Those Sure and Those Unsure (Part 4)

JP: Redsword and Cindy

The machine had a few options. Single player or side by side. The girls agreed with side by side. Kaylee got a grin on her face and turned to Rose. "Let's do random." There was an option to pick a song but this way the machine picked it for them, they decided on the expert level but didn't say it out loud. Rose was good with all of this.

"Hey Mama" was the song that came up. Neither had done any dance to this particular song but they both managed to keep up with it. The highest score possible was 15,000 and Kaylee and Rose tied at 14,899. They got off the machine and went over to their dates.

Hey Mama

Conner and JD stared at the machine for a minute thinking. Just standing there quietly. Then Conner sighs, "JD just like this summer, follow my lead.

What Is Love

The two started the music then started shuffle dancing mirroring one another. JD was a bit off now and then but they looked good. Well, they thought so. They finished with some cheesy stance. They step off the dance game. "I hope we did not look too foolish up there," says JD. JD looked at the scores JD got 13998 Conner got 14010. not bad thought JD, "well girls you are hot dancing I would have to confess."

The boys didn't do that bad. And when they saw the scores JD and Conner put up they were certainly respectable. Anything over 13,000 was a good score really. They heard the compliment and smiled.

Rose kissed JD. Kaylee made a come here motion with her index finger to get Conner to bend over a little and she stood up on her toes and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Kaylee then said. "You both did pretty good."
Rose added. "Yes, you did. Anything over 13,000 is good."

Kaylee then added. "Boys get the next pick." She of course meant for the games but who knew how Conner and JD would actually respond.

JD looks around then at the tickets, "well if you hotties want a nice prize we need more tickets." says JD.

Conner looked over to another corner, "There JD, Basketball." Conner said pointing.

JD looked over "That will get us what we need. JD put his arm around Rose as they walked in that direction Conner did the same with Kaylee. It was cute to see Conner and Kaylee together. JD thought it was almost funny because of the height difference.

"I am so happy to spend the day with you Rose. But I should ask you a question." He paused for the suspense of the moment. "Just have to know, will you go to the dance with me?" He did not even know if she had other plans. But just to make sure he asked. After he asked the question he realized it was not very romantic the way he asked. His face turned red a little, thinking he just felt like he did it the wrong way; he was not good at these things. He was confident it was a yes, but still, there was doubt in the back of his mind.

The boys chose their game and the group started walking in that direction.

Rose heard the question. She hadn't thought about when he would ask her and it didn't matter so much that the ask had none of the fancy trappings. She just thought it was nice that he asked. "Of course, I'll go with you to the dance." Rose smiled at him.

The four of them made it to the basketball game and the girls stood aside. They'd let the boys have this game to themselves.

Rose and Kaylee step back Conner looks over to them "Oh no, you're in this too. I and Kaylee at one station, JD and Rose at the other. He waited for Kaylee to come over. "This is how you shoot basketballs," he demonstrates slowly. "Now you try." After she tries Conner runs his hands up her arms getting them in the right position "then just flick your hand down at the wrist like this and you have it. have the ball hit the top part of the square with the ball.

JD followed suit helping Rose. as he got close though he nibbled her on the ear. JD took his time with Rose enjoying her being next to him. Conner looked over at them and smiled "OK, now let's get this game going, or do you guys need a room" he said jokingly. JD shot a look at Conner about the comment.

"Conner really?" said JD putting money into the machine.

The buzzer sounded and the balls dropped JD and Rose were in the lead for points Conner looked over and bounced a ball off JD head which made JD miss a few balls. It was tied or went back and forth for a while. The game ended with Conner and Kaylee with the most points. "That was cheating Conner." JD said with a smile.

Conner laughs "What do you say? Oh yeah, all is fair in love and war." JD shook his head and laughs.

The four of them went to an area where the tickets would be exchanged for prizes. It was a large booth with a variety of prizes on shelves in the back and the counter was a glass display case for some of the smaller items. Each item had a little tag in front of it telling how many tickets each item took.

As the two girls looked around at the various prizes. They had enough tickets for many of the things behind the counter. The boys seemed to have their own ideas about what to get so the two girls moved over to the side and discussed how it seemed to be getting closer to lunch and what might be good for that. It was something that needed to be talked about but it was more to let JD and Conner get a chance to pick out something without Rose and Kaylee standing right there.

Rose and Kaylee stepped off to the side Conner saw them looking at their phones talking about food. Conner looks at JD "Well, what do you think?"

JD smiled, "well that bear and that shirt for it." he said in a low tone.

Conner looked "yeah good idea."

Conner and JD discreetly got their stuffed bears for the Girls. It took all the tickets but they worked it all out. They held the bears behind them and walked up behind the Girls "So I heard food?" said JD.

Conner did the same. walking up to Kaylee. "You find anything good?" he asked. The boys waited until the girls turned and looked at the boys before showing them their stuffed bears.

JD smiled. "I hope you like this?" he asked.

Conner smiles and hands Kaylee her cheer bear. "I'm so over my head" he mumbles to himself.

The girls had still been discussing food options when JD and Conner came over. Rose and Kaylee looked up to see the boys clearly hiding something behind their backs.

They both smiled when they were presented with the bears. Rose kissed JD. Kaylee gave Conner a kiss on the cheek. Both saying they loved their gifts and thanking JD and Conner without words.

Kaylee heard what Conner mumbled but she didn't comment on it.

As for food Kaylee commented. "We decided to go to the mall. There are at least eight restaurants over there or the food court if we really can't make a decision." She paused and then said. "Which of the restaurants over there are good?" She had never been there.

Rose commented. "I've only eaten at DeLuca's and the food court. It's pretty good." Not five star Italian food but at least two steps up from middle of the road. "I've heard the diner and Chinese, Indian, German places are all good. And there's always The Cheesecake Factory or Applebee's." Any of those were fine with Rose.

Kaylee then said. "I'm good with any of those. Anyone have a preference?"

Conner and JD both were happy the girls like their gift. They just held the girls in their arms enjoying the moment. Conner thought "HuHut Restaurant? Is not the best in town but it is good and flexible and you get to put together your own food. It's over by the food court," suggested Conner.

JD thought, "I am good with that idea. Rose, ever been there?" he asked looking into her eyes.

He felt his heart started to beat hard. JD just felt overjoyed to be there with her. It felt like he could just fall into her blue eyes like staring into pools of blue water JD was so overcome by her. He had never felt this way about anything in his life. It felt like he could stand there with her and the world could stop and he would be happy with that. Everything seems to slow around him. He focused on Rose's noise dissipated. He could hear her breathing feel her breath on his skin and her heartbeat. He knew that he was in a free fall with no parachute. JD's emotions were out of control, she had his heart and he realized he could crush him if she wanted. He felt so vulnerable at that moment.

Conner was in his own conflict. It sucked, he thought. He had a beautiful girl in his arms. She had so many qualities he liked in girls. He had never been so conflicted in his life. He felt like he could call it now at this moment. But then those big brown eyes of blossoms would flash in his mind. Blossom's innocence was charming. But Kaylee was so fun and outgoing and not afraid of a relationship with him. He looked back into her eyes. They were a pretty blue color. Deep inside he really wanted to scream. Conner thought maybe he was overthinking all this normally he knew that he would just go with the flow and see what comes out of it. He felt a change this year in himself. Was he getting older and more mature? he thought. He just bent down some, not even thinking then stopped. He really wanted to give Kaylee a kiss on the lips.

Conner realized what that must have looked like to Kaylee. His body stiffened. and then he straightened up and smiled a bit nervously. Conner had no idea what was wrong with him.

Rose responded with, "No, I've not been there."

Kaylee said. "That sounds good."

Rose was so happy with JD that she knew she had never felt this way before. She could have done a painting, maybe, about how she felt but when it came to words that was more difficult. Rose was falling in love with JD but she had, her entire life, thought love would be scarier than this or she'd feel less sure of it. She hadn't seen a lot of people, she knew, in love. She knew her parents didn't love each other; not that they would ever discuss that with her but she knew and had known for years. Her brother never really had found the right person for him. He dated but they were very casual relationships; she sometimes wondered if that had to do with the fact that he had been the actual parental figure in her life and in trying to be that to her, he might have lost out on a few things himself. Her brother's best friend and his girlfriend, who she had spent time with when she was younger, were very much in love with each other. Yet, despite her lack of knowledge on the subject she still knew how she felt about JD and that feeling was beyond amazing.

When Conner bent over, Kaylee wondered for a moment if he was going to kiss her, she would have certainly accepted a kiss from him but he didn't. Instead he did nothing but stand back up. She though had a feeling that he was conflicted over Blossom but Kaylee had no way to know just how much. A few things were, however, perfectly clear to her now. That Conner, most likely, really did like both of them. That she, herself, liked Conner more than she had realized before the date. That Blossom and her liked the same boy. Though she didn't know how much Blossom liked him; she figured they couldn't be to that comfortable place she and Conner were because Blossom and Conner had only recently met. Kaylee also knew Blossom was nice, sweet, innocent and far more naive than herself, or at least that was the impression she got. Kaylee knew that this would be easier if the other girl wasn't like that but as it was she thought Blossom was a great person which made the fact that they liked the same guy just hard. Kaylee knew that Conner could choose to date Blossom. Kaylee also knew he could eventually choose her. Kaylee had tricks up her sleeve she wasn't going to use because she liked Blossom and figured that would be unfair. The flirting was just her; it wasn't a trick, she liked Conner and wanted to show him that but beyond that she wasn't about to go there. So, while she did really wish Conner had kissed her she also didn't really think he would.

The four of them walked hand in hand back to Conner's car. Rose and JD got into the back and Kaylee and Conner into the front and they headed to the mall to continue their date.

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