Good Boy

Sam and Heath had met up and greeted each other with a kiss. They each got a coffee before going to find the others. Sam spotted Courtney talking with Matt. She then saw Justin who was heading some place.

Heath then said. "Ashley, Jack and Blossom are over there. It looks like they left room for people, you want to go over there?"

Sam looked to where Heath had nodded towards and noticed, Jack heading towards the trucks. "Sure."

Ashley and Blossom were chatting about the fun they were having at the beach party. Ashley was teasing Blossom for cutting loose at the concert.

Ashley: I bet your parents would freak if they saw you dancing at the concert.

Blossom: I know. I don't know what came over me. Its like I couldn't stop dancing.

Ashley: Its cool girl. Just make sure you have proper back up if you ever go clubbing.

Blossom: Clubbing? Are we gonna hurt someone?

Ashley giggled at Blossom's remark. She covered her mouth to hide her expression.

Blossom: What? Did I say something wrong?

Ashley regained her composure and then explained that Clubbing was a term used to got to a dance club and having fun. Of course she explained that some guys might drug her food or drink so she needed to be with trust worthy friends just in case. Blossom was glad that Ashley cared about her and that she was a good friend.

Meanwhile Jack was ordering from a list that Ashley texted him since she knew he would mess it up if he had to memorize it. Jack just showed the text to the guy at the food truck to avoid repeating himself. The guy at the food truck was a bit relieved as he read it from the text since it was easy to follow. Jack felt like an idiot as he was doing Ashley's bidding once again.

When they got over to Ashley and Blossom Sam asked. "Can we join you?" While the group had pretty much been hanging out together she didn't know them well enough to assume.

Ashley: Yeah sure. We saved some room since we didn't know what everyone was doing.

Blossom: Oh and Jack went to get some snacks too.

Ashley: Yes I gave him a list of popular snacks but we may have to make a few runs just in case.

April had taken Kyle's advice and found Dawn by the theater kids. "Hi," she quietly said to the other girl.

"Hi." Dawn's friendly, upbeat tone had a way of putting April at ease.

"I was wondering if maybe we could hang out together, if you're not busy."

Dawn smiled at April. "No. I'm not busy. I'd like that."

April took a breath. "I mean I'm not there just yet but I just wanted to as you know friends for the moment."

"Its fine." Dawn replied. "Well, I think we should find neutral territory." With the theater kids April might feel out of place. With the nerds, Dawn might. She glanced around and noticed Sam and Heath and then the area with Ashley and the others. "I might have the place." The two had spent time with that group as well. So, they walked over and Dawn asked. "Is it OK if we join you?"

Then Jack finished the order and lucky for him he was given a plastic food tray as another employee carried the second tray for him. They made their way to the spot where Ashley and the others were sitting at. After dropping off the snacks the employee took the plastic trays and returned to the food truck. Jack was about to grab snacks for just himself till Ashley spoke up.

Ashley: Jack be a dear and get me a Raspberry Tea and some Swedish Fish. Blossom did you want anything?

Blossom: Oh just Sprite.

Jack moaned as he gave the girls their snack before grabbing his own. Then he was about to sit somewhere else when Ashley spoke up as she opened up the blanket covering her and patted the chair/bench she was on. She had a sweet but firm smile on her face as if to remind Jack of who wore the pants in their relationship and he would be in trouble if he did not sit next to her.

Ashley: I saved you a spot here sweety.

Jack looked at Ashley who was smiling as if she expecting him to challenge her and suffer the consequences. Since he didn't like being crushed by her iron grip, he sighed and dropped his shoulders as he admitted defeat and sat by her. Then Ashley pulled the blanket to cover them both. Jack of course had his usual grumpy expression as Ashley cuddled up next to him. Then she put a Swedish Fish to his lips to feed him. He looked at her as if to see if she was serious.

Ashely: Oh you're such a grumpy gus Jack. Here is a reward for being a good boyfriend. Come on we both know you like these little fishes.

Jack just stared at Ashley with disbelief. Seeing as Jack wanted to stay grumpy Ashley then spoke up again softly.

Ashley: Would you rather have my lips?

Jack then quickly ate the treat and forced a smile as he responded.

Jack: Thanks.

Later Riley and Courtney came by to invite all the single ladies to some quality girl time.


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