Minion Day Going Out

JP with Jaxx
He got changed and with one last look in the mirror headed downstairs. When he got to where they were meeting he smiled upon seeing both of them.

Kyle: You both look nice. Blossom, you look great. Shall we go to my car?

Kyle's car

Justin was excited to go for a drive with Kyle as he nudged Blossom.

Justin: We are gonna have a very good time.

Blossom: Do i look okay for the place we are going to?

Justin: Oh of course girl. You will get no complaints here and I want you to notice how many heads you turn.

Blossom: You are silly Justin.

Then they thanked Kyle for the ride and Justin then answered Blossom's questions on how he got into fashion as Kyle drove the car. They continued the conversation till they arrived at the restaurant.

Kyle nodded.

Kyle: Yes, it'll be fun, and Blossom you look great for where we're going

The Deck wasn't a large restaurant. It was maybe a step up from chains like Applebee's because it was local and overlooked the beach.

When they got into the restaurant Kyle asked the hostess if they had any window tables available and as luck had it they did so they ended up at a table overlooking the beach. A waiter came over and pulled a chair out for Blossom. Kyle sat down, if he could he would sit on the same side of the table as Justin. Once everyone was seated the waiter took their drink order and handed them menus.

After Justin sat down between Kyle and Blossom to get comfortable. He ordered a peach mango tea and so did Blossom since it sounded good. Then he smiled as he put his hand on Kyle's knee to tease him as he spoke to Blossom.

Justin: What do you think Blossom?

Blossom looked around at the place and was impressed since it was a lot nicer than the burger joints back home.

Blossom: It's kinda fancy. We don't have places this nice back home.

Justin: Really now. Well, you will have a lot of stories to share when you visit the family huh?

Blossom smiled as Justin was being very supportive and didn't look down on her. He was like the brother she had always wanted. Then she remembered that Ashley was like an overprotective sister to her. It made her feel welcome to be treated like that.

Blossom: I know right.

Justin: So did you notice anything when you came in?

Blossom: Ummm...... like the decorations? (looking around)

Justin chuckled a bit before he spoke again.

Justin: No silly. I was talking about the guys who were checking you out when we came in. Even the waiter was looking at you.

Blossom looked around and saw the guys look away as they were now caught by her glance. Blossom then looked at Justin and whispered.

Blossom: Why are they looking at me?

Justin then gave Kyle a side look with a grin. Then he looked at Blossom with a kind smile.

Justin: Girl you look cute. Cute girls get the attention of guys. However, don't let it go to your head. Cuteness is a double edge sword, but as long as you stay true to yourself you won't have any problems right, Kyle?

Kyle ordered a cherry Coke. This was the kind of place that added actual syrup to the Coke, rather than the preflavored drink.

Kyle smiled and nodded. The guys had noticed her; well minus the few that were paying more attention to Kyle and Justin.

Kyle: Yes. It's true. Looking cute is getting you noticed but its who you are that'll keep them interested.

Justin: Exactly. What is important is both your inside and outside in a combination. It's like this soda that Kyle here has. When you buy a can of it at the store you don't know that they spent a lot of time and money to design it so it appeals to us. However, all that is wasted if the drink tastes terrible. So they have to spend more time and money to make it match.

Blossom: Oh wow. I never knew they did all that. So do I need to get a make-over on my inside too?

Justin: Oh no girl. You're sweet as candy on the inside already. With your new makeover now you’re more balanced. It's good to have confidence in yourself, but just stay humble and don't get snobby like some of the girls at our school. Some of them think they can do no wrong, but we know that is just a wall of lies they are living with. Just be you and if you need help with your look we are here to help.

Blossom: You are so sweet, guys.

Then the waiter brought the drinks over and took their order. Blossom ordered a small pepperoni pizza while Justin ordered some grilled fish and shrimp with vegetables. The group continued to talk about stuff they enjoyed.

Kyle ordered the salmon and scallops. The food was good and the conversation was nice. Kyle would put his hand on Justin's leg more off and on than continuously.

He agreed that Blossom just really had to be was herself and she'd be fine. She was cute and gaining confidence was helping her.

When the meal was over Kyle pulled out his credit card and paid for everything before Justin could protest.

Kyle: You two up for coffee and dessert? I know of a great place.

Justin smiled as Kyle beat him to the bill. He gave Kyle a sly grin as he spoke up.

Justin: You sly fox you. I will get the bill next time. However, a coffee does sound good right now. You had me at hello.

Blossom: Are you sure? You both have been very nice.

Justin: Oh girl, please. I spend way more on my hair products than I do on food. If you want to pay me back you can be my model when I need one.

Blossom giggled at Justin who was teasing her.

Blossom: You're funny.

Justin: Well you may find it silly but most models are cute and skinny. So you are a perfect fit for me to work with. Even Kyle here has his preferences on his actors and scenery. Right?

Kyle: I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't sure.

He smiled at Blossom. Kyle didn't think anything of paying the bill.

Kyle: (nods) Yes. Things and people have to fit with what I'm going for.

The waiter came back with the receipt which Kyle added the tip to and signed.

Kyle: Are we ready?

The drive to the coffee shop wouldn't take that long though Kyle didn't know how busy it would be on a Friday night.

After leaving the restaurant the three of them got into Kyle’s car and headed towards the coffee shop. Justin being full of energy asked Blossom what was the fashion in her hometown. Blossom replied with the cowboy/cowgirl look but she also described them wearing the 80’s look as well. Justin liked the retro look told Blossom where that look came from. Then they arrived at the coffee place. It was mildly busy but not too bad.

Justin: I just love exotic coffee and sweet treats. I know it’s bad for my waistline but I’ll burn it off in my workout tomorrow.

Blossom: I wish I could gain weight.

Justin: Oh girl. Just be you and enjoy this treat. Right, Kyle? It’s nice to be spoiled now and then.

Kyle nodded.

Kyle: Yes. Just enjoy yourself. You look great, it’s been a fun night and now we're going to splurge a bit. I'm all for being spoiled on occasion.

Carter had texted Doug to see if it was ok to take Mel out to dinner and maybe coffee afterward.

As a friend he felt a little bad that so many of the students seemed to have plans for the evening and Mel wasn't allowed to be a part of them. If it wasn't for the fact he was concerned for Mel if he didn't get permission first he wouldn't have bothered with that part and just taken her out. Fortunately, though he was able to talk Doug into it.

He had taken Mel to a local seafood restaurant it was a fun place and the food was good without being super fancy. He really just wanted to get her mind off of things. Afterward he asked if she wanted dessert and coffee.

Being that Doug, in his controlling ridiculousness, wanted pics of what Mel was eating. Carter told her to get anything she wanted. She ordered a vanilla mocha and a piece of cheesecake with raspberry topping. Carter got an eclair with a vanilla latte and a fruit salad. He took a picture of the fruit salad and lied about what Mel was drinking and texted it to Doug who seemed satisfied with that.

Carter was talking to Mel when he looked up and spotted Kyle coming through the door, who seemed to be holding the door open for someone. His mouth fell open as he spotted her, Blossom.

Melissa looked around but it only took a moment to spot who Carter was looking at.

Melissa: Blossom looks really good. Looks like she got a makeover. Do you want to invite them to sit with us?

Carter: um..yes but I need to get over my shock. I mean she was cute before but. ..well. (looking at Mel). Are you sure?

Mel: Yes, I'm sure. It's fine. You might want to move my crutches though so we free up that chair.

Carter: Thanks. I owe you one.

Mel shook her head: No, you really don't.

Carter got up, moved Mel's crutches to the side, and went to Kyle, Justin, and Blossom.

Carter: Hey. (To the group in general.)

Kyle: Hi, Carter.

Carter: Blossom you look great. I mean you looked great before but. ...yeah...

Carter found himself a little tongue-tied.

Kyle watched this interaction take place and then in order to save Carter from too much embarrassment.

Kyle: Oh, Justin this is Carter. Carter, Justin.

Carter: Nice to meet you. I or really we (pointing out Mel at the table) wanted to know if you, all of you, wanted to join us.

Justin could see that Carter was drooling in hopes to spend time with blossom. However, it would be in bad taste to dump her on Carter and Mel to be alone with Kyle, especially after building her up so far. Justin was far from a selfish and reckless guy, which was one of his most redeeming points. Seeing as Blossom looked interested in joining Carter, Justin felt it was his and Kyle's job to chaperone the Blossom in case Carter overstepped his boundaries.

Blossom: Ummm........ I...

Justin: It's okay Blossom, we can join them if you want.

Blossom: Oh thank you, Justin.

Justin: Not a problem girl. Right, Kyle?

Justin gave Kyle a side wink in hopes of getting his support. Then they made room at the table and joined them. Blossom was a bit nervous as she saw Mel was with Carter who was looking at her with a goofy smile. Carter seemed nervous as he looked at her funny. Seeing as the silence was not going to break on its own, Justin spoke up.

Justin: So what brings you both out here?

Kyle wouldn't have thought of just leaving Blossom with Mel and Carter. He knew Blossom enough to know how innocent she was but he had also a good sense of Carter and maybe more surprising how he was, not exactly, known for being a flirt or a guy who dated around. Maybe, later he and Justin could talk about what Kyle already knew.

Kyle: Sure. Besides, I've not really caught up with Mel all week.

Adding an excuse wasn't necessary but Kyle really hadn't gotten a chance to speak to her much since Sunday. Other than welcoming her to the music classes, that Kyle was in, that Mel had joined.

Mel watched this interaction play out. Carter was suddenly acting more nervous and a little more goofy than usual. She was tempted almost to joke about it but wasn't about to embarrass either Carter or Blossom so she didn't.

Justin spoke up, which, fortunately, broke the silence.

Carter: Oh, we just decided a break from campus was necessary.

Mel: Yeah, it's been, kind of a long week. And being almost everyone had plans for tonight we ended up, you know, two friends with nothing to do.

Kyle gave Mel a slight smile catching on that she was making a point to say she and Carter were just friends. He knew she had done that for Carter's and Blossom's sake. He knew Mel and Doug were dating but that relationship seemed toxic even from the outside and he didn't know most of what was going on. He knew who Carter hung out with but he also had an instinct about people and just as much knew Carter seemed like he was with the wrong group of people. Carter was really just seemed like a nice guy.

Kyle: (to Mel) How's your ankle?

Mel: Better. I go to the doctor on Tuesday so hopefully, I can get off the crutches then.

Carter: So, how about you what brings you out here?

Carter knew he needed to calm down before he made a complete fool of himself. It was just so hard to keep his eyes off of Blossom.

Blossom was a bit red in the face as Carter was looking at her. She noticed he was looking at her a lot more now and was a bit excited from it. She was not used to being looked at that way. Justin was smirking as he saw Carter ogling Blossom and decided to see what happens naturally.

Blossom: Oh Justin and Kyle invited me to dinner and then here for coffee. It was a nice place with a view of the ocean.

Blossom then told Carter about her make-over with Justin and celebrating by going to dinner and having dessert. Meanwhile, Justin sat next to Kyle smiling as he gently massaged Kyle’s leg.

Carter listened as Blossom spoke about her night. He had found her cute and interesting before but the cuteness had been expanded upon.

Carter wasn't a guy in the fast lane of relationships. Actually, it might have surprised most people that he had never had a girlfriend. He had just been focused so much on sports before coming to Sakura that he hadn't had time for much else. He still was focused on sports but coming to a school that specialized in that had helped a lot.

Carter: Sounds like you've had a fun night.

A waitress came over and took Blossom, Kyle, and Justin's order and asked if there was anything else that Melissa and Carter wanted. Mel and Carter didn't want anything else. Kyle ordered a cafe mocha and an apple Danish.

Once the waitress got the orders; she left. Carter really wished he could ask Blossom to the dance but it just wasn't feasible at the moment.

Carter: Did you have anything big planned for the weekend?

Melissa thought Blossom was a nice girl and she, now, knew what kind of person Carter was. She was interested to see what happened with all of this. So, she just sat back and watched things unfold.

Blossom thought for a second as she tried to remember what she had planned. Was it something with Ashley and the gang? She knew it was something big but it was on the tip of her tongue. Then it hit her. She had a date with Conner. She was not sure how to bring that up now since Carter was asking, but then she remembered they were going with multiple couples. So she told him she was going with a group to the boardwalk on Saturday. She did leave out the date with Conner on Sunday since it was more like a favor than a love date. Justin smiled as Blossom was coming out of her shell now that she had more confidence as he groped Kyle's knee under the table.

Carter nodded. He really wanted to ask her out. He glanced over at Mel, soon but not now, Doug was really a pain even when he wasn't here.

Carter: That sounds fun.

Carter didn't have any plans as big as that for the weekend. Still, he kept up the conversation talking about the weekend and general things.

Kyle sideways glanced at Justin and then smiled at Blossom and Carter. Justin was getting him going but he seemed calm. He took his own opportunities to touch Justin's leg under the table.

Melissa was far from naive and she knew Carter liked Blossom which she thought was sweet. She was also aware that there was something going on between Kyle and Justin. They weren't being that noticeable and she didn't care but it also wasn't that hard to tell as she knew the signs. She thought they were cute as well.

Melissa also thought that would never be her. The girl in the cute couple with a guy that actually cared about her. She was feeling a little like a third, or in this case, a fifth, wheel but kept any of those feelings well hidden. She just smiled at Carter and Blossom, sipped her coffee, and ate her dessert.

In the process of all of this, the waitress came back over with the new orders.

Blossom thanked the waitress as she got her mocha-flavored frappe coffee since she loved chocolate and sweet things. Justin also thanked the waitress as he received his white chocolate mocha coffee. Justin was not big on sweets but he liked to experience the many flavors of coffee since it added to his creativity. After a sip of coffee Blossom continued her conversation with Carter since he was easy to talk to.

Blossom was usually a bit shy and naive, but the more she talked to Carter, the more she felt relaxed with him. She didn’t understand it, but it was fun to talk to him. Before they knew it the time went by fast and it wasn’t long before they had to head back to school before curfew.

Carter really liked talking with Blossom. She was a nice girl, cute and he found her easy to talk to. Time did go by though maybe too fast.

Carter: (As he started to stand) I guess it's time to get back. I'll see you later.

He gave Mel her crutches and helped her. Both Carter and Melissa said goodbye to Blossom, Kyle and Justin. And headed to his car.

Once they were gone Kyle asked: Are we ready to go?

They headed back to the school.

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