Wrong Pipe

Jack: Oh man coffee sounds good right now.
After a few more laps around the track Jack was done with his work out and walked to the quad so he could enter the building through the cafeteria. Along the way he caught the scent of an all to familiar smell. A natural smile came across his face, which was a rare occurrence these days with his life going a different direction since Ashley came back. It was the intoxicating aroma of the roasted coffee bean being brewed in to his favorite beverage known as coffee. Out of instinct his body followed the aroma of coffee to the quad where he saw a portable cart with a coffee brewing kit on it.
He had seen carts like this before, since his mom loved coffee as well. On the coffee cart he saw a few different coffee dispensers, various creamers and flavorings as well as various sweeteners. He felt like a kid in the candy store as he picked out the coffee flavor he wanted and added his cream and sweetener. Then he took a deep whiff of the coffee and smiled as his troubles melted away. The first sip was hot but relaxing at the same time. His troubles and stress melted away from the combination of adrenaline and endorphins mixing with caffeine.
A minute later he opened his eyes and sighed as he found a bench to sit on before taking a second sip. He was hoping the last two days were but a dream but sadly they were very real. His only solace was that he wouldn't have to be in the same classes as Ashley. He believed since he was not doing cheerleading and gymnastics it would give them a different schedule. This put his mind at ease as he slowly sipped his coffee and relaxed.

Rose ordered first, an expresso which was her chosen caffeine inundation at the moment. No sugar or cream. Sam ordered a regular coffee with one sugar and cream. Both girls liked the specialty coffee's as well but not this early in the morning.
After a few waves from some of the gymnastics team members that both of them knew and a few hellos from others they found a bench to sit on and took a moment to sip their coffees and look around. Rose noticed a girl who she thought had been in that little group that JD had been speaking to the other day but didn't really look that familiar.
They both noticed one of the guys who had been jogging on the track. The same one that had made the coffee comment. Rose and Sam raised their cups a little towards him as in a salute; not completely sure if he would notice or care much about it.
"It seems like everyone's here." Rose didn't imply anything by that as she was just making an observation.
"See I told you the world runs on caffeine." Sam smiled.

Jack was swallowing his sip of coffee when two of the nearby girls made the "hello" gesture by raising a cup to him. Not wanting to be rube he forced a smirk and nodded at them before he sipped his coffee again. Sadly his peaceful moment was interrupted as he felt like "prey" all of a sudden. Then he realized why as he heard a female's voice from behind him.

Ashley: Well aren't you popular Jack.

Jack's heart sank into his stomach as he cringed to her voice. He felt his day going south right away as she sat next to him with her cup of coffee. He was unable to speak up as she smiled at him and casually took his coffee and sipped it before slowly giving it back to him. To everyone else it looked like she was flirting but Jack knew better. Ashley was marking her territory and reminding Jack not to get to close to the other girls. However before he could protest she put her coffee in his face.

Ashley: Try mine Jack.

Jack looked at Ashley with as scowl as she smiled innocently at him. Then she cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow as if to remind him that defying her came at a price and he was being tested. So he sighed and took a sip from her coffee and swallowed it. Though he wanted to spit in her face he knew better and it did taste somewhat good. He couldn't blame the coffee for his anger against her since it was not fair.

Ashley: Good right?

Jack: Sure.

Going to the quads he searches for the cart that everyone was talking about. It did not take him long before finding the coffee and snack cart. It was a simple cart not much to it. The pricing was good as well he looks over the plaque and ordered a hot chocolate. The old man was a nice guy and polite. He was taken back when JD said thank you sir. The sir part he was not expecting JD guest.
Wondering a round he was others in the area Rose and Sam, Jack and some others waiting for class to start. He saw Jocelyn sitting as he walked by Rose and Sam, he said hi. He gave Jack a nod when he looks up from his coffee. As JD got close, he said Hi to Jocelyn. He walks to one side “Are you ready for the classes today? I wish summer was a little longer Jocelyn” asks JD.

Jack nodded at JD as he passed by and wanted to have an excuse to leave but Ashley blocked his escape as she put her hand on his knee to look affectionate, before she applied some pressure to it. Jack flinched as he looked down in pain. Then she rubbed his knee to ease his pain.

Ashley: I missed you Jack.

Jack: You don't say?

Ashley: Oh you are so silly Jack. Did you enjoy your run?

Jack: Ummm…….. yeah.

Ashley: I would have joined you but we had extra cheer practice in the morning.

Jack: Good for you.

Ashley: It was a great work out, but I made sure to wash up and make myself smell pretty for you.

Jack: Is that so?

Ashley: Would you like to smell my neck?

Jack: No thank you.

Ashley: Are you being shy again Jack? I don't mind if its you.

Jack: Sorry to shy.

Ashley smiled as she leaned over Jack to grab a napkin from the dispenser next to him. This forced her brush against him and put her chest in range of his face. So before he realized it he got a nose full of her perfume which smell like cinnamon and berries, as well as an eyeful of her cleavage. Then she sat back down and wiped the drop of coffee from her cup and smiled as she looked at Jack. Poor Jack had a dumbfounded expression on his face as Ashley smiled at him and giggled as she wiped his mouth with the napkin.

Ashley: You had a little drool there Jack.

Jack turned red as he realized she was teasing him again. Once again she was leading him by the nose before he realized it. It irked him when she did that and his face turned back to a scowl again.

Jack: Stop doing that.

Ashley: I can't help it Jack. You're just to cute.

Jack sulked as he quietly drank his coffee. Ashley giggled as she looked at him rubbed his back tease him more.

Ashley: So do you know where your classes are at?

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: Are you excited to get to class.

Jack looked at Ashley with a puzzled expression like she was up to something.

Jack: Why are you happy about me going to class?

Ashley: Whatever could you mean Jack?

Jack: You know something don't you?

Ashley: Maybe I do, Maybe I don't. Its a bit of a vague question don't you think?

Jack looked at her wicked smile and felt a pang in his heart. When she made that wicked smile it meant she knew or did something he wasn't going to like. he wanted to cry, but this was not the time nor the place for it. Then he sighed as he whispered to her.

Jack: What did you do this time?

Ashley: Don't you trust me Jack?

Jack: Not a chance in hell.

Ashley giggled as she whispered into his ear.

Ashley: Its a surprise Jack.

Jack: You rigged my classes didn't you?

Ashley: Of course not silly.

Jack sighed in relief as he looked down. Then he took a big sip of coffee as she whispered to him.

Ashley: I rigged my classes.

Jack chocked on his coffee as Ashley comforted him and wiped his face with napkins. Now poor Jack was hurting as he gasped for air while chocking. He got coffee down his windpipe and it burned. Ashley nursed him up as she cleaned his face. In the eyes of the others she was a caring and loving girlfriend, but Jack was already in hell.


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