Saturday at birthday party Boardwalk Pt4

(JP with Redsword and Cindy)

Rose smiled at him. "What about the Pirate Ship ride?" It looked fun but also was something she could go on.
Rose loved JD, as well. She debated whether to say it to him. It was just as hard for her though. She knew how she felt but maybe later or at night. She never wanted to make him feel like she was trying to push into something he wasn't ready to say himself.
They walked back to the boardwalk and, as long as JD was ok with it; found the Pirate Ship. And got to the end of the line.

JD was excited to go on this ride with Rose. JD hoped it would not be too much for her. "You ready for this ride Rose?" he asked her now hugging her from behind. kissing her on the neck. as they waited.

"Yeah, it should be fun," Rose responded. She put her arms across the front of her so she was lightly holding his arms.
Rose figured as long as they weren't on the very end of either side. It should be good. The end seats went up pretty high so they came down harder but the others weren't as bad. Or it seemed that way to her.

JD put his chin on Rose's head and eyed the ride they would be next. it appeared people could sit where they wanted. the ends filled the fastest so JD saw no problem getting into the middle. "I don't see a problem getting a middle seat. we just have to remember to raise our hands when it swings it is supposed to add the ride," advised JD with a smile then taking the advantage of getting Rose's neck with kisses before the ride.

She smiled at the kisses and then came their time to get on the ride. They got seats where Rose had wanted. There was a lap belt but it wasn't a ride that needed more than that After putting on her lap belt and seeing JD has his on, she gave him a light kiss. As they waited for the ride to fill up.

JD took her hand in his and returned the kiss letting it linger a little longer but not so much to make it uncomfortable for the people around them. The ride started to rock slowly back and forth building up speed then it hit its peak. Here we go!" said JD loudly. It just seemed to just let go. JD raised Rose's hand with his as the ride swung back and forth. JD looked over to see if Rose was into the ride.

The rocking back and forth built up the ride and then it swung up on side and back down and up the other side and back down. It was a fun ride and Rose thought next time she could probably go a seat or two out. Not the ends but not so much in the middle. Still, it was a fun ride and Rose was enjoying it.

The ride started to slow JD gave Rose a big kiss. "Now that was worth the ride," JD said grinning. The ride stopped and Jd helped Rose off the ride. as they walked down the ramp from the ride. JD holding Rose's hand. "what would you like to do next?" asked JD.

Rose agreed with a smile. "I'm kind of thirsty. Maybe a drink and then the teacups?"

"Sounds great, So let's get a smoothy or an icy or just water?" asked JD as they walk towards the refreshment stands.

"Water sounds good," Rose said. They got drinks at the stand and then headed to stand in the line for the teacup ride. The lines had gotten longer as the day went on but it wasn't too bad. Rose held JD's hand and watched the ride. It seemed fine. She was hoping it was as fun as it looked.

"This ride can be fun. but I will let you control the spin for this one OK" said JD the line was moving and JD knew it would not be long before they were on the ride. JD put his arm around her pulled her in close. He looked into her eyes. JD starting to know more about her. He knew all of this was new to her and in some ways bothered him. JD's parents were protective. JD's mom was proper and refined like Rose. But would not keep him from experiencing life. "So you did not do this type of stuff growing up? Did you ever have fun?" asked JD almost concerned for Rose.

Rose met his eyes, "Not any place like this. The closest I came was the winter carnival at my old boarding school and it really wasn't that close. A lot of booths, some food stands though nothing too messy, not really any rides. I had a ski trip every year with my brother. William and I discussed maybe doing a few amusement parks one summer but it seemed like I was in either camp, we were in Europe so we never got there or I was exhibiting my art someplace. My nanny never would have taken me to a place like this. Her idea of an outing was museums, art shows, boardwalk shows, the ballet. Things like that. I guess that's what she grew up doing. I didn't mind it and I loved the art related things, even then. She did take me to an opera once when I was six." She had been raised like that so it had been years for her to realize things she had missed out on.

Thinking JD had done the same things growing up. JD kissed Rose "I think that's what makes you amazing." JD paused reflecting on his life. "My mother took me to places like that too but not all the time. Well, I think I have explained my dad most of the time running around with Special Operations guys watching or training with them. other than music. Art, music, and culture come from my mom. Not that my dad did not help me in those areas. It must have been cool to see all that. I think it is perspective I guess." JD said with a warm smile.
littlered222 — 01/22/2022
Rose nodded in understanding of what JD said. "It's nice to be exposed to those kind of things but it took me years to realize I hadn't experienced what most kids did growing up." She paused. "You had an interesting childhood though as well."
Rose couldn't relate to the parents part of it but she related to having a different experience than others.

The line moved and JD could tell they would be in the nest group. "That may be why we get along so well. I feel like the rich kids sometimes all the traveling and things I have seen maybe more than some of them. I know none of them have got to shoot automatic assault weapons. Well, maybe Elena I think she went to a few family days events. I would love to take you to one the next time my family goes. It would be a world you have not seen yet." He paused and looked around. He looked into her eyes "I would share anything with you I am yours, my heart is yours." said JD softly embracing Rose.

"I'd really like to go with you to one of those events." Rose was really happy just to be with him but it sharing part of his life was something she was always interested in. "I want us to share things with each other."

the line started to move as they pick their teacup. "I hope you would say something like that," said JD. Helping Rose in and side the teacup JD sat across from her. "Now we grab this wheel here and only turn it as fast as you can handle it." JD placed his hand on it too. "I will help make sure you sit all the way back in the seat. So you won't feel the pull of the ride as bad," explained JD throwing Rose a kiss.
littlered222 — 01/22/2022
Rose nodded to let JD know she heard him. Riding teacups might have seemed like a weird thing to be excited about but she kind of was. "Ok, I think I've got it." It was then someone or someones outside the gate of the ride where the riders that just got off caught her attention with a wave. Rose waved back then kept looking over that way, after a moment she put her index finger up as if to say 'just a minute.' ** Sam and Heath had just gotten off the ride when Heath commented. "Isn't that Rose and JD?" Sam said something to Heath which he seemed to agree with, she looked over and waved to get their attention. Once she spotted Rose had seen her. She did a series of hand gestures.
Sam pointed to the Pirate Ship, then made a gesture for eating, then pointed at Rose and JD and at herself. That's when Rose made the gesture for one minute. Rose turned to JD not sure if he had spotted the other couple. "Sam and Heath are over there. They are going to the Pirate Ship next but want to know if we want to meet them to get a snack after that."

Under normal circumstances, JD would have a hard time just keeping his hands on the turning wheel on the teacup ride. keeping it easy for Rose was important for JD besides Sam would kill him if Rose got hurt and JD would not forgive himself either. JD did spot Heath and then Sam standing to the side but was watching Rose and choose not to wave back. JD watched Rose's reaction to Sam and Heath. After Rose ask JD what he wanted to do. JD raised his hand into the air and gave a thumbs up. "No problem we can meet up with them," replied JD.

Rose smiled as JD gave his own gesture to Sam and Heath. And then Sam returned the thumbs up and the other couple walked away. The ride was full and started going. Rose sat back like JD had instructed and once settled she started turning the wheel. Not too fast at first but the more Rose got a feel for the ride the faster she could let it go.

JD let rose have control of the ride he just sat back and helped her as she needed it. This was about Rose having fun thought JD. this whole day was about Rose JD thought. JD got what he wanted just to be with Rose and spend time getting to know one other. The kissing was great too. JD remembered Rose saying he had not had many boyfriends. but her kisses were very good. So much about Rose excited JD. Rose was just so wonderful. JD got a big smile on his face thinking of it all. JD said in a loud voice "this is great."

The ride was spinning at a pretty good rate. Not too fast for Rose but not slow. It seemed to be the right speed. Rose was having a fun day but spending time with JD made it better. When JD yelled out she nodded and smiled at him, happy he was having fun. Rose really enjoyed the kissing they had shared as well. They just mingled well together. They continued riding but eventually, the ride started slowing down. Eventually, coming to an end and stopping. As they were getting off of the ride Rose commented. "That was a lot of fun."
redsword7 — 01/24/2022
"Yes, things are fun around you. Just makes the day better" replied JD looking round. "where did they go?" remarked JD.

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