What Makes A Gnome Surprised

JP with Lasersexpanther, LucianNepreen, Lorem, Jaxx, mdman and Cindy

May 13, 1889
Ellington Estate, Paris
8:00 PM

Upon hearing the idea proposed by Cronk, Elizabeth had an idea. "Miss Ipsum, would you like to come with us? There might be mechanical devices or traps that could use your expertise but if you would rather not that is understandable." Especially, being they didn't know what they would encounter.

Lorem had been listening and per usual was as quiet as a mouse unless she had good cause to speak up. She was mid-drink of her water as Cronk addressed her with a trap finder, followed immediately with Elizabeth’s question.

It caught her completely off guard and her gnome ears tingled with incredulity. So surprised, she shot water out of her nose and choked on her beverage. From silent wallflower to the center of attention, not her favorite place to be. She brought her hands up to hide her embarrassment and the hacking that ensued as she tried to calm herself. Her nose burned and then ran, causing her to promptly bring her napkin to her face to clean herself up and the table top in front of her.

She replied shakily and her cheeks were a youthful blush. “Youuu w..want mm … me to come?” She was still trying to stop her chest from spasming due to the coughing fit. Her mind was transported to her brief experience in the field where they were attacked and she performed poorly. Then she recounted to herself, all in the blink of an eye, the report that Lady Elizabeth shared about the last group outing. She gulped.

“I … I …?” She was looking down into her lap. Her hands had found their way into her dress pockets and were fiddling with the widgets she kept inside. In addition, she was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare make eye contact with anyone. Lorem felt like they were either judging her fear or laughing at her outright comic display.

“I am good with traps and mechanical devices.” She was finally able to assemble words to form a sentence. She looked up, but only made eye contact with Lady Elizabeth, though it would sometimes go back down; her insecurities showing. “You don’t think I would be a liability and slow the team down from optimal performance?”

Lady Elizabeth, with her perceptive wisdom, could perhaps see that the idea was igniting every curious and wonder filled brain cell of her creative mind, but could she honestly keep up was another matter.

“If Pretty Flower need,” Cronk offered, “Cronk carry.”

He smiled at his usefulness, then took a swig of Irish whiskey. It hit the spot. The bourbon had been good here, but there was nothing like the taste of Irish whiskey.

Elizabeth could see the wheels turning in the Gnome's head. She seemed to want to go but the concern was understandable. "Miss Ipsum you would not be a liability. Actually between your knowledge of mechanical items and your suburb hearing I am pretty certain you would be an asset to the outing. I promise you will be well protected. I wouldn't suggest it, if it was an active site." Elizabeth took a breath. "Though I leave the choice to you.”

Lorem looked to Lady Elizabeth, trusting in her opinion. She then looked to the others that were going. It was actually of great comfort to size each on of them up; each was very impressive and competent. She took a deep breath to think.

“I will go then.” She said with a serious tone, like she was willing herself to do so. She looked up and over to Cronk, “Thank you.” She hoped it wouldn’t be necessary though, she wanted both his hands free should trouble arise.

Cronk left out a belly laugh. He was glad to be on another mission and was happy that Lorem was going along with them. Even though they couldn’t be a couple, Cronk still wished to watch over the Pretty Flower.

Lorem shook at the sudden volume change from Cronk’s belly laugh. It was a nice ice breaker though from the nervousness and contagious in its genuine mirth. It made her laugh too, nervous at first but then more carefree. Her laugh was tiny and melodic compared to his though, easily drowned out.

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