Ferris Wheels go round and round

Day 6 - Sunday morning Beach party)

Lance walked up to the parking lot. Elena was there at his car with two others a football player and cheer girl. Lance walked up to them. "Good morning," he said with a smile. He opened the doors on the Mercedes-Benz with his fob and the car started. The top folded back. Elena walked up to Lance they hugged and kissed for a moment.

The cheer girl smiled "get a room" she said sarcastically. The football player chuckled. Elena and Lance looked at her Lance just smiled. Elena gave a warm smile "jealous?" she asked. The Cheer girl smiled at her back giggled "No, I am good. why are you sharing now?" The Cheer girl asks in a snotty tone. Elena smirked "no sharing."

Lance looked at the both of them "enough girls let's go, people are leaving for breakfast already. Lance and Elena got in the front and the other two got in the back the drove off. They arrived at the IHOP restaurant and met up with some of the other rich kids. This might not be the most expensive place in town but their food is good and they could have the whole back room for the rich kids that were there.

It was not long before they were at the boardwalk park standing in front of the Ferris Wheel. Lance and Elena saw Sadie, Denise, Charlie, and Joey in line. in front of them. Almost in front of the line to get on to the Ferris Wheel. Lance did not say anything to them he was trying to get some alone time with Elena.

As the Ferris Wheel moved and no chaperons around Elena took the chance to have a heavy make-out session with Lance. Their hands wandered across their bodies as they kiss they never seem to come up for air. The ride ended they both stepped off the Ferris Wheel with big smiles and both blushing a little. as they walk holding hand's Lance looks over and sees Pirates Cove Cafe
"Ah... I think we should get a drink," he says to Elena. She looked back at him "Yes that would be good." She answered. They could see some of the other school kids looking in their direction.

They walked over to a place called Pirates Cove Cafe. Lance stood in line to order and Elena got a small table. Elena looked over to see a child licking away at her ice cream cone. Elena thought it was cute. But the little girl was licking a bit too hard and the ice cream fell off and hit the ground. She began to cry to her mother. Elena felt sorry for her. Lance watched as everything was happening and sighed. He could tell Elena wanted to do something. The mother explained to the child that they only had so much money for the day. Elena thought she would give the child some money. Elena had no cash on her.

Lance walked up and placed Elenas drink down in front of her. He turned to the child's mother "here she could have this one if it is ok with you." Lance said with a charming smile trying not to look creepy. The mother looked both of them over and nodded yes. He handed the child the ice cream cone "be carfule with this one ok, little girl." he said as he smiled.

she looked at her mother as she took it the child paused and looked at the mother again. The mother looked at her child "what do you say to the nice man?" asked the mother. The child smiled "thank you, Man?" said the child to Lance. The mother you could see the mother wanted to laugh Lance and Elena did lightly. "your welcome little girl" replied Lance he gave a nod to the mother and then sat next to Elena.

Elena had a big smile on her face. "I knew you had a nice side. I just wish you would show it more." She said giving him a kiss. He just smiled at her "I could be when I want." he replied. they finished their drinks and walked around some of the shops. Lance's phone buzzed he pulled it out. It was a text from Denise. Charlie is at the hospital. Lance looked at Elena just as her phone dinged she pulled hers out to she got the same text. Elena looked up at lance "what do you think?" she asked. Lance sighed "lets go and find out whats going on." He replied. Elena smiled "I am good with that" she answered. They walked to his car and they were off to see how Charlie was doing.

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