Love Is In The Air

(Beach Party, Saturday Night, after talent show, during bonfire.)

As she came out again waving at the cheering crowd she thanked them for their support and once again looked in Jack's direction as she smiled and spoke up.
The crowd went wild with the special effects as they cheered loudly and made it somewhat hard to hear the song. Then as Roxy's song came to an end they all took a big bow before the excited crowd. It took several minutes and bows to calm the crowd before the next act could take the stage so the helpers used this time to prep the stage for the next performer.

Ashley was very excited by Roxy's music in more than one manner. Granted she was a fan of Roxy, but she was a bit on edge as Roxy was looking in the direction of her and Jack. Out of instinct she kept Jack close to her and pressed her bikini top to his bare back as if she was marking her territory. She was hoping it was just a fluke and that Roxy held desire to take Jack away from her since it would end up rather ugly. The next act was Dante.

As the curtains were pulled, Dante stood there the same Dante everyone there knew, but something was different. With his hair fully down, his glasses off, and his posture changed, still laid back and loose but some new intenseness to it.

While adjusting his mic stand, no one else saw it but he made direct eye contact with Doug. In his rage filled fuming state, Dante didn't know if it registered with him or not but it likely had. He did hate Dante after all.

"1..2..3..4" Nix shouted, slapping her drum sticks together. Singling the start.

Justin and Blossom were excited to see Dante on stage, even if he was following up after pro like Roxy. Justin was hoping to spend some more time with Kyle but he couldn't see him and wondered if he was still working with the others behind the stage. Blossom was still dancing and opening up at her first concert. Justin was doing his best to keep the sheltered Blossom out of trouble since she was very excited. He wondered what he was going to do with Blossom when Kyle finally came out. After some pondering he send Blossom to Jack and Ashley if it came to that. After the last song from the theater group the crowd began to fizzle out. Jack, Ashley Blossom and Justin made their way to the bonfire to pick out a nice spot with room for the others if they showed up. Justin was a bit nervous as he kept checking on his phone for a reply from Kyle.

With the last held line of 'Head' finished Dante swung his guitar back behind him, and the curtains dropped done so by Jonesy and Spencer.

Kyle had put away the camera equipment and gotten changed himself. He had headed downstairs and was about to text Justin when he saw April who was, kind of meekly, waving him over. “Hey,” he said. “What’s up?”
“Let me do one thing.” Kyle said. He pulled out his phone and texted Justin that a friend needed him for a few minutes and he’d meet up with him when he was done. Kyle knew April knew he was gay, he also knew April and Dawn seemed to like each other, so he had a suspicion this might have something to do with that but he couldn’t know for sure. “Ok, I’m all yours; for the moment. What’s on your mind?”

Justin felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and quickly checked it. A grin formed on his face as he read the message to himself. Ashley had a feeling he was expecting a call or message since he was checking his phone a lot. She held Jack's hand to keep him close, despite his sulking and smiled as she looked at Blossom and Justin.

Ashley: Well we have plenty of room in case the others show up. Justin? Blossom? Did either of you two have any plans? Jack and I will be here for a while.

Justin: Ummm well yeah. I have to meet up with a friend of mine.

Blossom: Ummm......I guess I'll hang out here for now.

Jack: Do I get a say?

Ashley gave Jack's hand a gentle squeeze to remind him she was in charge.

Ashley: Oh my bad, Jack did you want something? Maybe a snack or two? Could you bring us one too dear?

Jack almost winced as Ashley nearly crushed his hand and forced a smile on his face.

Jack: Ahhh ahhh yeah I was hungry. Did you all want anything?

April put his number in her phone and said. “Thanks.”
She walked off to find Dawn and Kyle smiled to himself. He then texted Justin to say he was on his way.

Justin: Oh nothing for me Jack. I'm off like a dirty shirt.

Jack: Later.

Blossom: Bye Justin

Ashley: Good luck out there.

Justin winked at Ashley as she was very perceptive. He felt bad for Jack but knew Jack was on his own with Ashley. Then Jack went to get snacks and drinks from the food trucks for himself, Ashley and Blossom.


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