The Children and Family Lines

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May 13, 1889
Ellington Estate, Paris
9:30 PM

When sufficient time had passed, Elizabeth let everyone take a fifteen minute break. Which allowed the servants enough time to freshen the snacks, tea, coffee and other drinks. About twenty minutes later, the team reconvened back in the room.

Once everyone was settled Elizabeth began again. "I would now like to ask Mr. Aster to fill us in on the information he has recently become aware of related to the Children of The Sea." Elizabeth gave the floor to Vor.

Fifteen minutes gave Cronk enough time to finish half of a fifth of the Irish whiskey. He returned to the room and sat in the chair designed for him.

The Children of the Sea Cronk believed may have controlled the Evil Doctor. Maybe they blackmailed him. That was his world with Quinn. Perhaps the evil doctor was brainwashed by them like some of the followers seemed to be. He remembered a story Camille had read to him. If they were children of the sea, maybe someone like Captain Nemo worked for them.

Cronk could only imagine. It seemed he was beginning to use his imagine more than when with Quinn.

Standing before everyone after the break, Vor gave a curt grin before beginning.

"Thank you My Lady. While the Children may have disappeared, we all know their reach is rather pervasive if not extensive,” remembering Cronk, he stumbled slightly to add,” That is to say they are rather like weeds, not the most powerful, but hard to be fully rid of.”

He had worked on what he would say prior, but the news of Lamaire’s demise had put an odd current to his thoughts. All the same he moved on to his most interesting information.

“In saying that, I believe that with intel provided from the Children’s archives, this organization is a family business of sorts. Specifically that Lamiare and their proclaimed “Spiritual Leader” Antinea are relatives. These ledgers also show that the name of Laimaire is deeply intertwined with the history of the cult, going back at least to his Great-grandfather. This theory of course requires more research.”

He gave a moment to let the info digest before finishing.

“The rest shows possible resources used by the group, such as various donations or jobs within the community under their control, with possible connections between Greece and London based on Lamaire’s family tree.”

"I wanted to have you all filled in on those details because I highly doubt we are off the case regarding The Children of The Sea forever." Elizabeth explained, "So, the findings Vor gets in his research will be things we will need to stay apprised of.”

Dr. Jackal then spoke up as he replied, "I should add that while I was their prisoner and lab rat I had the misfortune of meeting Dr. Latrine.....I mean Lemaire and his father. There is a good chance Lemaire Senior is out there with samples of my blood."

Cronk scrunched up his brow. “Another Evil Doctor?” he probed.

"I would think since we made such, ah... big impact on the Children of the Sea when it is time they will search us out," commented Sung thinking. "I would try one last thing If they know the Duke is coming. I could see them trying something then to retaliate. That is what I would do. This is only in thinking," stated Sung looking at everyone. "Lady Elizabeth, I would not want you to go alone anywhere outside this house for a while. Some with battle experience should be with you at all times, Miss Lorem as well. try to stay in groups of two or more while outside," strongly suggested Sung.

Vor allowed Mr. Sung to finish before addressing Cronk's question. He could see the man was in a grim mood and the advice was indeed sound.

"Correct, Cronk. There may be several more Evil Doctors that are related. Killing the one will make it more of a challenge to be rid of the others I assume,”

Masao slowly started to speak like he was thinking out loud. "People like that tend to approach everything like they are playing chess." He began. "They think because they are a few steps ahead in their minds they've already won. But there is that thinking lies an can see their pieces move on the board. We just need to play a more complex game and catch them slipping up and moving the wrong piece.”

Elizabeth nodded, she agreed with everything that had been said. "Sung, Vor and Maseo all made valid points. Add in Jackal's blood being in their hands and, as Cronk put it, evil doctors which we don't know how many or where they are and things are still very precarious regarding the danger posed to us." Elizabeth thought for a moment. "The one thing that might help is that, according to the Baron, the leaders have left Paris and I do not believe the members of The Children would do anything relatory without their leaders' expressed permission. That being said, yes Mr. Sung I will be cautious and I will make certain Miss Ipsum is well protected.”

Cronk felt quite intelligent hearing the comments toward him from the others. His shoulders elevated in the chair more as he thought of his contribution to the discussion. Perhaps all the reading Camille is doing for him is making Cronk smarter. If only he could read himself. Maybe Camille will teach him.

Lorem didn’t have much to add, the grownups were talking is how she perceived the current conversation. The chess comment perked her interest and gave her an idea with just enough courage to raise her hand. It was raised a while before she realized, one just needed to speak up during these pinball-like conversation moments.

“If we can figure out their end game then we can use retrograde analysis to work backwards from the end to now. Thus playing a more complex game. I have seen grand masters play, and one thing I noticed is that it never ends quickly or with these flourishing tricks. It almost always grinds down to the end game. So they focus a lot of attention on the final few end scenarios. I think we should respect our opponents and approach these matters like two grand masters.” With that being said, she put both hands quickly back in her pockets and took a deep breath.

"The trick is to press them into making the moves you want them to make." He added, "Only problem we have at current is finding where they set up the board."

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