Feigning Sleep

Fate, or at least the alphabet, had cast Jocelyn and Blossom together as roommates, both of them being Bs. Last name Bs not the other kind! She'd been really excited, Blossom thought Jocelyn was so interesting, but it also made her really anxious for several reasons not the least of which was she'd never shared a room with anyone before. Just getting ready for bed was weird and Blossom went down the hall to change in a stall in the bathroom which was super dumb when she thought about it. How often had, did!, she change in the locker room for cheer or gymnastics in front of everyone and literally quite often their moms when they were at competitions? But she couldn't do it on front of Jocelyn because it just, well she just couldn't. It felt wrong and made her face hot and her worries all try to come rushing out of where she kept them locked up.

Just like in the hotel Blossom didn't sleep well. Things just sounded wrong, the familiar sounds of her home absent and the very unusual sound of another person sleeping so close always dragging her away from really deep sleep. She was almost awake, turned into the wall, when she heard Jocelyn get up. Feigning sleep, she lay still and just listened to the sound of her getting ready. In the almost dark but just bright enough to see the wall room she heard something that made her want to turn and look but also froze her in place.

Pills. Some sort of medicine or something chuckling against each other from a bottle. What was Jocelyn taking and, and, and what were the other sounds? Blossom heard something get put in the trash and some more moving about. What was Jocelyn doing?

Blossom hesitated, fought with herself, then quietly spoke without rolling over. "You okay? Is your eye hurting? Do you have a headache?"

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