No Such Thing As A Short RPG

“Hey, Riley, are you joining us for a short game?” Leonard’s text asked. . That was how it started, a short game turned into a good portion of the early afternoon. It was one of those premade games with premade characters good for a pickup but still fun.

Riley wasn’t a nerd but enjoyed some of the things they did. Role-playing was one of those. She liked D&D and other varieties of games. She also wanted them to teach her chess, that was her new thing; she had been a little interested in it before but, not to sound cliche, The Queen’s Gambit really piqued her interest even more. She figured if it turned out she didn’t like it, no harm done, she would at least know.

She hadn’t gotten to spend much time with them and it sounded fun so she said yes. Upon getting to the area at the picnic benches the nerds were setting up, She was introduced to the new people of the group; including a girl named April, who seemed a little on the quiet side, nothing wrong with that, just an observation and a boy named Zander.

Sometime later, the game ended as they had found the treasure and killed all the things that needed killing to get it. The group started breaking up and Riley looked down to the beach to see a volleyball game going. It looked like; she moved a little closer. “Hey,” Speaking to the group as a whole. “It looks like the rich kids are playing volleyball against the mixed kids.” The mixed kids was a weird nomer but more than a few people at the school had started to call that group that sat in the middle of the cafeteria because they were such a mix of students. She saw a head of brunette hair sitting down and instantly recognized her good friend Courtney.

“Who’s winning?” Zander asked.

“It looks like, well, I don’t know.” She paused. “I’m going to go down and see.”

A few of the nerds headed down to watch the game but Riley stood behind to get something to drink. She headed down after getting a smoothie from the dessert truck, walking by herself, not really in much of a rush.

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