Spilling The Truth

(Beach Party, Saturday Night, after talent show, during bonfire.)

(Joint post with Redsword7)

The entire show had been great and once it was over Rose made her way to wait for JD and thank him for the flowers. That didn't take very long and after that she said that she was going to put them in water; given JD enough time to get changed. She would meet him out in front of the snack trucks so they could walk down to the bonfire together.

The girl's guest house was a sea of commotion. Girls getting changed and talking about how great everyone did. When Mel showed up, a number of people talked about how great she had been on stage and that they didn't know she had that kind of talent. Courtney, Kaylee, Dawn and the other girls who had performed were celebrities for a moment as some of the girls complimented them and others said things like they never knew the violin could be so cool or that they didn't know Courtney could dance like that. Dawn even joked with Courtney and said the theater kids were always looking for dancers.

The girls then started talking about how hot some of the guys looked up there; most of whom weren't a surprise. Many of them talking about Kyle and the outfit he was in and Sam, Courtney and Rose all just looked at each other and smiled.

Then one of the girl's said, "Hey, did you guys get a load of Dante?" Another girl said. "Yeah, who would have ever thought he'd seem so hot on stage."

"Damn, right." Another girl exclaimed.

Some more talk about Dante but then one said. "I don't know, I think there is something definitely sexy about a guy who dedicates two songs to his ....what are you again?" Looking at Rose, "and flowers...I mean look at these, they are beautiful." She said going over by the vase that now held the bouquet that JD had given Rose.

Rose smiled at the girl. "Hey, you've got a boyfriend." It was a joke and the other girl's laughed.

"Yeah, but he's never done anything like that for me. I might have to fix that I guess. Not that any of you want to hear him sing." The girl said. She was dating one of the basketball players. It was an interesting combo as the basketball player was 6'4" and she was 5'1" but it seemed to work for them.

Courtney, who was friends with both the girl and her boyfriend, said "But I don't think JD could slam dunk Rose." All the girls laughed and the one that had been talking threw a pillow at Courtney.

Some of the rich girl's had stayed for conversation and Sam overheard one say "Rose could do so much better." She glanced their way, daring them to say anything else and the two girls left the room in rapid succession.

A little while later Rose had gotten changed, taken care of her flowers and met up with JD, as promised, by the trucks. "Hi." She smiled at him. "Sorry, hope you weren't waiting long." Though it really hadn't been that long since they had gone to get changed; she thought it was rude to keep him waiting and every instinct she had was to not be rude.

JD smiled his eyes light up at the site of Rose. "I would wait all night for you here if i had to." then glanced at the snack truck. "but they would be missing a few things by morning." he said chucking. "So go for a walk then?" he asked.

She smiled and laughed at his comment about the snack trucks. Then, as if reading her mind, he asked about taking a walk. "Yes, " Rose took his hand. The two walked around the bonfire where most of the teens were starting to gather, to the entrance to the paths that went to a more secluded but well lit area.

Rose didn't say much on the walk. She was trying to figure out when and how to start the conversation she wasn't looking forward to. The two kept walking until Rose spotted a clearing with some benches off to the side where they could talk without people overhearing them or interrupting them. "Let's sit down, over there." She commented. Once they were seated. She took a breath and said. "There's something I need to tell you. Something you really need to know." Having no idea how this would go was making her nervous but she really hoped JD would be able to deal with it.

Sitting across from Rose JD's mind raced with what could she be thinking was what he did during the show was too much. His heart raced he felt like he was about to be put in the friend zone? JD knew he could be too fast in a relationship. But this felt so right and good he could not get her off his mind. Does she like someone else? It's got to be the whole rich and poor thing maybe. A thousand other questions ran through his mind. He just wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her. He took her hands in his. "what is it?" He asked slowly and almost at a whisper his voice seem to lose confidence. He knew he had to get it together It could not be that bad.

She took a breath and said. "Remember how I said I don't have a good relationship with my parents? There is more to it than them just ignoring me." She tried to find the words to explain in a way that would make sense. "My whole life they've seen me as nothing more than a commodity. More of a piece of property than their daughter." She was getting to the actual revelation but it was hard to say it. "You see my brother was the child they really wanted. He was going to carry on the family name and run the business. As not only the first born but the only son he had a lot thrown at him but he was also, clearly, their favorite. Don't get me wrong I loved my brother and he was everything I said. He tried in every way he could to make things better for me but he couldn't get our parents to really care about me." She took a breath and realized it was shaky. "My whole life, at least as far as my parents are concerned, has been about what I can contribute to the family name or the business. For the most part, it has led to them not needing me for very much except attending parties, being a walking advertisement or my mother being very critical of me if I do anything in the slightest that might, in my parents minds, reflect badly on them." She took a breath realizing she had gotten, slightly, off topic. "Anyway, there is another family, McDonald's, they own Heart Jewelers, which makes them, to jewelry, what my family is to fashion. They have a son named Declan, who's a year older than me. When I was four; my parents entered an arrangement with Declan's parents. They promised that, when both of us were adults, we'd be married." Rose stopped speaking for a moment not only to give JD a chance to mentally digest what she had just told him but also because she realized she was shaking and she wiped a tear from her eye. She hated having to tell anyone this.

He was not sure what to think. She is engaged? He reached up and tried to wipe the tears in her eyes gently. His first thought was his dad telling him one time during training he might have to give it all for someone he loved. He just had to listen and his dad taught him assessment first. he looked concerned "Is there more and how do you feel?" he asked.

"Yes. There's more. " How she felt would come with the rest. "I ..I dated him when I was in eighth grade for a few months. It wasn't good....no that's an understatement, it was awful. Declan has been told his whole life that I belong to him and apparently he believes that. He was controlling. I only dated him because my parents insisted but it wasn't good. My brother, who had graduated a few years before, had noticed I had stopped calling him as much and he came to the school to see what was going on. He found out and spoke to our parents. There were a lot of words said by both sides but he got them to agree that not only could I stop dating Declan but I could change schools. Declan is a star football player and his family is legacy at that school, getting him out of there would have been impossible." She took a moment and wiped her eyes. "My last few months at that school were awful. Pretty much everyone hated me because I had caused problems for Declan. But that's how I ended up here." All kinds of emotions were brewing to the surface. "I hate this. I hate that my parents did this without even thinking about me. I can't stand to even be around Declan. I certainly don't want to marry him. I hate that the one person in my life that could get my parents to listen to reason and to back off of all of this is now gone. My parents promised William that they wouldn't make me leave this school and they would back off of the Declan stuff until I was older but he's not here and they might keep one promise but I don't know about both." She was crying. She didn't want any of this and she really didn't want to say what came out of her mouth next. "I...If this is too much for you.....I mean..."

The sound of her voice and the smell of salt air the moon reflecting off of her hair. With the feel of the moment. he was at home on the beach he had no fear. He thinking about what Rose told him and saw no reason to hold back any longer. He turned to her and looked within her eyes.

His heart beat faster and faster as he leaned in wiping her tears away. Rose's moon-lit face came up to his own. He knew that when he kissed Rose, He hoped this could last forever. JD's unbelievable visions of her on the beach, his mind would never drift from her. His focus was all on her now. So JD did not wait a moment longer. He had to prove to her right now he was not going anywhere. To make their hearts race and let passion rage in them. He wanted this so much. He brushed her hair to the side and cupped her face in his hands gently JD leaned in to kiss Rose. As his lips touched her soft lips. He felt like he could savor them forever. His feelings for her grew almost overwhelming JD. He could melt into her. He wants to be one with her. The smell of her sweet breath Feeling her heartbeat as she got close. He wrapped his arms around her. JD held her close to him as if protecting her from the world. He let the kiss linger for a few seconds before lifting his lips away. Just barely touching hers. Almost teasing to see if she wanted more. He gently kissed her again this time taking longer. Taking another taste of her soft lips. He knew she had him. He would let this kiss linger as long as she would let it.

Rose had wanted this kiss and the timing was perfect. He wasn't going anywhere and this was the best way he could have told her. She melted into the kiss and when he released she stayed there not saying anything not wanting this moment or the feeling she had of being protected by and with him at once, to end. When he barely touched her lips with his, she leaned into him. He had her, as well. The second kiss lingered until they had to come up for air. Breathless now, she has forgotten for the moment how upset she had been just a few moments ago. And she let herself lean into him, putting her head on his shoulder. A small and not particularly cool breeze could be felt in the night air. She just let the gentle silence between them be for the moment.

JD kept his arms wrapped around her leaning his head onto hers kissing it. "That is my answer. I will stand beside you no matter what storm comes our way," he says as softly and sweetly as he can. "I.... I am falling in love with you even in this short time. To be truthful it scares me a little that it might frighten you and you will leave. Our two worlds are going to collide and make one hell of a storm. Are you ready to ride it out and are you ready to shake this world?" he asked softly.

He had said he was falling in love with her. "As long as we are riding it out together, I'm ready." She then said, "And just so you know the feeling is mutual. I'm falling in love with you, as well." How did this all happen so quickly? Rose wasn't about to dwell on such matters because it really didn't matter. What mattered is it had. There had been a time she would have been too scared to make this leap. But almost dying had made her not want to wait and she was really glad, right now, that was the case.

JD snuggled up with her with a big happy content smile. "I am happy to hear you say that." He paused " Ah... what do we tell the others?" he said lightly laughing some.

She smiled and took a breath. "That's a good question. Because, you know they will ask. Especially Sam. She's going to know something happened. "

JD got an evil grin, "We could just do a big passionate kiss in front of them." He suggested jokingly. "We tell them the truth we are dating exclusively, I assume? and see how they react? Not that I fully care how they feel but it. I don't see a problem with our friends. Or... we just Don't tell anyone anything, keep letting people guess what's going on with us. Don't worry I don't give details of any dates or things we do or say privately.

She breathed a laugh at the idea of the big kiss in front of everyone. "That sounds good that we tell them we are dating." It really did make sense and JD was right. "I'm sure our friends will be happy for us." As for everyone else they didn't really matter, in the long run, happiness mattered more.

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