Those Sure and Those Unsure (Part 3)

JP: Redsword and Cindy

They walk and get into their cars and wait for the music to start.

Rose found her car and Kaylee hers. They waited for the music to start and then it was off. Rose and Kaylee ended up running into each other first. Then they backed up.

Kaylee drove off in one direction and Rose in the other. They each next were hit by people they didn't know and then they were off again.

JD slammed into Conner hard by spinning his car front end around and into Conners. They both bounce off and hit other cars around them. Conner turned sharp and dodges an oncoming car that hit JD's car Conner let out a sinister laugh and then hit Rose's car then Kaylee's. As he tries to drive off. He blows Kaylee a kiss. JD turns and hits Rose's car in the rear quarter trying to spin her car some. Then tries to run away as Rose looks at him and blows an air kiss to her.

Kaylee and Rose looked at their dates; then glanced at each other.

Kaylee caught up with JD's car first and rammed into it from behind. Then gave him a wave before driving off.

Rose caught up with Conner's car and turned her wheel ramming into his, before backing up and pointing towards his other side where Kaylee was headed. A hit from the other side and Kaylee blew a kiss back at Conner before she took off.

Rose turned and she ran into the side of JD's car next. Smiling and blowing him a kiss before taking off again.

There was about another minute left. By the time Conner got back over to Kaylee the music stopped. People were exiting the bumper cars Conner and JD jumped out of theirs and ran over to their girl's cars and jumped in.

JD smiled at Rose and gave her a kiss. "That was fun, now let's get them," he said looking in Conners and Kaylee's direction.

Conner jumped into the car next to Kaylee. He was glad she was petite; there was room for the both of them. "You two got me good last round. Now let's get them," he said then gave Kaylee a kiss on the cheek.

Rose returned JD's kiss and smiled at his words. She glanced in the direction of Conner and Kaylee.

Kaylee grinned as Conner said to get them and smiled at the kiss on the cheek. She looked towards JD and Rose.

The music started, Rose turned the car in the direction of Conner and Kaylee and Kaylee turned towards JD and Rose.

The two looked like they were going to hit head on but Kaylee turned and then turned again hitting Rose and JD on the side.

As Kaylee backed up, Rose did the same and turned her wheel so she ended up behind Kaylee and Conner. She then turned the wheel fast, running into the back of the other car.

Conner looked back at JD and Rose and was about to suggest reversing when they got hit in the side by someone else. Conner looked over at the other car, his eyes widened. It was two of the cheer Scholarship girls. They had big smiles on their faces. JD saw them after Conner did. He looked at Rose, "get them," he suggested with a big smile.

Rose grinned and went towards the scholarship cheer girls. Kaylee knew those girls and when she saw them with big smiles on their faces. She said, "Our turn."
Kaylee caught up with them before Rose did. She turned her and Conner's car into them and rammed into them. They looked at her and Conner and Kaylee smiled then backed up just in time for Rose to hit the cheer girls from the other side. The cheer girls backed up as Rose drove past them.

Conner laughs at the fun. "That will show them," he said with a smile. "Great driving by the way." he says looking around.

JD also had a big smile and laughing, "Rose you are a good driver so been through driver's ed yet?" he asked and was interrupted by another hit to their car. It was not much longer before the cars and music stopped. JD let out an "auh..... well we are done here," he said as he got out offering a hand to Rose.

Conner saw JD. Conner had other plans as Kaylee stands to get out of the car. Conner reaches over, putting his hands on her waist. "Here let me help you" and lifts her out with little effort, placing her gently on the ground. His smile was big as he then hugs her.

"Merci,". Kaylee smiled back at Conner.

Rose was about to answer JD when the car got hit. Soon enough the ride stopped and Rose was helped out by JD. As they were walking near towards the exit of the ride she did get a chance to answer JD. "No, I've not taken drivers Ed. You have to be 15 to sign up. I didn't turn 15 until November of last year." She didn't think she needed to explain that that was too late for the fall semester and she couldn't have taken it in the spring because she wasn't at the school then. "Sam and I are signed up for the spring semester." Even though it was a semester away Rose couldn't count the number of times she had wanted to back out of it. The idea of driving an actual car made her incredibly nervous.

Kaylee smiled as Conner lifted her out of the car and hugged him back. The two made it to the exit and quickly found Rose and JD. The four of them headed off to the arcade. As they walked, Kaylee noticed some of the girls from the school around who seemed to be paying attention to her and Conner with Kaylee couldn't figure out if it was curiosity or something else.

When they arrived at the arcade both girls glanced around as they started walking with JD and Conner around the arcade.

They walked into the building. The sound of games and people filled the room as lights flashed and people yell, sometimes winning and losing. JD and Conner looked around. They looked at one other and smiled. "This way," JD said. They came to a row of games that could be played for tickets, even some booths. JD stops at the Skee-ball. There were three of them open. "Can we try this? I want to get something," said JD.

Conner looked at Kaylee then at the game, "Sure I am up for it."

The guys offered to let the girls go first. Kaylee and Rose stepped up to their individual skee-ball game and threw the small balls. The balls didn't make center but did fairly well. The next few balls were the same, not center but a decent number of points. They each got to their last ball and threw it. Rose's ball landed directly in the center hole and Kaylee's ball landed at the one right above center. They stepped aside to let JD and Conner play.

JD and Conner stepped up and started to roll the balls; the first one of JD's hits just over the center hole. Conners went under; you could tell that they played this during the summer probably. They rolled the second and hit the top 6000 point holes. The boy's cheered. The third balls from the boys both hit the lower holes. the games started to spit out tickets. JD turned to Rose and very excitedly kisses her. "I think we got enough," says JD He could see Kaylee looking at a dance station across the room.

Rose smiled at JD and returned the kiss. The guys were really good.

Something caught Kaylee's eye and she smiled. "Hey, Rose. Do you think we could beat these guys at that?" Pointing at the dance machine.

Rose glanced over at the machine and then at JD and Conner and back at the machine. "I think we have a good shot at it." A cheerleader and a gymnast should have a good chance.

Kaylee smiled at Conner and took his hand. "So, what do you two say?" Clearly talking to Conner and JD. "You up for it?"

The girls lead the boys to a dance station. It was flashing and there were two side by side. Conner looked at the girls, "You girls can go first. Try not to make us guys look too bad."
He says putting money into the machine.

JD looked a little nervous. "OK, I can do this,'' says JD.

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