.

Meanwhile Ashley smiled at Elena and spoke up.

Ashley: I take it this is a private matter?

Elena Looks around Yes it is. "There is no secret that some rich kids and Scholarship kids don't get along. But I don't like guys trying to mess with cheer girls regardless rich or Scholarship. Joey and Charlie are wanting to get back at you for something you did. This I will not allow. I would like to plan something with you to teach them a lesson. I would have put them face down in the sand. I did not want to make any trouble for the football team or us." she explained.

Ashley patiently listened to Elena as she tried to gauge if she was lying. She was wondering if Elena was being serious or if this was a trap. By the manner and choice of words Elena used, she sounded very serious on the subject. However she left out some details such as what Joey and Charlie were up to. Then Ashley pondered what those two idiots were capable that would piss of Elena who was dating Lance the football team star. Sadly considering the IQ of Joey and Charlie she came to the conclusion it involved embarrassing her in public with some level of perversion. So she guessed they planned to get pictures of her either naked or in her underwear. Suddenly she had the urge to turn two roosters into two hens, but she kept it to herself with an annoyed smile. Ironically if Elena allowed this to happen it would affect both the cheer squad and football team with a big school scandal. So for now she was willing to listen to Elena and see what she had in planned.

Ashley: So what did you have in mind that doesn’t get us all in a scandal?

Stepping forward letting the ocean water rush over Elena's feet. "Joey and Charlie wanted to have me take pictures of you in the locker room out of your clothing. Which, I will not do for anyone. I would not do that to another girl. Even if I like her or not and not to one of our cheer girls." She said with some anger in her voice. "What I would like to do is lure them ruff them up a bit teaching them a lesson. Have them stuck in the girl's shower to be caught by the coach. That's my idea anyway." she said with an evil grin.

Ashley nodded as she listened to Elena’s words and much like she guessed, Joey and Charlie were not just perverts, but now boarder line criminals and sexual offenders. Ashley wondered if the two idiots had any idea that type of crime would land them in a juvenile facility. She gave a slight sigh of annoyance since she too wanted to torment the two jocks. Then when Elena suggested her plan to sell out the two jocks she also gave a wicked smile.

Ashley: Fair enough. I am game for that. So what does your plan entail? If they need to hear my voice I can plant a phone in the shower with the water on to lure them there, but how do we get Coach Callahan to catch them?

Elena looked down and moved her feet in the water for a moment thinking. 'I don't have a full plan yet. I was hoping we would come up with something together. It does not have to happen right now we can wait until we get back to school. That way they won't see it coming. I do like the phone in the shower idea" she said with a smile.

Ashley nodded as she smirked at Elena. She was looking forward to entrapping Joey and Charlie in their own stupidity.

Ashley: Sounds fair enough. You will need a plan to get the two idiots to enter the girl’s locker room with their phones ready to take pictures. Maybe I can go take a shower late after extra practice or something. Then we need to get Coach to come in and catch them while they are looking for me in the shower. Of course they will find my phone only since I will be hiding in a different room with a spare phone talking to myself or someone. That should be enough to get them into trouble without a lawsuit involved. The problem will be after that when they believe you set them up. Are you ready for that part? I may cause static with your guy.

Elena looked back up on the beach then looked back at Ash. "I have talked to Lance and he is ok with us and what we do to Joey and Charlie. Some of the team know what’s going on and were willing to deal with them here on the beach. But I don't want to ruin this party and have the rich kids blamed for making a scene. So we are good with the team and I'm sure the cheer will have no problem with us dealing with Joey and Charlie." She said reassuringly.

Ashley nodded at Elena.

Ashley: Sounds like a plan then. Now we just need to work out the minor details including the day and time. We should get the coach’s schedule and the workout schedule to help plan it. However it may be best to keep the guys out of this plan to avoid them getting dumb ideas. I can see them fighting if they find out and start the blame game.

Ashley fixed her hair then shuffled her feet out of the sand. They sank a bit due to the small waves coming and going. Then she spoke up.

Ashley: Well once we get more details we find a place to talk about it. Sound good?

"Yes, that sounds good." Elena replied. She looked back to the Volleyball game, and paused. She looked back at Ash "I do look forward scheming with you Ashley. I need to get back before the idiots see us talking." she said with a smile. "I will see you around Ash." she turned and walked back to the game.


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