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May 13, 1889
Ellington Estate, Paris
8:30 PM

Elizabeth nodded, then decided to explain her reasoning for the match-ups. "When we travel. I cannot guarantee the conditions under which that will be. We could end up in a situation where everyone needs to take a watch, though I have no plans of anyone taking a watch alone. Still, this should be good practice for those not educated in such things to learn from those who are." The Eldren looked down at her notes. "Here's what I have First watch: Sasha, Dr. Jackal and Lorem. Second watch: Cronk, Lily and myself. Last watch: Maseo, Mr. Sung and Vor." She seemed to think for a moment, "If anyone has any other ideas of how it should be split up, feel free to speak up.”

Lorem approved and looked around the group to see what the others thought.

Lily smiled at Lady Elizabeth and nodded to her in agreement of working with her as she replied, "I look forward to that." Dr. Jackal looked at Lorem and Sasha as he replied, "I will be in your care then.”

Lorem raised her hand sheepishly. She had hoped that this question would have been answered without having to show her ignorance. “What are we watching on our shift?”

Elizabeth hadn't considered that not everyone would understand what was meant by watch. "Watch is another word for being basically on guard. So, watch the house, patrol the grounds, things of that sort.”

Cronk nodded, showing he was willing to do what was needed. “Cronk happy to work with Lady Boss and Young One.”

Sung just was quietly sitting and drinking his tea. It could have been from being stressed. The amount of KI he experienced in the last fight he had not done in over twenty years. Something was gnawing at him, something elusive at the edge of his mind, something Sung missed in all of the children of the Sea.

Hearing that he was not accompanying Lady Elizabeth bothered Sung some. Last time she was injured severely. When Sung heard having guard duty he wanted to chuckal. " Stand watch?" Have not done that in 30 or more years" Sung commented "I would be honored to do it with Captain Maseo, Mr. Vor." He paused thinking "Lady Elizabeth Ellington," Sung said to get her attention to make a point. "This time remember your training when you go out. I will not have you get hurt like last time. The rest of you, if she does come back severely injured I will discipline people." His gaze was stern and his tone was like a commander.

Elizabeth wasn't sure if she should argue the point with Sung, after all, what were any of them supposed to do against an Empirical mage. None had Sung's sword. Off his tone, and look though she decided against it. Instead Elizabeth said, "Mr. Sung, I only want you to stay here because here needs to be protected. However, there will be the crew from the Order here tomorrow and Harold is quite capable. If you would prefer, you may come with us as well.”

Sung thought for a moment "I may have come across harshly. I was being too protective," replied Sung. "I will just say it's an old routine for me," explained Sung with an apologetic tone. "I will do as you have asked, My Lady. This place is just as important to keep safe," said Sung, taking a sip of his tea.

Elizabeth nodded, but gave Sung a slight smile. He had looked out for her since she was a child, he was looking out for her now. She definitely understood it. "I do appreciate your diligence regarding my safety. Mr. Sung. It is always appreciated."

Elizabeth then waited to see if anyone else had anything to add.

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