The Auction and The Aftermath (Part 2)

Part 2: Solving The Glitch
JP with Redsword and Jaxx

Courtney and Sam had been helping Rose with the plan involving the auction in Rose and Sam's room. Kaylee had been in her room wondering why Courtney didn't bid on Conner but before she could ask an announcement came over the PA system

Announcement: "Will Courtney Hellford, Blossom Booth, Kaylee Auclair, and Alex Russo please report to the Head Mistress's office."

Courtney looked at Sam and Rose, "Wonder what that's about?" She shrugged and headed to the Head Mistress's office.

Kaylee had no idea why she was being summoned but knew better than to stall. She also headed to the office.

Blossom was talking to Ashley, who was ever so pissed as her Jack was taken away in a last-minute bid by someone unknown. She apologized to Blossom as she went looking for Jack to find out who was brave enough to face her wrath. Then the intercom interrupted her train of thought as they called for her to meet with the Head Mistress. Blossom got nervous as she looked at her phone which said she had won Kyle and Conner. She bid on Conner on a whim but had no idea she would win since Courtney was supposed to win him in the auction. This was indeed puzzling for her as she sighed and made her way to the Head Mistress’s office.

Meanwhile, Alex Russo was with her friends from Choir as she looked at her phone showing she won Conner in the auction. She smiled at her phone as she didn't think she would win him. However, her smile soon faded as she heard her name on the intercom. She sighed as she excused herself from her friends and headed to the Head Mistress's office. She wondered what was going on since several names were called at the same time. Of course, this would not be the first time Alex was called to the office in her past but it was the first at this school. She hoped she was not in trouble so early in the year since her parents lecture her on being lazy and not doing her work.

Blossom and Alex ended up side by side as they reached the Head Mistress's office and looked at each other with some confusion and fear as they reached for the door. Once in they saw the secretary who told them to enter the next door to see Head Mistress Allison Perkey. Both girls took a deep breath for some courage before entering the door.

Courtney and Kaylee arrived at the office at the same time and saw Blossom and Alex entering the door to the Head Mistress. They were also told to go into the office so they walked over there and entered the office.

Head Mistress Allison Perkey was sitting at her desk typing on her laptop as the girls entered her room.

Head Mistress Perkey: Have a seat ladies, next to Mr. Conner.

Head Mistress Perkey then finished her typing and closed her laptop and removed her glasses.

Head Mistress Perkey: Well now. I hope you all enjoyed the Minion Auction. As it turns out we had an outstanding turnout and raised a rather large sum of money for the charity. However, you have a rather puzzled look on your face as to why you are all here.

Blossom and Alex nodded as they were feeling a bit nervous. Then Head Mistress Perkey leaned forward and interlocked her fingers as if she was in a serious mood.

Head Mistress Perkey: You see Mr. Conner here has raised a rather large sum which is a great thing, however, that said sum in the combination of all four of you girls. For some reason, we have Mr. Conner in the system four times. I have one of our techs working on it as we speak so we will know if this is a simple mistake or if some foul play is involved.

Then Head Mistress Perkey received a text on her phone. So she put her glasses on again and read the text slowly before she removed her glasses again and smiled at the students.

Head Mistress Perkey: Well now isn't that just special. As it turns out it was a glitch in the system that caused Mr. Conner to be entered four times during his enrollment. So I will have Attendance delete the extra versions of Mr. Conner to fix that little issue, however, we still have the issue of four winners to address. As I see it I have a few ways to solve this issue, but I would prefer it if you all could provide a solution that you all would approve of. So any ideas?

Four? Conner had won four girls? Courtney bit her lip to keep from laughing. It was hard but being where they were she took a breath and managed to hold it back.

Kaylee breathed, that explained so much. She didn't comment though.

Courtney after a moment spoke up and asked, "Did the rest of you all get a different guy?"

Kaylee said, "Yes, I got Zander."

Blossom dropped her jaw in shock and Alex bit her lips trying not to laugh. Both girls were wondering how they managed to win Conner for so little considering how popular he was.

Blossom: Oh my. I also won Kyle.

Alex looked at the red-faced Blossom; who was very embarrassed to admit she had two guys at the same time. Blossom covered her red face as she tried to calm down. She was worried the other girls might get mad she bid on Conner when she was only supposed to bid on Kyle.

Alex: I only won Conner. I did it on a whim and was surprised to win.

Alex nudged Blossom and spoke up to her.

Alex: Relax girl, I get you are shocked but do keep in mind all four of us did the same thing so don't sweat it. So, as I see it we all won time with Conner so we could all try to share him on one day or we could just have him work a few extra days. Seeing as he is popular with the ladies I doubt he would mind the extra attention. We can do that or three of us will have to give up on him and feel cheated of this opportunity.

"Alex is right. Don't worry about it, Blossom. Things happen." Courtney said. "I only got Conner as well though." She paused. "I think Alex had a good idea. Blossom and Kaylee being you both have another minion for tomorrow why don't we just set up a different day for each of you to spend time with Conner. Alex, would you be willing to split Conner's time tomorrow? You can get him the first half of the day, through lunch, and I'll get him the rest of the time. And if you want more time with him, well you and Conner might be able to figure something out." She then asked. "Does that work for everyone?"

Conner looks at all the girls as he leaned back in his chair. He gave his charming smile. "Why do I feel like a piece of meat?" He said sarcastically. "I will go with whatever you ladies come up with. I will treat all of you special. Blossom you can relax, no one here is upset with you. I am looking forward to spending time with all of you. " he said in a cheerful tone.

Blossom uncovered her face and saw that Alex was right in that the other girls didn't mind the situation. In fact, Courtney seemed to find it very funny, which was reassuring.

Alex: See what I mean?

Blossom nodded at Alex as she spoke up.

Blossom: So, we just get a different day then?

Alex: Looks like that is what we all seem to agree on. Of course, Conner seems to be happy to get the attention of all four of us. Hopefully, he will behave himself or he might find himself in over his head.

Head Mistress Perkey: Well then. It looks like you kids have managed to work this out peacefully. However, I will remind you that you will all adhere to the rules of this school and act on your best behavior. The last thing we need is a scandal in this Academy. So unless anyone has anything else to add I think you all are safe to return to meet with your friends.

Head Mistress Perkey smiled as she waited for the kids to respond.

Kaylee responded with a smile, "That works for me." Which it did after all she hadn't expected to get Conner in the first place.

Mistress Perkey spoke and Courtney responded with, "No, ma'am. I have nothing to add."

Kaylee also said she had nothing to add and then they both waited on the others to respond.

Conner looks at the Headmistress. He wanted to ask if she wanted to join but knew better. "I have nothing to add. I look forward to this with great anticipation. Alex, I never knew. I hope you are not in league with the other rich girls and look forward to serving you." He says standing. Shall we go ladies?" He said walking to the door and opening it for the girls.

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