Rack 'Em Up (Part 1)

JP with Jaxx

Carter had been spending his days helping Mel out but when Doug had mentioned he had given Melissa permission to bid on Carter, the boy had been surprised. More so that Doug gave the girl permission to bid on anyone than the fact that that person had been Carter.

Carter had been hanging out with Doug's group and some of the other rich guys when the texts started coming in. A few guys got their girlfriends, a few others got other girls. Carter's phone went off and he was happy to see Melissa's named as the person that won him. He only though smiled behind his phone as he couldn't let anyone see.

"Hey, Carter. Who got you?" One of the football players asked.

"Melissa," he responded. "Doug couldn't do the auction so he told her to go ahead and bid on me."

"Cool," the football player said

It wasn't that Carter had a thing for Melissa. It was more that he knew she needed the help and this proved he still had Doug fooled. He really just thought Melissa needed someone in her corner that was able to hang out with her.

He stepped out into the hallway and texted her.

Mel: Hey, I guess you know then, about the auction.

Carter: Yes. I'll be happy to serve you, m'lady.

Mel: lol. Well, thank you, kind sir.

Was that a joke? He wasn't sure he had ever heard or, in this case, read Mel joke. He was guessing the time away from Doug had done her good.

Carter noticed some of the rich girls going past him. A few looked like they weren't in good moods. He was wondering what that was about but figured he'd find out soon enough and went back to texting with Mel.

Carter: "Are you coming downstairs?"

Mel: "No, I'm kind of tired. I'm just going to finish up my homework and go to bed."

Carter: See you in the morning then.

Mel: See you then. Goodnight

Carter: Good night

He put his phone back in his pocket and started to go back in the room but as he opened the door he heard some of the girls complaining about how they didn't get anyone and how they didn't understand how they were outbid on every guy. Carter wasn't tired, but he was tired of all of that, so before anyone could notice he backed back out of the doorway and to try to find something else to do.

Blossom was trying to calm down after Conner got her heart racing. She was a nervous nelly like they say back home at Dot. Montana. Back home she knew several guys who flirted with the girls in her school. Granted she was overlooked due to her slender features and plain appearance. So she slowly came to accept that she was not attractive and became less interested in getting a relationship. So getting flirted with by a big time city slicker like Conner was a rather big deal for her. Part of her wanted to jump into his large muscular arms and, the other part, wanted to run away and hide believing it was one big mean joke. She believed for a long time that hot guys like Conner would not be into a girl like her.

So she needed to calm down and take a walk to get her mind and feelings under check. She wanted to talk to Ashley, but knew she was dealing with her own problems since another girl was interested in Jack for whatever reason. She passed up several students who were in a good mood and many that were upset for being outbid by someone else. Oddly enough she was still lost in thought as she contemplated her situation.

Carter wandered around for a few minutes. He passed other students but wasn't paying that much attention as they all seemed to be talking about the auction.

He wandered a little longer and then someone. Someone who he didn't know but certainly knew of. Blossom Booth, cheerleader, actually from what he had heard some of the other cheerleaders says she was supposed to be an amazing flyer or something. She was one of the scholarship students.

Carter didn't really care if someone was a scholarship student; to be honest he never really had. He never was one of the people that picked on them but didn't spend much time talking to them either. He was usually around people that would make things hard if he associated with them. If his greatest regret was becoming friends with Doug, his second regret was associating with anyone that looked down on others. Her had to keep up appearances though ,at least, until Mel got free.

So, he looked around but there wasn't anyone around or at least anyone who it would matter to. Carter walked up to the girl.

Carter: Hey, Blossom isn't it?

Blossom was startled as Carter called out to her. She looked around to see who it was as her train of thought was derailed and came crashing down in the back of her mind. She felt a bit bewildered as she looked for the source of the one speaking to her. Eventually, she was able to regain her wits and saw it was Carter who was speaking to her. She was not sure what his name was but had seen him before in the gym training with the others. Hoping to be nice and not get teased she spoke up politely.

Blossom: Ummm hello? Have we met before?

He gave her a friendly smile and moved closer to her before speaking up again.

Carter: No, we've not met. I'm Carter. I'm one of the football players and, you being a cheerleader, I thought I should introduce myself to you.

Blossom cocked her head to the side as she was confused by why Carter was just doing this now. She wondered if he was being genuine or was one of the school bullies trying to bully her. Then she remembered her coach telling the cheer squad that infighting was a serious offense and that that applied to the football team. So if Carter was up to no good he would have to deal with the coaches and Ashley, which was a triple death sentence, or at least he would be begging for death after having his manhood crushed by Ashley. By now most guys should have been aware of her prior examples.

Blossom: Umm.....hi? Uh Carter? Sorry I didn't know how you knew my name. Did you need something?

Carter already knew the coaches wouldn't take it well if the football players bullied any of the cheerleaders or anything like that. He also knew about Ashley and, to be honest, Ashley was scarier than the coaches. Still he had no thoughts of bullying anyone.

She seemed a little on the quiet side or maybe he had thrown her off. Many of the cheerleaders were very extroverted but not all of them were. But there was this interesting quality about her that Carter couldn't quite figure out.

Carter: I just wanted to meet the girl all the cheerleaders are saying is the best flyer on the Freshman squad.

He paused.

Carter: If you're not doing anything maybe we could talk. You know, get to know each other a little better. It's just we'll probably be seeing a lot of each other. It's just easier if the cheerleaders and the football players get to know each other, at least a little.

Blossom: Ohhh..... that's what you meant.

Blossom felt relieved that Carter explained his reason in a simple manner. Granted she was still on the wary side of a new guy approaching her but she could always leave if things got weird for her.

Blossom: So are you also new to this school?

Carter nodded as Blossom spoke. Acknowledging that's what he meant.

Carter: No, this is my second year here. Do you want to go sit down someplace?

He knew if some place the rich kids weren't but other kids were. It wasn't far and they could probably talk there more easily.

Blossom was a bit hesitant to be taken somewhere out of sight but at the same time she didn't want to be rude. So she thought she could put in her own two cents and see what he had in mind.

Blossom: What did you have in mind?

Carter: We could go to the rec room, right over there.

He pointed to one of the rec rooms that a few students were going in and out of. It was one with a snack bar and the room was never empty.

Carter: It won't be too busy in there tonight.

Blossom was very relieved to see his choice was the rec room. Part of her was worried he might be luring her to a dark place to molest her. Not that she had much to molest. In fact that very fact was part of the reason for her lack of self confidence. Granted she was a great flyer due to her slender build but part of her wished she had more curves. Conner was the first guy to call her pretty and it rattled her cage. So she nodded at Carter and replied to him.

Blossom: Oh sure the rec room sounds good. Are we going to play any games there? I am not too good at pool or Foolsball (foosball)so go easy on me.

Blossom had no idea she pronounced the game wrong and looked very innocent as she looked at Carter.

Carter, of course, had no idea she lacked self confidence having only spoken to her for the last few moments. He though would have disagreed with her assessment of herself. There had been a number of guys, him included, who had noticed her at the beach party. He just hadn't been in a position to speak to her, at the time.

Carter: Well, sure we can. I can show you how to play either, if you want. How about I show you how to play pool?

It was actually easier to talk at a pool table than a Foosball table. He noticed the mispronunciation but felt it was rude to correct her at this moment.

Blossom was relieved he was going to teach her how to play instead of pick on her. It would be nice to actually learn to play the game instead of guessing like she had in the past.

Blossom: Oh....okay. That could be fun.

Carter led her to the rec room, opening the door for her, he followed her into the room.

Just as Carter had suspected there were a few other students but not too many. It wasn't noisy. The snack bar was open. At least one of the pool tables was, as well.

He led her to the pool table.

Carter: Before we get started do you want anything from the snack bar? A drink or something?

Blossom turned to look at the snack bar and bit her bottom lip as she looked at what they had to offer. Then she remembered she had just eaten pizza and cupcakes just recently and was full. So she shook her head at Carter.

Blossom: No thanks I just ate, but I will wait if you want to get something.

Blossom smiled as she was prepared to wait on Carter to get a snack.

Carter didn't concern himself with her refusing the offer. He didn't know she had just eaten but wouldn't have surprised him. He had recently eaten, as well, so he just got himself an orange soda and went back to where Blossom was by the pool table

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