The Group Gets Bigger

Sam and Heath had met up and greeted each other with a kiss. They each got a coffee before going to find the others. Sam spotted Courtney talking with Matt. She then saw Justin who was heading some place.

Heath then said. "Ashley, Jack and Blossom are over there. It looks like they left room for people, you want to go over there?"

Sam looked to where Heath had nodded towards and noticed, Jack heading towards the trucks. "Sure."

When they got over to Ashley and Blossom Sam asked. "Can we join you?" While the group had pretty much been hanging out together she didn't know them well enough to assume.

April had taken Kyle's advice and found Dawn by the theater kids. "Hi," she quietly said to the other girl.

"Hi." Dawn's friendly, upbeat tone had a way of putting April at ease.

"I was wondering if maybe we could hang out together, if you're not busy."

Dawn smiled at April. "No. I'm not busy. I'd like that."

April took a breath. "I mean I'm not there just yet but I just wanted to as you know friends for the moment."

"Its fine." Dawn replied. "Well, I think we should find neutral territory." With the theater kids April might feel out of place. With the nerds, Dawn might. She glanced around and noticed Sam and Heath and then the area with Ashley and the others. "I might have the place." The two had spent time with that group as well. So, they walked over and Dawn asked. "Is it OK if we join you?"

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