The Roads We Travel

After the dance and the chaos that followed it, many students found love blossoming in the air. Blossom and Carter were now a thing and she was as giddy as a kid on Christmas when she was around him. True it was her first boyfriend and true she was never popular in the past back him, but when she was with Carter she was on cloud 9. Even just texting him was fun as she sent him cute emoji's that Ashley showed her how to use.

Of course after the dance Kyle and Justin were even closer as Justin took a leap of faith and danced with Kyle in public. The rumor mill was filled with many jealous girls who wanted to date both guys. Ironically it was also a big topic for the females who were into seeing two guys in love. It was quite a site to see as they did their best to spy on the two males trying to have alone time. Love was in the air for many teens but sadly so was jealousy.

Of course the bizarre relationship involving Jack, Ashley and Roxy still baffled the others. Many guys were jealous of Jack having two hot and popular girlfriends and many girls could not see the appeal of Jack despite being okay looking. Since Jack was always grouchy it killed his charm for many girls. As for the jealous guys they had no idea how demented and sadistic both Ashley and Roxy were behind the scene. Many had no clue that poor Jack constantly being bullied, teased and tormented by the two girls claiming to be his better half. To appease them he went to see Mel and her brother for coffee, but he mostly sat quietly and drank coffee. He wanted to relax but it was hard to do that when Ashley and Roxie were teasing him under the table. It took all his self control to act like he was not bothered by this.

So the next day he got up and did his usual exercise routine out at the track and of course Coach Warburton tried his best to recruit Jack once again. Since Jack was in top shape and well built it made it tempting to recruit him for any sport in order to promote the sports groups, but Jack had no interest in that life. He was more interested in cooking and working on computers. The main reason he trained was because his Karate Instructor, aka Ashley's dad, was very strict and conditioned him to stay in shape. Of course if he slacked off in his training it made it easier for Ashley to pick on him.

So Jack did his best to remain calm as he walked away from Coach Warburton. As he sat on the benches to to stretch out he noticed a girl in a hoody drinking coffee and drawing on a sketchpad. Jack ignored her and continued to stretch till he heard the girl speak to him.

Alex: Do you always work out this early?

Jack: Yeah.......its a habit.

Alex: So you never sleep late huh?

Jack: I can't......if I don't work out, my stress levels go up.

Alex: must be super stressed. Don't you have a few girlfriends for that stuff?

Jack: Well that is part of my stress.

Alex: Hahahaha.........yeah chicks be crazy like that.

Jack: Yeah.

Alex: So if they are such a drag why not dump them and date someone else?

Jack: Like who?

Alex: Maybe a girl who is mellow, likes art and coffee and wants to be catered to.

Jack continued to stretch as he let that sink in. It was obvious she was talking about herself and hitting on him. The last thing he needed was more crazy females in his life.

Jack: Yeah that's................ I can't see that working out for me.

Alex: Why not? Don't you think I'm good enough?

Jack remained quiet as he continued to stretch. He could feel a sinister aura approaching and knew better than to press his luck. Alex on the other hand had no clue that Roxy and Ashley were approaching from behind her after a morning run.

Ashley: Mainly cause he is spoken for.

Roxy: Wow someone is jelly.

Alex turned around to see a sweaty Roxy and Ashley looking at her with a sly grin on their faces.

Alex: Oh hey.

Ashley: I appreciate your concern for my Jack but he is off the market.

Alex: But what about her?

Alex pointed at Roxy hoping to make them discuss their relationship.

Ashley: Roxy is our close friend and its really not your business.

Alex: But................

Roxy: We get you are looking for a guy, but you need to back off girl. You're cute enough find another guy, beside you are Jack's not type.

Alex: Oh really now. What makes you think that?

Ashley: Ask him yourself.

Alex felt the pressure now of playing her cards. She was feeling confident at first but now not so much. So she decided to give it a shot despite the odds.

Alex: Jack?

Jack: Sorry.........Alley.

Alex: Its Alex.

Jack: My bad....Alex. I know its messed up but I have a history with these two and even though they stress me out.................I am stuck with them.

Alex was a bit taken back by Jack's response. He didn't go into detail but he made it clear he was not changing his relationship. Now poor Alex was once again denied a guy she was into. She sighed and drank her coffee as Jack, Ashley and Roxy moved away to stretch out on the grass. As Alex watched them stretch out it was clear that Jack and Ashley were extremely flexible and had to help Roxy who was a little flexible. Then she drew them working out and did a few more sketches for her school assignment since she blew it off till the last minute. It wasn't long till the breakfast bell rang and it was time to get another cup of coffee.


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