What To Do With Nugbu

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May 13, 1889
Ellington Estate, Paris
8:30 PM

Elizabeth glanced over at Harold who had a small smile on his face but was certainly skilled enough to not write down- Cronk and Miss Ipsum laughed.

Once the laughter died down, Elizabeth spoke up again. "We need to come up with something for Nugbu. The Baron wants him at the office in two days, if we have no alternatives. I have spoken with Nugbu, he has no where to go. His family, he said, is far away. The Baron will likely offer him a job with the order, probably security at one of the headquarters. It's not a bad job but it might be nice if Nugbu had some options." Elizabeth had no intention of making him a team member because it was odd enough that they managed to have one Orc, plus there was no need, Cronk was perfect for the team.

Lily was unsure on how to reply as she sipped her black tea. She was still learning about the Order and what jobs it had to offer. However she looked at Dr. Jackal as he swallowed his coffee and cleared his throat. Dr. Jackal then spoke up to reply, "Well if you wish to explore options for an orc there are plenty to choose from. His large build is ideal for heavy lifting so he could choose from a variety of jobs such as an Orderly at a hospital, a chain lift operator at a machine shop, a dock worker, a fisherman, a loader in a shipping company, a barrel loader in a booze factory and security guard for any company. Of course with the help of Lady Elizabeth many of the doors that would dismiss him would remain open to the idea. Of course this could change if your orc guest has other talents.

"The problem mostly is we need the alternative quickly and I'm not sure the Baron will be happy with Nugbu having just any job, he wouldn't want anything getting out that could lead back to the Order." Elizabeth explained.

Lily's mind began to run crazy with many thoughts as she thought about her father and his many businesses. Then she remembered her father bragging about one of his distilleries nearby them that made different types of spirits. She then raised her hand to speak as if she was back in school and then sheepishly pulled her hand back down as she spoke nervously, "Umm Lady Elizabeth I know this is awkward but one of my father's businesses nearby is a distillery and it would be a perfect fit. Of course I will need your help managing it under new management since I am not qualified to run any of his business. Of course this was something I wanted to discuss with you in private but if we can use my father's many businesses as fronts for the Order, it could prove useful to Lady Elizabeth down the road." Lily was a bit nervous as she ran out of things to say. Dr. Jackal gave her a kind nod and smirk when she looked to him for reassurance.

Cronk had thought that a good idea, although he could have replaced Cronk as night security here. Cronk wouldn’t mind working at a distillery, but he would most likely drink all the profits.

“Could be Cronk,” he suggested, “night security.”

Masao shrugged, "Once we clear him a bit he could work for me. I'm sure I could find him a job on my ship." He said.

Elizabeth thought about the offers she turned first to Lily, "I do think using the distillery as a front is an excellent idea, however, I can't approve such a thing. There is all kinds of checks and such which need to done first. Not just of the distillery but everyone working there. However, things to that end will be much easier if we bypass the Baron and ask my father directly. Still, that's several days from now and even longer to pass everything. I don't believe that would solve Nugbu's problem in the immediacy which is needed, but I do thank you for the offer."

"Cronk, there will be a state of the art security system put in in the next few days, plus I'm not sure where I would put another Orc for a long term stay." Cronk had the only room really suited to that. "It's a good idea just not overly practical at the moment."

She then turned to Maseo, "Captain Maseo, I do think your idea might be the best fit. I will let you know when he is clear to start."

Elizabeth looked around the room, "However, Cronk's idea of night watch brings me to the next thing. We don't know when, where or if the cult will retaliate but we need to remain vigilant against such things. Therefore I would like everyone to take a watch. Split up into three groups of three. Anyone less experienced should be with someone who is more experienced.”

Lorem immediately looked to Sung and Sasha. She had deduced that they had the most official training and field experience out of the entire group. Lorem felt like she was the last kid you would pick on the playground, or would only be chosen because your parents told you to bring along your kid sister. She didn’t want to impose, so she quietly waited to see how the groups would unfold, believing the more competent present would take charge.

Dr. nibbled on his macron as he looked at the others to see who was best suited to babysit him during watch. As a doctor of science he was more skilled for examining experiments and test subjects. Then he got an idea as he remembered using his microscopes and looked at Lorem. He then asked, "Ms. Ipsum I know this is an odd request, but is it possible to make a spyglass for our guard duty? As we all know I am lacking in the combat and spy department so if I had a tool to help my eyesight for such conditions I might very well prove useful." Then Dr. Jackal sipped his coffee in hopes for a positive response.

Lorem perked up with a grin, he was talking her language. “Yes I have something akin to that. As long as you don’t mind wearing something arguably silly looking on your head, I have just the thing.” One might assume that it was more than just a spyglass.

Dr. Jackal swallowed his coffee and set his cup down before he cleared his throat. He replied, "Well oddly enough I gave up on keeping my pride and dignity long ago after my accident. Not to mention as a man of science I prefer function over aesthetics anytime." Lily looked at Dr. Jackal gave him a reassuring smile.

Lorem replied, “I will make sure to get them to you before your shift then.”

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