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JP with Jaxx, Redsword, Lasersexpanther, Lorem, mdman, LucianNepreen, and Cindy

"Yes, Lorem the end game is a crucial detail. We do know they want to eliminate the Eldren or at least the power the Eldren have. They want the Araundan to be in control. We also know they have some kind of belief that if the Arundan are in control that will somehow grant eternal life to the, what they call, true believers." This was information gathered or what Elizabeth had researched herself. She listened to Maseo's words before adding, "Well, we as a team, can't go find them. With the leaders being out of Paris it will be difficult to trace them very far without the Order's backing. I think we can wait on that until we hear back what the individual agents find. The Baron was correct in that those agents will be far less conspicuous than we would be." Elizabeth paused, "That being said, I will add if any of you ask around and I am not made aware of it until after it happens, I can't stop you. It would be far too obvious if I investigated or had us do more regarding the Children as a team but individually is a different story.”

Dr. Jackal chuckled a bit and replied, “Understandable Lady Elizabeth. I will refrain as well since I am the very opposite of stealthy and my other side is the worst case scenario.” Then Dr. Jackal sipped his coffee.

"We can discuss the Children more when we find out more. Also, if anyone has anything to report we can discuss that tomorrow at breakfast. It is getting late and we still need to discuss what happens now that we aren't officially on a case. " Elizabeth said. "Being that we do not know where we're traveling to or what conditions there will be. I would like everyone to give me a list of what they might possibly need in any condition. Certain things like tents, bed rolls, food, and canteens are already part of a general list but just put down anything you can think of. Mr. Cronk you can dictate your list to someone or come by my office and tell me in person." Elizabeth then focused her attention on Lorem and Jackal. "Miss Ipsum and Dr. Jackal you will each have an extra tent to work in when we go to areas where such things are needed. I need each of you to make a travel kit with equipment you'll need to work with."

Elizabeth then continued, "Cronk, you can continue with security. Tomorrow that will be your main job at the Children of the Sea's complex. The next day you will come to Headquarters with those of going there." That was really all she had for him but it was likely enough for the moment.

"Mr. Sung and Miss Lagrave I would like it if you both work to teach anyone who wants it but especially Miss Lavigne and Miss Ipsum some self defense. I don't expect a lot, as they will be protected, but just something that could help them if it's ever needed. I am going to suggest teaching them how to shoot as well as anything physical you can think of that could help."

"Miss Lavigne, you are going to start learning more about the Order and your possible role in it." Elizabeth added. "We can though discuss all of that later."

"Mr. Maseo. You are free to return to your crew, tomorrow, before they get suspicious as to where you have been. However, we do have things to discuss when you can." Elizabeth gave the man a reprieve for the moment.

"Miss Ipsum, some races consider anything a Gnome makes to be worth more than money. If you could make some little gadgets to bring with us to exchange for things, that would be very useful." Lorem already had a lot going on, and Elizabeth hoped it wasn't too much but also hoped the Gnome would express that if it was.

"Dr. Jackal and Mr. Aster, you can just continue with your work." Elizabeth thought for a moment, making sure she didn't leave anything out. "Are there any questions?”

Sung looked at everyone and then smiled. "I would like to say I am glad and thankful that you all joined this endeavor. I look forward to working with all of you and watching everyone grow and become and do great things," said Sung with sincerity in his tone.

Masao nodded, "We can discuss tomorrow if you'd like, my crew isn't strangers to me vanishing for a few days at a time but with all the chaos in the city I should probably let them know I am alive." he agreed with Elizabeth in his own way.

Elizabeth nodded to Sung. Then hearing Maseo speak turned to him. "Yes, we can discuss things tomorrow evening. Feel free to return whenever you like." She paused. "Actually, Captain Maseo, it might be best if you take the first watch so you can return to them quicker. If you don't mind Miss Lagrave switching with the Captain.”

Sasha gave a nod through a clear yawn. "I will catch a few hours of sleep then." She said rising. "If you will excuse me."

"I'll get my gun." Masao said, "I'll meet the others when I'm ready.”

Cronk didn’t want the meeting to end. Ending the meeting meant that he was closer to having blood drawn from him. Cronk thought hard to come up with something to continue the meeting. He searched every region of his brain, but nothing was there.

He simply sighed and nodded. “Cronk ready.”

"Cronk, the blood draw will have to be tomorrow." Elizabeth didn't know if putting it off would make Cronk more apprehensive or less. But between watches and the fact Cronk had been drinking it made more sense to do it in the morning. "It is now 10 PM. Dr Jackal, Captain Maseo and Lorem your watch efficiently starts right now. First watch is 10 PM - 1 AM. Second watch will be 1 AM - 3 AM. Third watch will be 3 AM - 6 AM. Do not hesitate to wake myself or Mr. Sung if problems arise.”

Dr. Jackal nodded and looked at Lorem and said, “I’ll be in your care Ms. Ipsum.”

Cronk was happy to have a reprieve from giving blood. He smiled and took a swig of the Irish Whiskey.

Lorem was in the process of hopping down from her seat. She landed with barely a sound, save whatever trinkets jingling in her pockets. She looked up at Dr. Jackal with a hint of confusion over his comment. She thought him a man of science, someone prone to reason.

With a tentative smile, “I would put your care in Captain Maseo, Doctor.” She looked over at the Captain with a look that indicated that is what she was going to do. Returning her attention to Dr. Jackal, “He will get you through thick and thin, I am more likely to blow you up.” She curtsied with a shy smile.

Lorem announced to the room, though it was still rather quiet and easy to ignore, “Be right back, I need to go get some watching equipment.” And without needing permission she walked quickly out of the room and towards her workshop.

Elizabeth gave everyone a good night greeting, even if she would be seeing some of them in a few hours then headed upstairs. She had some mediating to do.

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