Those Sure and Those Unsure (Part 2)

JP with Redsword and Cindy

Day 6 - Sunday morning Beach party

After they had eaten They said their goodbyes to Chief and loaded back into the car 20 minutes later they had arrived. The place was huge and looked like an amusement park. Conner parked and let everyone out. Conner looked around "the Mini-golf is over there 18 holes some inside some out but a lot of fun." Conner said.

They got into line. It was not too bad of a wait.

The line took maybe five minutes or so. After JD and Conner paid for the miniature golf game the girls thanked their dates. They went to the counter to choose their golf clubs which were arranged in sizes by handle color starting with the shortest to the tallest. Neither girl had been there before; they didn't know which handle color went with what size but it wasn't hard to figure out.

Still it was probably better to ask the boys as they were more familiar with this place. Plus, they both knew most guys liked helping. So, Rose asked JD to help her pick one and Kaylee asked Conner to help her.

Conner told Kaylee to stand straight up then looked her over taking advantage of the moment to check out her curves and lines. "This one," he said picking it up. "This putter is one inch shorter than standard." He says.

JD walked up and gave Rose a hug placing his chin on top of her head. "Be right back." He walked over and picked a club for Rose out of the same section that Conner got Kaylee's. "This should fit you perfectly." He said.

Conner chuckled, "I should have thought of that." As he walked over and picked his putter in a bigger size area.

JD walks over and gets a standard putter. "You need to think fast Conner." They got their scorecards and balls and went to the start point. read the instructions and rules. and started to play.

Kaylee knew Conner was checking her out in the process but that was good with her. She got the putter from Conner. The interaction between JD and Rose and smiled.

Rose smiled at the hug. Of course, she was fine with it and then said. " Well, you know if it works."

When Conner said he should have thought of hugging Kaylee. Kaylee looked at him and said. "Maybe, there'll be an opportunity for that later. Who knows?" With a slight grin. It was clearly left to interpretation by what exactly she meant by that. Kaylee was a bit of a flirt but in this case it had a lot to do with how comfortable she already was around Conner. She was by no means easy or ,what some might say, fast but she saw nothing wrong in a little harmless flirting with a guy she liked.

Both girls laughed at JD'S statement about needing to think fast. Then the four of them walked to the starting point. The instructions and rules were easy to get through.

The decision came for it to be Rose, Kaylee , JD and then Conner.

Rose turned to JD. "Any tips?" The question made sense being she hadn't played the course before. When she got into her stance it was clear that she had played before but she was just a little rusty.

JD walked over putting his arms around her and his hands on to her hands his body against hers. helping her to get into a good stance. "Your feet a little wider now swing back about a foot and hit the ball with just a little bit of force." He went through the motion with her. The yellow golf ball rolled hitting and rolling along the side of the curve and entered the circle the ball rolled past the hole bounced off the back wall rolling back and went into the hole in the center.

Rose went through with motion with JD and it went into the hole in the center. That was the first hole for this particular area and being that they each had a different colored ball, finding it on the other side would be easy so she could wait for the others to tee off.

Kaylee was up next and she said to Conner. "Could you help me with this?" While she didn't think that Conner wouldn't help her; she also didn't assume he would if she didn't ask.

He walked over to Kaylee ok he reached around her like JD putting his hand on hers but the size difference made it look awkward. "Your feet shoulder width apart. Feet pointed straight." He put his hands on her hips guiding her body gently. "Your body pointed in this direction." He put his hand on her shoulders "Your arms like this." As he runs his hands down her arms back to her hands grip it like that. His hands almost swallowing hers. He looked to be almost twice her size body mass wise. "Now, place your putter here and swing like this." The red golf ball rolled down the path hitting the side of the curve and going into the hole. "That's how it is done," said Conner.

Kaylee was used to guys being taller than her. All of them were. Even her own brother could pick her up with no problem, if he ever needed to. This was however different than that. Still, their size difference didn't bother her. She just really hoped it didn't bother him but then again, if she was correct and did like Blossom. Well, Blossom was even more petite than Kaylee so she didn't think it could be that much of an issue.

She gave him a smile as the ball went into the hole. "Thanks."

It was then time for the guys to go.

Conner steps up and positions himself then got a crafty smile. he turned his body just a bit more. He moved the head of the putter back and forth to each side of the golf ball. He took two sings at the ball but stopped right before hitting it. "Watch this JD," said Conner. He swings hitting the ball popping it up about a foot in the air. it flew over the curved part in laned in the circle rolled and went into the hole.

JD walked over "Show off" talking to Conner. He got ready to hit the golf ball. It hit the sidewalls bouncing between them and rolled into the circle and stopped to one side. JD gave a sigh. "I am better at shooting the golf ball than putting it," says JD as he hits it into the hole.

Kaylee and Rose watched Conner's putt. It impressed both of them. Kaylee had a feeling Conner knew what he was doing but that was more impressive than just that.

When JD was done with his shot. Rose walked with him to the next hole. And Kaylee walked with Conner.

Kaylee was now curious so she asked Conner. "You don't give miniature golf lessons in your spare time or something do you?" Though she was joking it was clear she was also complementing him.

"Oh, in my spare time I give all sorts of lessons," he says with a charming smile."

JD lets out a chuckle "really Conner," JD says. "wha...." he was about to say something but did not. "Let's hope you don't make us all look bad," said JD. "Rose need help with this one?" He asked as he walks up beside her.

Kaylee gave Conner a slight grin. "Well, I'll keep that in mind. You know in case I ever need a tutor."

The next hole had a large loop in the middle. The ball had to go up around the loop to make it past it and to the other side where the hole was. Rose stood there for a moment as the flirtation between Conner and Kaylee played out and she wondered for a moment what it would be like to be as unrestrained as Kaylee. Rose was trying more things but unrestrained, like that, just wasn't her. Hearing JD's question. "Yes. I could use some help." With a soft smile.

JD smiles and walks up behind her. "Your stance is good," he says, putting his hand on her hips. "Now, turn more this way. This time you need more power to bring the putter back two feet," he says. JD could not believe how slender Rose was and muscular he had seen it but feeling it was different made his heart beat faster being this close to her. Why was he feeling this way every time he got close? What was this feeling? "Now this time swing through, bring your putter halfway up and point it in the direction you want the ball to go.

After she swings and the ball Rolls, JD gently pulls her in kissing her on the ear, "good job" He whispers into her ear. JD tenses some realizing what he just did wondering if he overdid. JD wanted to show Rose he really cared and knew he was falling in love with her by the day. It seemed overpowering to him. He finally understood what his dad meant by a good woman can bring the strongest man to his knees when it comes to love.

Rose felt something in JD's arms that she couldn't explain but knew she had never felt that way before. She knew that she felt safe with him but there was so much more.

When he kissed her, much to her own surprise she didn't feel self-conscious at all about it. It just felt right. It was an amazing feeling. She smiled at him to let him know the kiss was fine with her as she stepped to the side to let Kaylee putt

Kaylee wondered if Conner was going to offer to help her with this hole or if she would have to ask. Maybe, something a little more flirtatious but not a direct ask to see how he responded to it. So, she "accidentally" lightly touched Conner's forearm and then looked up at him, slowly moving towards the tee off area, occasionally glancing towards him.

Conner smiled. She was younger than him but she was good at getting his attention, being flirtatious. He was not sure when he noticed she was getting good at this sort of thing. He was not sure how her Mother and Father would feel. There had to be 2 years between them when you are 20's does not seem to matter. but under 18 some people look at you weird. He would deal with it later and Matt did give a green light. Conner thought if there would be a problem Matt would have said something. He followed her over and did the same thing again. "I think you have this one," he whispered, blowing gently into her ear but this time when he stepped back he gave a quick kiss to her on the back to the side of her neck. He stepped back. He tried to hide his grin like he just got caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

Kaylee knew her parents would have no problem with her and Conner because they already had met him and knew Matt was looking out for her. Kaylee didn't really think about the age difference. Younger girls and older guys weren't uncommon and she assumed if Conner had an issue with it, he wouldn't also like Blossom as she was also 14.

She bit her lip when he blew in her ear and only managed a soft, "Oui" to what he had whispered in her ear.

She smiled when he kissed her neck. He had managed to distract her enough that she had to take a brief moment to take a breath and refocus herself. A swing of the club and the ball hit the loop with enough force to go up and around the loop to the other side landing near the hole. It was more pure luck than skill, and she had done just what Conner had shown her. Still, she surprised herself with that shot and turned to Conner. "Well, I wasn't expecting that. You are a good teacher." With a subtle, flirtatious wink at the end.

"Bon travail, vous aimez?" (Good job, you like?) Conner replies in French, still smiling. "I think you got the hang of it now." He says walking over to her he puts one of his arms around her shoulders and hugs her.

JD shakes his head some "Rosa, l'hai visto? Pensa di essere così sfuggente. Ho visto quella mossa che le ha fatto." (Rose, did you see that? He thinks he is so shifty. (I saw that move he put on her.) JD said in Italian. "JD gave Rose a kiss this time on the lips "Torno subito" (be right back) he says. As Conner and Kaylee step out of the way JD lines himself up then gets an evil grin he looks back at Conner he turns the putter. swings and the ball pops up in the air JD catches it with his foot then kicks it towards the hole like a soccer ball lands on the narrow path then rolls into the hole." I might not have golf skills but I have others," said JD.

Conner laughs, "But I don't know if that counts for a hole in one. Not supposed to use your feet." Conner explained.

JD gives a sigh, "but that was a good move Conner" said JD.

Conner shrugged, "Sure I will give it to you but no more foot action." Conner said with a chuckle.

"Oui beaucoup." (Yes, very much) Kaylee responded with a grin. She returned the hug, thinking how nice this was.

"Sì, ho notato. Hai notato la sua reazione?" (Yes. I noticed. Did you notice her reaction?) She smiled at the kiss and nodded as JD said he'd be right back.

Both girls watched as JD made a rather interesting move with the golf ball. They both couldn't help but laugh at the interaction between the boys.

Conner reluctantly lets Kaylee go and walks over to putt. He looked at the loop and place his feet and hit the golf ball. It rolled through the loop just barely then rolled down the pathway and into the hole. "Now that's how you do it right, JD." Conner said looking back at JD.

"I will remember this next time we work out with Escrima Sticks Conner," said JD with a grin.

"That's not right, JD," Conner said jokingly.

The game continued on. Mostly, Conner seemed to be the best at it but the rest of them certainly weren't bad and they were all having fun. There was a bunch of flirting that went on between Kaylee and Conner during the game. And by the final hole, more joking and laughing, and a general sense that the group was more relaxed.

By the time they got to the final hole both guys were walking with one arm around the shoulders of their individual dates. The girls had moved their hands so they were interlocking their fingers with that of the ones on the guys hand that rested on their shoulders. That was intermingled ,occasionally, with holding hands, with their arms down, if they needed to do that instead.

JD and Rose had begun short pecks in the lips. Conner and Kaylee weren't to that point. Kaylee, though, could now understand how perfect JD and Rose seemed together.

They got to the last hole with the windmill. This one took timing and it might have taken some of them a few more strokes to make it but eventually they all did.

They put their golf clubs up and got out of the mini golf area. It was still a little early for lunch. "That was fun. What should we do next?" Kaylee asked.

Conner thought, "well they have the Biggest Multilevel Laser Tag Arena is open, Bumper Cars, bumper boats Mini Bowling, Big Arcade, and Pizza Cafe." The mall is not far away either so what do you guys think?" He asked the others.

Kaylee looked at Rose. "What do you think?"

"Why don't we do the bumper cars first then we can do the arcade." Rose figured after that they could decide what was next.

Kaylee nodded "That sounds good to me."

Conner says, "I am good with that. Let's go then." JD smiles and just nods yes at the idea.

They walked to the booth to get tickets Conner turned to the others. "How many times are we going?" He asked the girls. standing there blocking JD from getting to the booth with his card out.

Kaylee glanced over to where she could see the cars and get a sense for how long the ride was. "How about twice?"

Rose agreed with that idea. It took both Kaylee and Rose about a moment to realize what Connor was doing. However, they then figured it out. Knowing Connor neither were surprised by the gesture but still thought it was nice of him and they both thanked him when he got done paying.

He talks to the guy in the booth. "Two times for four of us." Hands his card and pays. As they walk to get in line JD looks at Conner. "You know I am not your date and NO I will not kiss you." he jokes. Conner lets out a laugh. "You're not my type, your hair is too short and your Hmmm.... chest is too small." He says laughing.

When they get to the front of the line Conner asks, "So, partners or one on one?" Everyone looks at one another. Conner smiles, "let's go with everyone in their own car, we can have fun and we all can terrorize more people out there." He says with a grin.

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