Those Sure and Those Unsure (Part 1)

JP with Redsword and Cindy

Day 6 - Sunday morning Beach party

With a shower and a change of clothing JD and Conner looked into the mirror. JD kept adjusting his shirt Conner let out a laugh "JD, relax man, you act this is the first date you have ever been on." said Conner looking at him.

JD looked back at Conner as he walks to his large gym bag sitting on his bed. "It's not the date, '' JD replied. "It is me what if I can not meet her expectations. What can I give that she doesn't have all ready. What if she finds me not up to her standards," said JD sounding uncertain.

Conner let out another slight laugh. "From the description of your guy's first kiss I doubt it. You will not have a problem," said Conner with confidence. "Besides she dumps you I might try to go out with her." Conner said jokingly. JD almost growled at Conner ``Not funny Conner,'' said JD looking now frustrated.

Conner walked and picked up his phone. "I have known her for over a year, don't worry if she wanted someone in her class Rose would be with one of the rich kids. This is not like you JD." Conner said scrolling through messages. "I have never seen this side of you. It will work out man pull it together and be yourself. You will be fine." Conner advised.

JD smiled, "I am sure you're right, Conner." answered JD. We had better start to get out of here and meet the girls for breakfast." JD grinned, "I don't want to be late either Conner." JD said, grabbing the last of his stuff.

They arrived just after Rose and Kaylee. JD walked up to Rose "Hey beautiful how are you this morning?" going in for a hug JD said to Rose with a smile.

Conner looked at Kaylee with his own charming smile, "hay hot stuff how's it going?" he asked.

Rose had gotten up showered and gotten ready.

Sam looked at her friend and said, "Well, you certainly got the guy or did he get you?" She paused and then said. "Both. Definitely, both."

Rose couldn't help but laugh at that statement mostly because it was true. "Yeah, I really didn't expect this when I came back to school. He really seems perfect for me though."

"I can't disagree with that. So, we both have boyfriends but that doesn't mean I won't be dragging you off every now and then you do girl stuff or best friend stuff." Sam said.

"I doubt JD will have an issue with that." She was certain he'd have t times he wanted to spend with Conner or the guys and that not only fine it was to be expected.

"Well, I have to go." Sam said looking at her phone. "I'll see you later. Have fun."

"You too." Rose said but she was sure she would as would Sam and Heath.

Rose left the room soon after Sam and ran into Kaylee in the way downstairs. The two talked but not about much more than where they going on the date. They made their way downstairs and weren't there long before JD and Conner arrived.

Rose hugged JD and answered him with a smile. "Good. You?" It was better than good, really.

Kaylee had gone back to her room after her talk with Matt. She was wondering what was going on to make her brother protective like that. That was a question she'd ask Matt later. The closer it got to the time to meet with Conner and JD and Rose the more she thought of the date and let everything else settle into the back of her mind. She had made her out of her room and ran into Rose.

When they met up with Conner and JD, she thought it was cute how JD and Rose hugged each other. She smiled at Conner. "It's going fine, handsome how about yourself?" Flirting back with him as much as he was with her.

Conner kept his smile "great now you are here. makes the day seen brighter." replies Conner. he wondered why he had to be taller than all the girls in the school and way taller than the flyers.

JD embraced her and gave her a kiss near her ear. He did not want to embarrass her; he knew she was more reserved than most girls he has been with. "I am much better now. You look beautiful today doing something special?" he asks with a smirk on his face.

Rose laughed a little at JD's question. "Hmmm....I think so. Did we have plans or something Kaylee?"

Kaylee liked seeing Rose joke like that, it was a different, slightly less reserved version of her. It was just nice to see. So, she breathed a laugh and played along. "I think we were doing something with these two."

"Oh, yeah, that's right." Rose said snapping her fingers as if suddenly remembering something. Then smiling at JD.

JD and Conner both laugh. "I hoped you guys remembered I would ask you guys again. but it would have hurt a little if you forgot us already," said Conner joking.

JD looked at Rose. "I would just have to try harder so she can't forget me." JD said mischievous grin.

Conner laughs at JD "OK then, well are we going out or eating here? I would like to go out,`` he suggested.

JD says, "Ya let's go out the food is good here but there is a better Mom and Pop's place up the road I and Conner go to sometimes during the summer." He said looking at Rose and Kaylee.

"That sounds good." Kaylee knew Conner had money but she didn't know JD's money situation and didn't want to push it if breakfast on top of the date was too much but once JD had chimed in he seemed like he was fine with it, she knew she was good with him. "Rose, are you good with that?"

"Yeah, that sounds good to me too." Rose responded.

They walked with JD and Conner to Conner's car not really seeing very many people and none of their friends but it was still a little on the earlier side

JD and Rose walked holding hands as they walked to the car. Conner and Kaylee were walking just in front of them. They got to his car. It was not as shiny as normal, it had a light covering of dust from the beach. Conner unlocks the car, leans in and unlocks the other door. It was a restored 1967 Mustang. He folded the driver's seat forward and let Rose first then JD into the back seat. Kaylee and him in the front seat the car started with a rumble. Conner said "seat belts" before he started to drive. He had the radio on a Classic Rock station but not turned up too loud. as they

Kaylee and Rose thanked Conner and once everyone had their seat belts on and the car had started down the road, Kaylee looked over at Conner. "This is a nice car." She had seen it at the school and Matt had told her it was Conner's but she would have liked it more matter whose it was so she was just telling the truth.

"Merci, il m'a fallu deux ans pour restaurer cette voiture." (Thanks, it took me two years to restore this car.) he said in french. "I can't wait to get JDs Mustang done,too. His will be a bit faster than this one but he likes top end," he said with a smile He just hoped he got the French right.

JD looked at Rose holding her hand snuggling Next to her. "Va bene hai bisogno di più spazio?" (Is this ok, do you need more room?) he asks in Italian, whispering in her ear.

Kaylee smiled at Conner speaking French for her benefit. It was nice and it really didn't matter if he had gotten everything correct or not but as it was he had done a really good job. "J'aimerais voir ça, quand tu en auras fini avec ça." (I'd like to see that once you get done with it.). She said to show she appreciated the French but she was curious as to how JD's car would look.

Rose smiled at JD. No, questo è carino. (No, this is nice.) It was nice, really, being able to be close to him.

They drove down the street and came to a place that looked a little old but clean. The Chef and coffee sign was lit. Conner parked the car on the side of the building. He got out and flipped the seat forward to let out JD and Rose out. JD was first he turned and offered his hand to help Rose out. Conner went to the passenger side to open the door for Kaylee and took her hand to help her out. . There were a few tables outside with umbrellas. the front where you order food was a large window with a pleasant woman standing there.

As they walked up the women light up. "Conner and JD," she says in her southern accent. "Chief, the boys are here!" she yelled. Conner smiled. JD looks at Rose "Well, maybe we came here more than a few times,"he said with a laugh. When you all step up to the window a kind of scruffy man stands beside women. "Conner, JD and you brought some beautiful young ladies with you," he says with a big grin. " So why would you want to be around these two boys?" He asked. The woman next to him gives him an elbow. "Harold, behave yourself!" She says sharply. Conner and JD both say "Hi, Chief and Betty."

Rose took JD's hand as he helped her out of the car; as did Kaylee when Conner offered his. The place looked nice; not fancy but both girls knew some of the best food came from places like this. Which tended to surprise people but neither of them were snobs so they didn't have to eat in really fancy places.

Rose and Kaylee both laughed at JD's comment. "I guess so.' Rose smiled. "Well, then I guess the food must be good."

Kaylee and Rose smiled at the man but didn't get a chance to answer him as the woman told him to behave.

"This is Rose my" he hesitated not in a bad why more like he could not believe what he is about to say. He had not even told his Mom and Dad yet. "She is my girlfriend." said JD with a huge smile.

Conner almost laughs at JD. "Now was that so hard for you JD?" said Conner. "And this is Kaylee, my date." Conner said.

Chief smiled, "and beautiful girls you are. Everyone calls me Chief and this babe beside me is my wife Betty. So what will you guys have?"

Rose managed to not blush with that introduction. JD just seem to bring out the side of her that could be herself. "It's nice to meet you both."

Kaylee smiled at Conner's introduction and said. "Yes." Agreeing with Rose's statement. "It's nice to meet both of you.

Kaylee and Rose looked at the menu for a few moments then Kaylee said she'd have the Huevos Rancheros. When she said the name of the omelet her pronunciation was perfect but still the words came out with a French accent.

Rose ordered the Florentine Frittata. Both ordered cappuccinos to go with their meals.

Conner and JD order the Smothered Burrito Conner with a coffee and JD a cappuccino.

JD turns to Rose, ``this place is one of the few places you can get a good cappuccino." He says. Conner goes over to a table with Kaylee. and JD follows with Rose. A young woman rather attractive in her early 20's comes out the door and runs up to the table. Looking like she was about to throw her arms around JD and stops short and looks at Rose then Kaylee. She smile, "I have been replaced?" She says jokingly. "JD, I can't compete with her. You really picked a nice girl. My name is Noemi. I am a friend of Conner and JD. Any friend of theirs is a friend to me." she said.

Rose and Kaylee went with JD and Conner to the table and sat down. The woman running over and then stopping was interesting. Unlike Chief and Betty, Noemi was closer to their own age. She seemed friendly. "Thank you." Rose said, surprised by the compliment. It wasn't that she was never complimented but it was rare that other women who weren't her friends did.

Kaylee smiled at the women and did agree with Naomi about Rose. She had been actually surprised when she first met Rose, the beginning of last year, that the other girl was as nice as she was. Kaylee then said. "Thank you. I think it's pretty safe to say that works the same from us as well." She looked over to Rose who nodded in agreement. They both knew the kind of people that Conner and JD were friends with, after all. Why did this seem vaguely familiar? Then Kaylee remembered something. "Matt has been here, hasn't he?" Kaylee asked sort of to Conner but really anyone could answer.

Conner looked at Kaylee, "your brother said something to you about this place?" He asked.

Naomi stood there thinking "Matt....Matt....Hmmm." she mumbled.

Conner looked up at her "The guy with the truck" he said to her. Naomi smiled, yeah I remember him now. So... Kaylee, how do you know Matt? she asked.

"Yes," Kaylee answered Conner but before she got to say more Naomi was trying to figure out who Matt was, which Conner filled her in on. To Naomi's question Kaylee responded. "He's my brother." She then added. "He told me I needed to try the food here sometime."

"Did he say anything about... Oh never mind," she paused, "your food should be out shortly. Nice to meet you girls, have⁹ fun today. I will bring your food out shortly.

Kaylee wondered for a moment what that was about and then she realized maybe Naomi wanted to know if he mentioned her. He had but more like he mentioned the people that worked there and they were nice. He had said Chief and Betty's name along with Naomi but it wasn't until she came out that it had clicked in Kaylee's mind that this was the same place. Matt, maybe, had said the woman was attractive but not really more than that. First discussing how hot someone is isn't a brother and sister type conversation and secondly Matt talked about Courtney more, which was understandable. Still , Naomi left to get their food, so, Kaylee didn't say anything else about it unless someone asked.

Naomi came back out with their food she placed the plates down in front of each person. they already had their drinks. "Enjoy Need anything just ask," Naomi said as she walked away the guys started to eat right away they were not sloppy but not refined either. JD asked if they had been to Howl At The Moon Mini Golf fun center while they ate.

Kaylee and Rose were a bit more refined about eating than the boys perhaps but even Kaylee wasn't refined as Rose. However, that's the way Rose always ate even in the cafeteria at school. Anyone, who spent time with her would have noticed but like with everything. like that, with the blonde girl it had long been drilled into her and was now just a part of who Rose was.

To JD's question both girls said neither of them had been. Rose then added. "I've actually not been miniature golfing in years. So, that should be fun ." It had been awhile but she did enjoy it the times she went.

Kaylee added. "Well, it's the same for me. It's been awhile and I've only gone once. So, don't be surprised if I'm not great at it." The last part was said in a more light hearted way. Kaylee could have fun even if she wasn't great or even good at something. She had talents but no one is good at everything.

JD and Conner look at one other with smiles. JD looked at Rose ``You could spend all day there with no problem."

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