Orcs and Needles

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May 13, 1889
Ellington Estate, Paris
8:00 PM

Elizabeth had the staff put the coffee and tea on the long table on the back of the room which held the food. She greeted Sasha before beginning. "This meeting might be a little long so I hope everyone is comfortable." Or as comfortable as possible.

"First thing, everyone has been made aware of the events of earlier today so I do not need to rehash all of that. The Orc that was rescued is still here. He apparently was injected twice by Lamaire's serum and nothing happened to him. Dr. Jackal is investigating that more. Cronk, would you be willing to give Dr. Jackal a sample of your blood to help with this research?" Elizabeth highly doubted it would be possible without the Orc's permission nor would the leader want to do that.

Cronk’s face took on the look of worry. He dodged needles as porcupine would acupuncture.

He looked from Lady Elizabeth to the Good Doctor back to Lady Elizabeth. Cronk let out a sigh.

“If help,” he meekly spoke, “Cronk do.”

Masao saw Cronk's worry and even though the doctor didn't need it he chimed in. "Hey Cronk. I'll do it with you so you don't got to go it alone." He offered in a way the doctor would understand his meaning.

"Thank you, Cronk. There's a bottle of spirits," Correcting herself quickly because she didn't want Cronk to think she was going to give him a bottle of ghosts. "I mean alcohol, in it for you. I believe your favorite is Irish whiskey?" She heard Maseo's offer, "And thank you Captain Maseo, for the offer." Though she left it to Cronk to take Maseo up on it.

Cronk didn’t know Maseo as well as the others. He seemed to be a free spirit. It kind of reminded Cronk of his former boss.

The tough bravado beneath Cronk’s skin urged him to say he didn’t need help. However, it occurred to Cronk that it would give him a chance to get to know the newest team member.

“Cronk thank,” he realized that it might be confusing who was being thanked, as two offered Cronk something. “…Captain and Lady Boss.”

"Very good, then. The three of you," gesturing to Jackal, Cronk and Maseo,"Can figure out any specifics after the meeting."

"On to the next thing. The Baron paid me a visit this evening." Elizabeth began. "He is glad that both Miss Lavigne and Dr. Jackal were able to be rescued and the Visage was retrieved, but he was not happy overall with how things played out. He told me that he sent some agents to check out what was going on with the cult and they discovered the cult is gone. Its leaders have apparently left Paris, for parts unknown the rest have scattered. He said the Children of the Sea's complex is abandoned, as far as anyone can tell." Elizabeth continued before anyone could interject. "The Baron is sending out individual agents to try to track them down but..." The Eldren took a breath, not sure how this would go over. "We are, for the most part, off the case for now. Dr. Jackal and Vor you two are allowed to continue your research but we can do nothing in the field to try to find them. We are, however , supposed to go to the Children of the Sea's complex tomorrow and retrieve anything that might be of use." Elizabeth then sipped some tea as she awaited responses.

Cronk was puzzled. Lady Elizabeth said that headquarters had inspected their complex. Why didn’t that just retrieve whatever they had deemed of use.

He didn’t like the Baron and therefore had no trust for him. “Why Barry not get when check?” the Orc inquired.

How Elizabeth wanted to say, to give us busy work, but thought better of it. "Probably because we are the ones most likely to know what might be of use. The Baron didn't say and with the mood he was in, I didn't ask." Elizabeth answered honestly.

Dr. Jackal swallowed his coffee as he caught onto what Lady Elizabeth was going at. He then cleared his throat before he spoke up, "Mr. Cronk, this may be related to the experiments they performed on me while I was a prisoner. It would be unwise to leave any documents, equipment or samples behind. It's already bad enough they have samples of my blood that can make other demonic monsters. It's possible they have some hidden in secret areas the Baron's team missed. Granted the Baron may have qualified people, I doubt they are all familiar with my situation on a scientific level." Then Dr. Jackal took a bite of his macron and then sipped his coffee.

"That is most likely the reason," Elizabeth added. "I will be going to the tunnels. I would like Mr. Aster, Cronk and Miss Lagrave to accompany me. Dr. Jackal if you want us to look for something in particular please let me know, otherwise we will bring back anything that might be of use." She would have included Sung but needed him here in case anyone tried to retaliate.

Dr. Jackal nodded at Lady Elizabeth then replied, "Then by all means strip the place clean and I can sort through it here. However I highly recommend the field team wear gloves when making contact with anything that may have blood on it. Till the blood is tested we can't be sure of what's in it.”

Cronk viewed this as an opportunity to avoid the possibility of needles. Rubbing his chin with his massive thumb and forefinger, Cronk excitedly agreed, “Lady Boss count on Cronk!”

Then Cronk wondered if gloves were made in his size. But then, if orcs could not be infected, would it matter.

“Cronk glad Orc,” he said to the Good Doctor.

Vor was quite frankly horrified to hear the cult had vanished. If true, then like an eel that had slipped away you could never know where it would retaliate from. That and the artifacts that had remained in their clutches…He also couldn’t help thinking of Iris, if this move would cement her firmly in their control.

There was little he could think to ask with the limited information given to Elizabeth, but he wouldn’t pass the opportunity to see it himself, nodding his understanding to her

Dr. Jackal swallowed his coffee and then cleared his throat before he spoke again. He said, "Just a word of caution to anyone going on the mission. You not only have to be concerned about tainted blood, but while searching for the secret areas do watch out for traps. People tend to be creatures of habit so some of the hidden areas may have hidden cult members who hid instead of running as well as any cult members coming back for something they may need." Lily looked at Dr. Jackal with concern as she squeezed his hand under the table nervously. It was clear he was familiar with how dark the cult was during his time of torture. It made her stomach hurt a bit till the good doctor gave her a small kind grin and a nod before drinking his coffee.

"Understandable, Dr. Jackal." Elizabeth commented. "It is my hope that between Miss Lagrave's knowledge of traps, Cronk's ability to protect and my magic we will be safe but we will maintain diligence about such matters.”

“Pretty Flower,” Cronk confidently thought aloud, “have traps. Have trap finder?”

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