His Song Remains The Same

Melissa was ready for tonight, if wasn't for her nerves. Jason was a nice guy, and she was going with her friends but something felt off.

It was probably nothing, her nerves have been sort of shot ever since Doug, she tried to hide it but it was difficult when she knew her ex was out there, Mel assumed just waiting for the opportunity to get to her.

Doug had been tasked by his boss Sonny, to try to recruit some college girls to come work for him. Sonny was a mob boss, as Doug had come to find out, the man didn't just run the illegal gambling den but had several other businesses, mostly illegal but a few legit ones to cover his bases. Sonny needed girls in a few different areas.


Melissa wore jeans, the t-shirt for Dante's band, some nice and comfortable boots. It was fairly warm out, so she hadn't bothered with a jacket.

Jason was also dressed in jeans, a similar t-shirt and nice black and white sneakers. The two looked well together.

They rode with JD and Rose, as JD had offered to drive them. The trip wasn't long and they arrived at the venue in time to get a good spot in the audience while they waited for the rest of the group and the bands to start playing.

While they were waiting, Jason and Melissa offered to get drinks for Rose and JD, while they also got drinks for themselves. While they were getting drinks they stopped at a t-shirt-souvenir selling stand, to look more than buy.

Doug had arrived in time to scope out the layout, as he was deciding the best area to talk to some of the girls there, then he spotted Melissa. And who was she with- Jason. The boy's surprise quickly turned to anger. His hands clenched into fists so tight that his nails dug a little into his palms.

Mel was his, she had no right being with anyone else. He owned her, and Doug realized how much he wanted no one to have her if he couldn't. However, the boy didn't move, he could wait, plan - then get her.

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