JP with Redsword and Cindy

JD was waiting for Rose at the bottom of the stairs to the girl's dorm rooms. He was still wondering about the cryptic text he had gotten from his parents. Maybe because JD was not in his room on time?

JD just had to get the last kiss and hug for the night. The dress Rose was wearing was still burnt into his mind. The whole night seems like a dream. All up to the point of one guy running into the wall and the Doug episode. If he even saw Doug. JD was not sure what he would do to him.

"Good luck with everything today," Rose hugged Sam. "Text me later."

Sam gave a small nod. "Thanks. Of course, l'll text you."

"Okay, I've gotta go." With that Rose left the room.

Rose made her way down the stairs, and smiled upon seeing JD waiting for her. Last night had been amazing, except what had been dubbed, the Doug incident, by most of the school. And Charlie running into the wall.

The girl walked up to her boyfriend. "Hi."

"Hello, beautiful," replied JD. Giving rose a hug and kiss. "I am not sure what my parents are up to so I will apologize now if they do anything embarrassing." said JD embracing Rose.

Then he heard the staff at the desk clear their throat. The staff at the school were not too happy with long embraces holding hands was cool. JD got a sly grin and then kissed Rose out of protest. Then started to walk with Rose towards the door, not in a definite way but to leave. holding Rose's hand.

Rose smiled at JD, "I'm sure it'll be fine."

She couldn't figure out how JD's parents would embarrass him but parents sometimes could have ways of doing that, without trying.

The couple left the building. Rose held JD's hand and let him lead the way to where they'd be meeting his parents.

Walking out of the building, JD and Rose could see JD's parents leaning against his mom's Land Rover. His father did not look too happy, with his arms crossed, and his mother did not seem too thrilled either. They were both dressed casually and JD's sister was not with them.

JD paused as he got to the stairs, "Oh boy, this can't be good." JD commented as they started down the stairs. JD's dad looked at his watch twice as JD and Rose walked up to them.

Rose couldn't figure what was going on. She didn't think JD could be in trouble for anything but the looks on his parents' faces didn't look good.

Rose didn't really know what to say. Instead she gently squeezed JD's hand in support as they moved towards his parents.

JD's mom was the first to move she stepped forward and gave Rose a light hug. "Hello Rose, you looked so beautiful last night." JD's mom commented. His Father looked at Rose "hello Rose." He said with a smile they seemed to almost ignore JD standing there.

JD's dad got a smirk on his face "Jonny, I think dead people move faster than you. I have been here for ten minutes waiting on you." His dad said sarcastically. His mom looked at JD's dad "Honey no" she said looking toward Rose.

JD's dad looked at JD's mom, "Yes, ma'am" he replied. He looked back at JD. "Your mother and I have decided we are tired of driving you around so I got a scooter for you." handing JD an envelope. It was too large for a scooter. JD opened it and spilled the contents into his hand. It was a key fob then his dad looked over to a white jeep parked a few spots over. The cover on the spare back tier was upside down and said. If you can read this, flip me over. JD stood there stunned.

JD looked, "A Jeep?" as he started to walk over.

JD stopped and looked at his parents "Thank you" said JD turning to Rose still holding her hand. "What do you think?" JD asked Rose.

"Thank you," Rose responded to the compliment.

She said hello to both of JD's parents, as polite as Rose tended to be.

JD's dad was joking, yet it was a slightly strange for the blonde girl to hear. It made Rose a little uncomfortable because she wasn't used to it. JD's mom seemed to understand and for that, Rose was internally grateful.

A jeep. Well, that was a surprise but Rose was certain that JD was more surprised than she was.

"It's great." Rose smiled.

The two of them walked over to the Jeep. JD opened the passenger door for her and Rose got in.

JD's parents walked behind JD and Rose. JD walked over to his mom and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then to his dad who gave him a bro hug. "Thank you both, this is the best thing next to Rose I got this year." commented JD.

His mom smiled. "Your learning son," she said with a smile.

JD's dad chuckled. "Putting Rose first might even get you a kiss. Get going. We will talk later. Oh, if you see Doug call someone do not act." his dad said sternly.

"Yes sir" JD replied as he got into the driver's seat.

A wave goodbye to JD's parents. Then the couple took off. When they arrived at the coffee place, Rose gave JD a kiss. She smiled at him but didn't mention she had overheard what JD had said to his parents.

They walked hand in hand into the coffee shop.

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