Saturday at birthday party Boardwalk Pt5

(JP with Redsword and Cindy)

Once, Sam and Heath made their way away from the main group Heath asked, "So, what do you want to do?" Sam thought for a moment, "How about the Scrambler?" Heath agreed and as they started to get online someone caught Sam's attention. "Hey," The girl that spoke was one of the gymnastics team members that had been invited. Sam noticed the members of the gymnastics team and both she and Heath greeted them. The girl then asked, "Is Rose spending time with JD?" Sam replied, "Yes. Our group decided to split up for a little while. Get some couple time." Another girl then said, "Well, can you let her know this is a great party? We were all just talking about it. " "Sure," Sam agreed.

The conversation kept up. Some of it was about the gymnastics season that was coming up in a few months, some of it more general things. One of the gymnastics guys and one of the girls informed Sam and Heath they were dating. Some asked about a few members of the main group. Kyle, Justin, Conner, and Kaylee seemed to top the list and Sam was good at strategically answering. She knew what she had seen and noticed but none of the above named couples had said it was ok to tell anyone so Sam shrugged a lot or veered the conversation elsewhere. The Scrambler was fun but after it the gymnastics kids were going to the Haunted House and Sam and Heath decided to not go on that again. The couple did take in a few more rides, before deciding to walk on the beach. They took off their shoes and walked where the waves hit their feet. The water was on the cooler side and felt good. They stopped walking and Heath wrapped his arms around Sam's waist from behind. Kissing the back of her neck. Sam smiled and said, "It's been such a great day." Heath agreed, "It has though every day with you is great." Sam moved enough to turn to face him and put her arms around his neck. He leaned down slightly and the two kissed. It was a long kiss but there weren't a lot of people around. Sam then asked, "Are your parents coming for Parents' Weekend?"

"They said they were working on it. It might be hard for both of them to come." Heath's adopted family was big and it made a cross country trip with both of his parents nearly impossible. "There is a possibility it might be one of them and Manny." Manuel or Manny as was his nickname was Heath's now brother but also the two had been best friends since elementary school. While here Heath's best friend (minus Sam) was Matt at home it was Manny. "Oh? That would be nice. I'd like to get a chance to meet him." Sam had heard a lot about him. "Well, I really would like you two to meet as well." Nothing more to say on his end, he flipped the question back to her. "How about your parents? Are they coming to Parents' Weekend?" "Yes." Sam smiled. "They said they were looking forward to it. My dad said he can't wait."

Heath stared at her for a moment. "Am I in for a Dad speech?" "Maybe," Sam then laughed. "Nah, I'm just kidding. My parents like you. My dad did joke about it though." "Yeah, funny." Heath joked back. He had met Sam's parents last year and they had been really nice so he wasn't overly concerned anyway. "But they want to see me, you, Rose. Oh, and I told them about Rose and JD. So, they want to meet him." she explained. Heath understood. "Well, from what you've told me they've unofficially adopted Rose so makes sense." Sam nodded, then seemed to think for a moment. "I know that look. What are you plotting?" Heath asked. "I had a thought," Sam said. She went on to explain her idea, then asked. "So, what do you think? You think it could work?" "Knowing you, definitely." Heath smiled at her. The two kissed and started walking again. They discussed what to do next and landed on the Teacup ride. The ride had been fun and they were on their way away from it when they spotted Rose and JD. Once the plan had been made. Sam and Heath went off to the Pirate Ship. The Pirate Ship ended and they walked back by the teacups and spotted JD and Rose.

Rose smiled at him. "They went to ride the pirate ship while we were on the teacups. Let me text Sam." But before Rose could text, she heard Sam's voice say, "Hey," to both her and JD Heath also greeted them, then asked. "So, does anyone have a preference what food stand we should head to?"

JD gave a grin "one with lots of Food?" replied JD with a smile. Rose here is wearing me out with all this attain." JD said Jokingly.

Heath, Sam, and Rose all laughed at JD'S comment. Heath spoke up again. "Well, then maybe the area over there,"pointed out what he meant. "There were a few different foods stands and tables."
Sam and Rose agreed that sounded good to them.

JD looked over to where Heath was pointing. "Yes that looks good, I am sure we can find something messy to eat," JD said with a playful grin looking at Rose then kissing her. JD looked back at the other two. "Sam you missed out earlier and I failed to get pitchers. But Rose had her first corn dog," said JD.

Rose returned the kiss then bit her lip. Sam raised a brow then l laughed slightly. "Mustard" Rose nodded, "Plenty" Sam then asked Rose, "So what did you think?" Rose responded, "It was really good." "Well, I wish I could have seen that," Sam said.
Rose walked with JD and Heath with Sam to the food stands. They found a table and sat down while deciding what to eat. Sam and Heath decided the corn dogs sounded good so they opted to get a few of those and a funnel cake to split. Rose glanced at the food stands and noticing the coffee one turned to JD and said, "I'm fine with you surprising me with any food you pick out but I really want a coffee. Frozen caramel latte."

JD looked around the menu then got a big smile. "We will have a Frozen caramel latte, a bottle of water, and a candy apple," he said handing his card over.

The four of them met back up at the table. When Sam saw what JD had purchased she commented, "This should be interesting." Heath put some mustard on his corn dog and took a bite but the focus was more on Rose and the candy apple. Rose looked at the candy apple and at JD. "So, I'm just supposed to bite into this?" It even looked like a hard, sticky, mess.

"Yup" JD replied with a smile. "That's the whole point and what makes it so good. and what can make it more fun is if two people take a bite at the same time. " JD said leaning in with his apple almost touching Rose's lips. JD had never done that with anyone before but saw his parents do it and they looked to have fun with it.

Rose took a breath. "Ok, then. I'm ready." When JD was ready Rose opened her mouth and bit into the candy coated treat. It was hard, sticky, sweet and really good. Some of the candy got on her lips. "That's so good." Rose exclaimed. Sam and Heath looked at each other and laughed. Sam commented, "I never thought I'd see the day." Sam and Heath finished there corn dogs and began to fed each other some funnel cake. Rose was ready for another bite of the apple

When rose was done chewing JD did not give her the chance to clean her lips. JD just move the candy to the side Leaned in and kissed her licking her lips. He smiled "your kisses get sweeter every day." JD said repositioning the apple for another bite. JD could see now why his mother and father like to share a candy apple. But could JD tell his mom and dad that he had shared a candy apple with Rose?

Rose smiled at JD. He's kissing her was sweet and they're was definitely something about being kissed by him at that moment that made the whole experience better. His lips also tasted sweet.

JD put the apple back up and Rose took another bite. Heath and Sam had gotten distracted by feeding each other funnel cake and then kissing the powdered sugar off each other's lips.

As they take bites out of the candy apple JD played with Rose. JD Sometimes by moving the apple away just out of reach before Rose could bite. JD would kiss Rose. it came down to the last piece. JD took the last piece holding it in his teeth and mumbled "if you want it to come and get it." He said with a smile.

Rose had fun with the candy apple and even more so with JD. When it got to the last piece and JD holding it in his mouth. Rose grinned. She moved closer to him, putting her lips on his she kissed him, forgetting about the piece of apple for a moment. Heath and Sam feed each other pieces of funnel cake and kiss each other. So they were kissing each other when JD held the piece of apple in his mouth. When Sam and Heath came up for air they glanced over at JD and Rose to see what they doing and they looked at each other smiling before grabbing another kiss.

"That was the best pace of apple I have ever had," JD said softly to Rose. He looked at the two and chuckled "you guys can take a breath between bites or is that between cleaning each other's face." said JD. Looking back at Rose "I guess I have no room to talk" said JD leaning over to give a passionate kiss to Rose.

The couples came up for air eventually.
Rose took the moment to ask Sam and Heath, "Did you have anything planned after this?" Sam answered, "Not really. There is a little time before we have to head to the rapids but not a lot. Did you have anything planned?" Rose shook her head, "Not really. Maybe we could go into one of the stores and then head to the rapids?"
It was just a suggestion really but Rose thought it might be fun.

while Sam and Rose were talking JD just started to kiss Rose's neck to see if she could concentrate on what she was saying. "I am good with that. Heath?" said JD now getting the trash together to throw it away. HD looked back to Hear Heath's reply. as he opened the trash and throw it away.

With JD kissing her neck, Rose was having a hard time concentrating but managed to answer. Heath responded as he was throwing away his and Sam's trash. "That's good with me." Heath and Sam held hands and started to walk towards the store. Rose put her arms around JD's neck and said softly, "You are very distracting." She then kissed him.
When they were done kissing, she put her hand in his so they could walk to the store.

JD opened the door with the other hand to let Rosse go first and held the door for Heath. when they were inside "So is there anything you're looking for?" asked JD. as he was browsing through the store.

Rose grinned at him. "I'm not sure. I guess I just wanted to see what they had." It was one of the souvenir shops but seemed to have a variety of things. Rose started looking at some handblown glass flowers on a shelf. But then made her way to a case with jewelry on it. It wasn't expensive jewelry more like necklaces with sea creatures as the pendants. Heart necklaces that broke apart to make her. Shell jewelry. And other things like that. Sam and Heath on the other hand started looking at the shirts the store carried.

Looking around JD he saw T-shirts that said shows a Pirate with the words "I will steal your heart." They had several of them saying different things. JD got a grin. JD looked thew fining a small or Rose and a large foe him. he pulled them off the Rack. looking back at Rose with a smile like he just stole cookies from the jar. "I will be right back" walking to a different section and handed the lady behind the counter the T-shirts.

Rose could only see that JD had picked out two shirts but not what was on them. The grin definitely caught her attention and she breathed a laugh. "Ok, but you'll know I'll want to see them when you come back." Her attention on JD as he paid for the shirts wondering what he was up to.
Sam and Heath each picked out a shirt and Heath went to pay for them. Sam walked over by Rose as the two girls waited for the guys to pay.

Talking to the lady for a few seconds she nodded then the lady behind the counter took the shirts into the back. a few minutes later she came back with the T-shirts JD handed her his debit card. the lady ran it then handed him the bag with the shirts in it. JD walked over to where Rose was standing holding the bag. "Did you find anything you liked?" he asked Rose.

Rose looked at JD. "A few things. The shell bracelets are cute. A few shirts." The curiosity was, for some reason, getting to her. "So, what did you buy?" Heath and Sam were now looking at the jewelry. However, they could hear and were amused by this exchange.

"Buy? who?" said JD and grinned. "I am not going to spoil the fun. I will show you outside," said JD. Leaning in kissed Rose taking his free hand and reaching to hold Rose's hand. JD hoped he was not pushing his luck with her. That Rose would not get angry with him for holding out on the surprise.

"Ok, ok. I suppose I can wait." Rose joked.
Sam and Heath looked at each other and shook their heads.
Sam asked Heath, "Would you do that?" Heath laughed, "Buy something in front of you and not let you see it? Absolutely."
Sam laughed, then thought for a moment. "Did you put something extra in the bag?" Heath responded, "No but the day isn't over yet." Now it was Rose's turn to be amused. She then said to JD, "We might have to come back later. I think I want one of the glasses flowers but I don't want to walk around the park with it. Would that be alright with you?"

"No problem you know I will come back here a hundred times as long as I am with you," said JD with a smile and kiss. Do you think Sam and heath are done? I think I am ready for a water ride," asked JD.

Rose looked over to Sam and Heath. "Are you both ready?" Sam and Heath said they were. The four went over to rapids ride to see wait for their friends. Rose kissed JD, she knew exactly how she felt about him. She knew what this was even if she had never felt it before he came into her life. She grinned at him and said, "Well, we're outside. Are you going to show me now?"

As they walked "Hmm... what about in line for the ride." replied JD. They walked and he put his arm around her waist and walked close to her. JD let Heath and Sam in front of Rose and JD he really did not like people behind him. He hated that his dad instilled that in JD always looks for trouble because it is there. JD focused back on Rose. "I can not imagine spending this day without you," said JD just before getting to the line. when they reach the waiting area looking for the others to show up. JD put his arms around Rose opened the bag and kissed her. JD pulled the shirt for her. it showed a Pirate with the words "I will steal JD's heart." when Rose and JD finished their kiss he showed Rose the shirt.

A smile came to Rose when she saw the shirt. She put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him again. "I love that." She paused. "Well, it's only fair because you stole mine, as well. " She walked with him to a bench where they could sit and wait. On the bench next to them were Sam and Heath who were also keeping their lips occupied.

He pulls out the other witch confirmed what she said. it said the same thing except it had Rose's name in the Blank. "I was not sure if you would even like it," said JD. They sat enjoying their time.

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