(Saturday Night Beach Party. Takes places near the beginning of the bonfire.)

JP with Jaxx

Riley had been having fun at the beach party but there was something missing. Looking over the people at the bonfire and making a mental note of some; she then found who it was she was looking for.

Courtney had come out of the guest house to find Matt. The two talked for a while before Matt went to hang out with some of his other friends. Courtney turned to head to the area where Ashley, Jack, and Blossom were sitting along with some other people. She noticed Sam and Heath joining the group. It was then that she noticed Riley approaching her.

"Hey," Courtney said to the other girl.

"Hey, " Riley replied. "You were really good tonight but I have one question. How did Conner ever talk you into doing that?"

Courtney breathed a laugh and shrugged. "Thanks. I don't know how Connor talks me into doing anything?" She paused, "I did make him promise to buy me some real good coffee. Still, I think Connor is the only one that could talk me into doing something like that."

Riley smiled and glanced in the direction of Matt. " The only one? Are you sure about that."

Courtney shook her head. "Jury's still out."

"Well," Riley changed the subject. " I was thinking that the Single Ladies Club needed to be resurrected."

Courtney nodded. "Well, it is tradition. I'll take care of spreading the word to this half of the bonfire if you want to take the other half. Let's all meet, " She looked around for a moment and spotted an area off to the side, away enough from the others but not completely away from everyone. She then pointed to it. "There. In about 30 minutes or so."

"Sounds good." Riley said and headed to the other side of the bonfire to start spreading the news .

Courtney started doing the same on the side she was on. She first saw Kaylee who was with the skaters at the moment and she invited the single girls in that group. Kaylee said she might be there a little later.

Courtney spread the word to some more people before winding up where her main group seemed to be gathering. She got there and said, "The Single Ladies Club is back. So, any ladies who’s not officially dating someone can join us. Over there," Pointing to the area she had picked out "in 30 minutes or whenever."

Sam smiled, "That leaves me out but I can say, from my experience last year, its a lot of fun."

"I'm still letting people know. So, I'll talk to ya'll later." And with that Courtney continued to spread the news.

After seeing that Courtney was recruiting all the single ladies for some girl time, Ashley nudged Blossom to participate.

Ashley: Hey Blossom, why don't you join them?

Blossom: Are you sure?

Ashley: It would do you some good to spread your wings a little.

Blossom: But what if....

Ashley: If someone gives you a hard time, just tell me and I will make them regret ever being born.

Ashley gave Blossom a sweet but intimidating smile. Blossom was a bit startled by that. Ashely then hugged Blossom.

Ashley: Relax girl, our little circle seems to have some good and strong people in our group.

Blossoms looked at Ashley and nodded in a shy manner.

Blossom: Okay then I'll give you and Jack some time together then.

Ashley: You are such a sweety. Tell me what happens when it's bed time.

Blossom: Okay, thanks Ashley.

With that Blossom got up and headed out with Courtney.

The half hour went by quickly and soon enough the girls were starting to arrive. Dawn and April showed up. Several of the nicer cheerleaders. Some of the jocks. Theater kids. Sadie even showed up with her entourage and Riley made her promise to not use anything she heard or saw on her social media site. Sasha agreed. Nancy, however, also showed and some of the girls started whispering to each other.

When it looked like they had gathered almost every girl that would be a part of it. Riley decided to put an end to any chance of Nancy gossiping. "OK, everyone, we only have one rule in The SLC. Whatever happens here, stays here " She looked directly at Nancy. "No gossiping about it, in any manner ever."

Nancy looked around as if she was surprised that was aimed at her. "Oh, all right. I'll keep it to myself."
"OK, now that that's out of the way. " Riley then said. "First order of business. Snacks. Who's up for a snack run." She then turned to Courtney. "Are they still free?"

Courtney nodded. "Yes."

Riley nodded. "OK, then snacks it is."

Blossom was a bit nervous hanging out with a different group of girls. He was familiar with some of them due to cheer leading and the lunch group but she knew little about them. When the suggestion of snacks came up a few other cheerleaders volunteered to help and nudged Blossom to help as well. After that they left with Riley to get some snacks for the others.

Riley went with the volunteers to get snacks while Courtney and the others set up blankets and such so there was enough room for everyone to sit comfortably on them.
The order was for drinks for everyone. Coffees, smoothies, sodas, and anything else people wanted. Snacks went from the crunch salty type to the sweet. There would be plenty and something for everyone but the order would take a few minutes to get together. Riley walked over by Blossom. "I promise it gets more interesting than getting snacks." She joked. "I don't think we've actually met but I'm Riley." Riley was friends with some of the group that Blossom ate meals with but she hadn't really spent much time with them, yet.

Blossom gave Riley a shy smile as she greeted her in return.

Blossom: I'm Blossom Booth, I'm Blossom, like a flower, from Map Dot, Montana. Sorry if I come off like a farm girl. I'm new to the big city and the beach. This is the farthest I've been from home.

Blossom nervously fiddled with her braids. Meeting new pretty girls was nerve racking for her since he felt plain looking compared to them. She wished she had a better figure but also knew her skinny body was the main reason she was allowed to attend this school on a scholarship program. She was glad that Riley was being nice to her but she was still feeling uneasy and it showed on her face.

"It's all good. And Blossom is such a great name." It really was. It sounded like it should be in a novel or something. "I'd bet you have some stories to share." The order was called and the girls made there way back to the SLC area. Drinks were handed out snacks were kind of put in the middle so everyone could take what they want.

"OK." Courtney said. "What's next?"

"Let's talk about boys," one of the cheerleaders called out. A few others said "Truth or Dare."

Courtney said "Maybe we should ease into Truth or Dare."
The cheerleader then said "OK, then who are the hot guys at the school this year? We should each say one guy. And it doesn't, necessarily. mean you like the guy just that you find him attractive. And Courtney you start."

"Matt Auclair. Who did you think I was going to say?" A few girls laughed at that because they had seen Matt and Courtney together most of the weekend. "OK, who's next."

"Justin what's his name? The guy that's in my fashion class." One of the girls said.

A few girls said Kyle. Some said Dante.

Then it got to Dawn who said. "I don't know. Oh, wait Harris."

One of the theater girls. "Harris is good looking." Harris was a theater guy but he was also openly gay.

April said she hadn't met a lot of guys and wasn't sure. She basically passed which was ok with everyone. A few said Conner. Some JD. Then it got to Blossom.

"So Blossom, who do you think is attractive?"

Blossom was very nervous as she was now in the spotlight before all the other girls. She was not sure what to think as she blurted out the first name she could think of.

Blossom: Ummmm.........Conner? I'm sorry I don't know many people at this school. Oh and Kyle. Oh wait, that's two sorry about that. Can someone else go next please?

Blossom was beet red at this point as she was being watched by the other girls during a delicate topic. This was a bit nerve wracking for her since the culture was very different in California compared to Dot, Montana. As for love or crushes she was still on the fence since she was new to the experience.

"Well, they are both good looking. It's fine." Riley commented "Next"

The next girl who was a cheerleader and freshman said, "Doug Mason"
Courtney knew that the girls who said Doug were new and this girl wasn't the last as two other freshmen also said Doug.

It was Sadie's turn and she said. "Actually. I think Joey is good looking."
"You mean football player Joey that's always around Charlie? Well, all you need to get his attention all you need to be is female and in the random area where he is." One of the cheerleaders said.

Sadie didn't comment but next came her entourage who said a mix of different guys from Justin to Lance and two picked Jack. Some more girls went pretty much, the guys chosen were all, at least, physically attractive even if, with some, their personality made them not so attractive.

Riley was the last one to go. "There are so many. It is hard to choose. I mean you all said really attractive guys but I think Zander is good looking."

One of the theater girls said. "Well, he's not bad looking and isn't he like super smart"

Another said "Dawn is that true?"

Some of the girls looked confused so Dawn said. "He's my brother. Twin actually. And yes, he's actually a genius."

"How many siblings do we have at this school?" One of the girls asked.

Courtney spoke up. "Matt and Kaylee."

One of the cheerleaders then said. "Where is Kaylee?"

"She said she'd be along later." Courtney commented

Sadie commented that her sister had graduated from the school.

A few other siblings were mentioned and one of the freshman asked. "Courtney, I thought you and Conner were related."

Courtney shook her head "No,I mean not blood related. He's my best friend and like a brother to me. And before anyone asks Sam and Rose aren't actually related either. " Because she knew that would come up.

"What about Rose? What is up with her and JD?" One of the gymnastics girls asked.

Courtney responded with "Being she isn't here I think we shouldn't talk about it. I think we'll know soon enough."

A few minutes of random talking and snacking went by and some said. "How about a game of would you rather? We can keep it light and silly save the other questions for Truth or Dare." When most of the girls agreed. They decided to go in the opposite direction so the first question was directed at Riley. "Would you rather eat 4 chocolate bars that had been sitting in a hot car for six months or have to eat frozen bread for the rest of your life?" The girl then added. "And you can't let it thaw."

Riley said "The frozen bread. It would be a lot easier to eat, not to mention not bad."

Riley asked the next girl as was the rule that the last person asked got to ask the next one. A few more girls were asked random silly questions as was the game..

Sadie was asked if she'd rather give up makeup for the rest of her life or social media? After a long debate he chose the makeup.

A few more questions and it got to Blossom. "Blossom, let's just say for the question you know how to do both. Would you rather surf in a swamp or ski down a mountain covered in slime?"

Blossom's eyes opened up wide making her look like an anime character in shock. She was not sure how to respond to that question.

Blossom: Oh my! Wow.......I have never done anything like that before.

Blossom put her hand on her jaw as she pondered her two choices. She was not sure what to say as both of them were really bad choices to begin with. Then a cheerleader told her not to take it so seriously since she didn't actually have to do any of the choices. This helped Blossom calm down a bit as she giggled while imagining herself doing both activities in her head. It was hard to imagine surfing in a swamp since the water was still and full of gators. So she imagined herself trying to out swim the gators. Then she pictured herself sliding down a mountain side on a bed of green jello since it was the closest thing she could imagine to slime. The image made her giggle a bit and she covered her mouth before she answered the question.

Blossom: Ummm I guess the mountain one? So I guess it's my turn then? (paused looking at Riley) Well would you rather ride a pig during a parade or catch a chicken in the mud?

Riley thought about the question. "Hmmmm.....I mean pigs can hold a person but....I guess the chicken." She looked at April. "Would you rather be forced to sing along or dance to every single song you hear?"

April thought for a moment. "Sing, I guess."

Her question to the next girl was: "Would you rather be able to kiss your celebrity crush everyday for the rest of your life or never kiss anyone again but get a million dollars everyday for the rest of your life." The girl picked the money. And it continued. One girl asked Dawn if she would rather "communicate only in emoji or never be able to text at all ever again?"

Dawn said. "Text. It would be difficult to perform in emoji."

Dawn looked at Courtney. "Would you rather be 11 feet tall or nine inches tall?"

Some of the girls that knew Courtney, especially her basketball teammates laughed. Dawn didn't know Courtney was on the basketball team.

Courtney said. "I'm on the basketball team so I'd pick 11 feet but you didn't know that. Do you want another question?"

Dawn shook her head. "Nah. I'm good."

When the last girl was asked the last question. Sadie said. "I think that's enough of the easing into it part. Truth or Dare. Most of the girls seemed to agree.

Riley said "OK but we need some ground rules. No ask backs; meaning you can't ask the person who just asked you. You also can't ask anyone who's been asked already. No dares that could get anyone in trouble with the school. Let's keep the dares fun not mean." She paused and looked at all the freshmen. "Just in case anyone hasn't played with us we ask the question and you either have to answer or take a dare. Anyone who doesn't want to play; it's fine but you'll need to leave.”

Once the few girls who didn't want to play left Riley was about to start when Kaylee came over and said. "Can I join?"

Courtney said, "Sure but you have to promise to repeat anything you hear here."

"Sure. What are we doing?"

"Truth or Dare." Riley said and she briefly went over the house rules again. "You just got here so you start "

Kaylee turned to Dawn. "OK, What is the most daring thing you've ever done?"

Dawn said. "I came out to my last school by asking a girl to the fall dance over the PA system." Most were just curious if the girl had yes. Dawn told them no, that she had been turned down because she had misjudged the other girl.

Dawn asked one of the cheerleaders something, it went around for a while. Then one of the cheerleaders asked Courtney. "How far have you gone on a date? Truth or Dare?"

Courtney grinned and said "Dare."

The cheerleader grinned back. "Bellydance for three minutes."

"I am never going to get past the fact you all know I can dance now. Am I?"

A bunch of girls laughed and Courtney stood up and belly danced for three minutes. Much to the amusement of the girls and probably any guy who noticed

Her turn Courtney looked at Blossom. "Have you ever been skinny dipping? Truth or Dare?"

Blossom turned beet red as Courtney asked her that question. It was not something girls normally said out loud to total strangers. However after seeing the other girls participate in both the embarrassing truths and dares she pondered what path she should take. She looked around at the eager faces of the other girls and suddenly blurted out an answer without thinking.

Blossom: Yes but only with my female cousins

Blossom was bright red now and needed to get the attention away from her as she looked at another girl and asked a question.

Blossom: Umm... like ummm..... Truth? ........orrrrr......Dare? If you were given a chance to go on a date with a guy, who would it be?

The girl giggled and replied.

Girl: Okay this better stay here but if I had to choose I'd say Justin.

A few girls giggled at the answer then the girl spoke again.

Girl: Sorry I think he has pretty eyes..............and he has such a cute butt.

The girls began to cackle at that comment. Then the next girl asked her question looking at Riley.

Girl: What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Riley smiled at the question and looked at Courtney who clearly knew the answer. "On a dare, not here, I did a strip tease. Down to my panties. No bra."

Blossom blushed and covered her mouth in a gasp hoping no one heard her. She remained quiet after that.

The game kept going and most answered the questions. A few took dares. The question got to Sadie, who was asked. "Truth or Dare. What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?"

Sadie thought for a moment. "I was set up on a date. The guy never showed. Worse was that I was filming it live." Her followers knew the feed a few made a comment about how the guy was a jerk anyway.

Sadie asked April: "How many boys have you kissed?"

April turned bright red and she stammered a bit. "None."

Some girl sputtered out. "Really? None?"

April nodded. It was then her turn though she felt really uncomfortable asking a question. Still found a girl to ask how many boyfriends/girlfriends she had had and the girl who was a senior said five. Nancy was then asked about her biggest regret. To their surprise Nancy took a dare which led her to asking a random guy to dance. Fortunately, the gut was nice about it. She came back and realized she was the one to ask the last question which went to Kaylee. "So, truth or dare" Nancy asked Kaylee. "Out of all the guys in this school who would most want to kiss." Even if Nancy hadn't meant that to be a loaded question it was.

Kaylee replied with "Dare"

Nancy thought for a moment. "Are you allergic to anything "

"" Kaylee answered

"Good." Nancy wandered off to the food trucks and then came back with this disgusting green looking concoction.

"What is it?" Dawn asked

"I promise it's not poison." Nancy turned to Kaylee. "Chug it"

Kaylee wasn't one to back down from a challenge, took the cup and to the cheers from the other girls of "chug, chug" did exactly that. Finishing the horrible creation that Nancy had come back with.The girls let out a cheer to Kaylee for completing the dare. Kaylee breathed. "That was horrible. I need to go brush my teeth now. Yuck."

Blossom covered her mouth in shock as Kaylee drank that horrible concoction made by Nancy. She was also amazed that she got along with the others so well. She had a lot of concern that she might not fit in since she was a country girl or not rich. However the girls were rather nice despite being a bit on the naughty/adventurous side. She wondered what else the night held in store for her.

Riley winced a little for Kaylee but gave the girl props. Once that was done Kaylee looked at her phone and said. "This has been great. I think we can call it a night. This is tradition at the school so they'll be more during the year. Have fun everyone." And so concluded the SLC for the night with a few hours left for people to do other things

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