Let’s Rock the Night

Timber arrived at the venue. He decided to meet everyone there instead of riding with everyone. He figured it would be less time seeing Melissa with Jason.

After entering, who would be the first people he would see but those exact two. Timber bit his lower lip and decided to suck it up. Walking over to Mel and Jason, who were looking at souvenirs, Timber held out a hand for Jason to shake and gave Mel a side-hug.

He noticed no one else in the area, especially an overheated guy seething in jealousy. If he had, Timber would have kept an eye on him.

“Hey you two!” Timber sincerely said. “I’m ready to hear some good music. I hope it’s as good as you say!”

Timber would make the best of the night. He would have loved to be here with Mel as his date. However, he had just met her. Jason has known her much longer. Lucky guy! If she liked Jason, he must be an okay guy. So, he’d give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

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